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Season 3

102 :03x01 - Libby Holman

The story of singer/actress Libby Holman and the scandal involving the death of her first husband, a heir to the Reynolds tobacco fortune.

103 :03x02 - Capucine

Beautiful French actress and model Capucine, who was an international star in the 1960's, would end up committing suicide after her career waned.

104 :03x03 - Dack Rambo

Dack Rambo is best-remembered for co-starring with Walter Brennan in The Guns of Will Sonnett. He later went onto a career in daytime soap operas before dying tragically of AIDs.

105 :03x04 - Raymond Chandler

Raymond Chandler was an oil company executive who decided to give fiction writing a try when he lost his job during the Great Depression. Chandler created one of the greatest characters in detective fiction history, Phillip Marlowe, but his private life was unhappy.

106 :03x05 - Walter Scott

Wannabe rocker Walter Scott disappeared in 1983 and his body was discovered four years later. Wifey and her lover were charged with his murder.

107 :03x06 - Otto Preminger

Director Otto Preminger was well-known for being a tyrant on the set but he did produce some classic films such as Laura.

108 :03x07 - Carol Wayne

Carol Wayne, famous for playing dumb blondes on television, died in Mexico under mysterious circumstances. This episode details her life and death.

109 :03x08 - The Little Rascal: Stymie

This episode details the story of yet another Little Rascal who led a tragic life.

110 :03x09 - Marie McDonald

Actress Marie McDonald was nicknamed "the Body" but her life ended in tragedy.
Guest Stars: Ruth Warrick as Herself

111 :03x10 - Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee became a cinematic legend with his martial arts films but his death remains shrouded in mystery to this day.
Guest Stars: Van Williams as Himself

112 :03x11 - Ernie Kovacs

Comedian Ernie Kovacs' life was as wild and wacky as some of his movies. It ended prematurely with his death in an automobile accident.
Guest Stars: Edie Adams as Herself

113 :03x12 - Jeffrey Hunter

Jeffrey Hunter was a popular actor in the 50's and 60's whose premature death in 1968 was shrouded in mystery. His lifestory is recