Season 4

43 :04x01 - Dammit, Hollywood

When Duckman goes to a major studio to complain about a kiddie flick with a misleading title, he winds up as its new president as part of a last-minute ploy by its outed head who hopes Duckman's clear incompetence will make him look better.
Guest Stars: Maurice LaMarche as Unknown | Paul Dooley as Unknown | Brendan Fraser as Unknown | Julie Moran as Herself | Roger Rose as Unknown | Rodney Saulsberry as Unknown
Director: Peter Shin

44 :04x02 - Coolio Runnings

In order to win a bet he made (up) with Stein about winning in the father/son games, Duckman takes to adopting rap artist Coolio, leaving Ajax on the sideline.
Guest Stars: Coolio as Himself | Ben Stein as Ben and Lionel Stein | Hattie Winston as Adoption Agent
Director: Jeff McGrath
Songs: Coolio -- Geto Highlites

45 :04x03 - Aged Heat 2: Women in Heat

Duckman is arrested for his latest mutilation of Fluffy and Uranus, and sent to jail. However, he's in no rush to leave as, by some mistake, he is sent to a woman's prison. The warden and guard then make Duckman put on shows for men for money.
Guest Stars: Sheena Easton as Betty | Gina Belafonte as Wanda | Sandra Bernhard as Warden | Farrah Forke as Unknown | Kathy Ireland as Susie | Cathy Moriarty as Unknown
Director: Peter Avanzino

46 :04x04 - All About Elliott

The Duckman detective agency takes on a college intern. However, once Elliot joins them, he stuffs Duckman with every means of pleasure, all the while Cornfed's reputation begins to take an unusual dive.
Guest Stars: Catherine Cavadini as Female Student, Stripper | Chris Elliott as Elliott
Director: Peter Shin

47 :04x05 - From Brad to Worse

Duckman happens upon someone from his high school whose life he ruined when he let him take the fall for a stunt on the principal. Hoping to alleviate his guilt, Duckman tries to help out his homeless friend, all while Cornfed investigates the incident.
Guest Stars: John Vernon as Principal Dinkler | John de Lancie as Tyler Fitzgerald | Peter Scolari as Brad
Director: Peter Avanzino

48 :04x06 - Bonfire of the Panties

Charles, Mambo, and Cornfed (with assistance from Ajax) concoct a love potion, just enough to give Duckman a little help. Inevitably, Duckman abuses their trust and makes more for himself. The family finds out and Duckman is forced to lay low, a real problem when he meets Courtney Thorne-Smith.
Guest Stars: Courtney Thorne-Smith as Herself | Jamie Hanes (1) as Unknown | Tom Kane as Bill Clinton
Director: Anthony Bell

49 :04x07 - Role With It

While vacationing at an Indian casino, the Duckman family is observed by a psychiatrist who offers help to them before they explode.
Guest Stars: Dana Delany as Dr. Susan Fox | Michael Horse as Big Chief Fancy Pants | Russell Means as Unknown | Steven Weber as Brian Hackett
Director: Anthony Bell

50 :04x08 - Ajax and Ajaxer

While investigating a lab, Cornfed, thanks to Duckman, accidentally drinks a dumbing potion. This comes to be a blessing to Ajax who finally has a best friend.
Guest Stars: Nancy Linari as Merv's Secretary | Maurice LaMarche as Merv Griffin | Michael Jeter as Dr. William Blay
Director: Peter Avanzino

51 :04x09 - With Friends Like These

After no one bothers to throw him a birthday party, Duckman realizes that it's his personality that repels people. Duckman sets to make it right by going out to make a whole new set of friends.
Guest Stars: Arye Gross as Pete | Jeremy Sisto as Bobby | Theresa Randle as Sassy | Alison La Placa as Marion | Laura Leighton as Ditzi | Merrill Markoe as Skip "Spike" Bergenstock
Director: Steve Loter

52 :04x10 - A Trophied Duck

After being humiliated by an old rival at a Detective Convention, Duckman sets out to redeem himself by looking like a great detective.
Guest Stars: Jerry Houser as Unknown | Jeff Bennett as Unknown | Amy Brenneman as Lauren Simone
Director: Jeff McGrath

53 :04x11 - A Star is Abhorred

Bernice is discovered by a record producer to put her angry Duckman-fuelled anger out in song. She becomes a huge superstar, but her nephews begin to fall by the wayside.
Guest Stars: Dom DeLuise as the Governor | Flea as Himself | Ice-T as Himself | Art Kimbro as Unknown | Kurt Loder as Himself | Joe Mantegna as Rube Richter | Kevin Schon as Unknown | Mari Weiss as Unknown
Director: Jaime Diaz

54 :04x12 - Bev Takes a Holiday

As Bernice takes off to Washington, Duckman seems to be the only person who sees what he believes is his deceased wife Beatrice. This belief is the only thing that keeps him going when he gets into a serious accident.
Guest Stars: Kathleen Freeman as Nurse | Vicki Lawrence as Herself | Eugene Levy as Dr. Craig Ehrlich | John Rubano as Detective | Ben Stein as Dr. Ben Stein

55 :04x13 - Love! Anger! Kvetching!

With Bernice out of the house, Duckman finally has the freedom to have a card game. The only problem now is the arrival of his Uncle Mo, a pest of an old man who Duckman can't throw out for fear of evoking a family curse.
Guest Stars: Robert Klein as Uncle Mo Dawkin | Bob Guccione as Himself | Joe Mantegna as Rube Richter | Joe Walsh as Himself
Director: Anthony Bell
Songs: Joe Walsh -- Life's Been Good

56 :04x14 - Duckman and Cornfed in 'Haunted Society Plumbers'

After having lost their detective agency, Duckman and Cornfed become plumbers. When they get a job at a high society party, they are back as dicks to recover a valued stolen jewel.
Guest Stars: Xander Berkeley as Hans the Butler | Dan Castellaneta as Homer J. Simpson | Beverly Archer as Lady Calowina Worthington-Ford | Daniel Davis as Rodney | Glenn Shadix as Army Leader Guest | Nicholas Walker as Unknown
Director: Peter Avanzino

57 :04x15 - Ebony, Baby

While Cornfed is on vacation, Duckman hopes to get his kicks at a fashion show where he happens upon a black female detective and temporarily becomes her partner as she tracks down her boss's killer.
Guest Stars: Jeremy Piven as Victor DeMann | Tisha Campbell-Martin as Ebony Sable | Ice-T as Taanzi | Leila Kenzle as Janeane | Taj Mahal as Unknown | Taylor Negron as Wilhelm van der Klerk | Barry Shabaka Henley as Unknown | Michael Stanton as Unknown
Director: Steve Loter
Writer: Gene Grillo

58 :04x16 - Vuuck, as in Duck

The owner of a fledging baseball franchise quickly wills over rights to Duckman in an attempt to give it to a true fan and not a greedy banker. In an attempt to lure fans, Duckman hosts a string of promotional nights that leads the team to quit, at which point Duckman hires a new team made entirely of supermodels.
Guest Stars: Nicole Eggert as Unknown | Jill Goodacre as Unknown | Tim Curry as Simon Desmond | Chick Hearn as Himself | Kathy Ireland as Susan | Tom Kane as Gene Vuuck | Maureen McGovern as Ajax's singing voice | Alison Moir as Unknown
Director: Jeff McGrath

59 :04x17 - Crime, Punishment, War, Peace, and the Idiot

As her birthday approaches, Beverly and Bernice prompt her to have a flashback narrating about love, love lost, and coming to America.
Starring Roles: Ben Stein as Dr. Ben Stein
Director: Jaime Diaz

60 :04x18 - Kidney, Popsicle, and Nuts

When Duckman needs a new liver, he discovers that the man he's had frozen isn't his real father. Instead, his true biological dad is a lone, anti-government, conspiracy nut.
Guest Stars: James Brown (1) as Himself (Hostage Negotiator) | John Astin as Terry Duke Tetzloff | Brian Keith as Red Crocker | Ben Stein as Dr. Ben Stein
Director: Stig Bergqvist

61 :04x19 - The Tami Show

A young woman who Duckman accidentally hits with his car and has no family is invited to stay with theirs. Shortly thereafter, Beverly is confused that she is sleeping all day and that Tami has assumed the motherly role in the family.
Guest Stars: Danny Mann as Unknown | Kim Cattrall as Tami Margulies | Greg Cupoli as Psychiatrist, Airline Counter Person
Director: Anthony Bell

62 :04x20 - My Feral Lady

A lonely Duckman gets a mail-order bride. Unfortunately, she is far too undomesticated, so Duckman has to teach her to become civilized so as to make an honest woman out of her.
Guest Stars: John Astin as Terry Duke Tetzloff | Mary Gallagher as Paramount Tour Guide | Leeza Gibbons as Herself | Kristen Johnston as Kathie Lee | Vic Polizos as Unknown | Harve Presnell as Sir Declan McManus
Director: Peter Avanzino
Story: Reid Harrison, Dan Gerson | Teleplay: Dan Gerson

63 :04x21 - Westward, No!

When Cornfed invites Beverly to his Aunt Jane's ranch, Duckman tags along only because he fears the two could be getting romantic. However, Duckman's presence continually makes things worse for the future of the catfish ranch.
Guest Stars: Jim Cummings as Big Jack McBastard | Estelle Getty as Aunt Jane | Nick Jameson as Unknown | Ron Palillo as Himself
Director: Steve Loter
Writer: Jed Spingarn

64 :04x22 - Short, Plush and Deadly

When the family takes a vacation at a camp site, Duckman gets kicked out and proceeds to take Cornfed with him where they run into Fluffy and Uranus. Duckman's utter incompetence leads the other three to getting stung by bees where things only get worse from there.
Guest Stars: Thomas F. Wilson as Park Ranger "Smith" | Jim Bailey as Himself | Maureen McGovern as Ajax's singing voice
Writer: Lisa Latham

65 :04x23 - How to Suck in Business Without Really Trying

When a corporation is in need of a mascot by the name of Duckman, the real Duckman, in need of money, carelessly signs away his name and likeness. And with it goes his business and virtually his entire life.
Guest Stars: Gilbert Gottfried as Art DeSalvo | Dorian Harewood as Booming Voice in Auditorium | Robert Cait as Unknown | Alan Rosenberg as Unknown | Paul Sorvino as Doctor Bob | Mike Madeoy as Unknown
Director: Jaime Diaz
Writer: Ellis Weiner

66 :04x24 - You've Come a Wrong Way, Baby

After she catches Mambo smoking, Bernice using her political power to vilify the tobacco industry. However, when a tobacco president fails to change her position on cigarettes, they are put to work on his plantation. Things are so awful that it forces Agnes Delrooney to blow her cover to make an escape with Duckman in tow.
Guest Stars: Ed Gilbert as Unknown | Maurice LaMarche as Tony Randall | Erv Immeman as Additional Voices | Brian Doyle-Murray as Agnes Delrooney | Jim Varney as Walt Evergreen
Director: Stig Bergqvist

67 :04x25 - Hamlet 2: This Time It's Personal

Haunted by his Uncle Mo, Duckman learns that King Chicken murdered his father and urges vengeance. Unfortunately, he has already made a truce with his archenemy and must lure King Chicken into admitting to his crime. The deeper Duckman goes into the plot, the more Cornfed sees the scenario playing out as the play of Hamlet.
Guest Stars: Jeffrey Tambor as Psychiatrist | Tim Curry as King Chicken | Robert Klein as Uncle Mo Dawkin
Director: Anthony Bell
Writer: David Misch

68 :04x26 - Das Sub (a.k.a. Class Warfare)

When Duckman is sentenced to community service, he winds up subbing for a class of intelligent high school students with bright futures. Of course, Duckman sees them as naive and hopes to reach out to his students to teach them the ways of the real world.
Guest Stars: Burt Reynolds as Judge Keaton | Richard Libertini as Unknown | Jason Marsden as Unknown | Tamala Jones as Unknown | Mayte Vilan as Unknown | Mauricio Mendoza as Unknown | Steven Zirnkilton as Opening Narration
Director: Peter Avanzino

69 :04x27 - Where No Duckman Has Gone Before

After Leonard Nimoy eats a headcheese hoagie, he goes to bed and has a dream (or nightmare?) where he imagines the Duckman gang as Star Trek characters.
Guest Stars: Gilbert Gottfried as Art "Bones" McSalvo | James Doohan as Kardassian | Marina Sirtis as Aurora Abromowitz | Leonard Nimoy as Himself | Tim Curry as Khan Chicken
Director: Steve Loter

70 :04x28 - Four Weddings Inconceivable

When Duckman shows up at Dr Stein's wedding reception with King Chicken's ex-wife, it sparks an engagement between King Chicken/Bernice and Cornfeld/Beverly, which ultimately prompts Duckman to pop the question as well. This leads towards a three-way wedding and a startling revelation from the past.
Guest Stars: Judith Light as Honey (Ursula Bacon) Chicken | Michelle Nicastro as Dana Reynard/Coco L'Available | Tim Curry as King Chicken | Ben Stein as Dr. Ben Stein
Director: Steve Ressel
Classification: Animation
Genre: Adult Cartoons | Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: USA Network ( USA)
Airs: Saturdays at 10:30 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: March 05, 1994
Ended: September 06, 1997
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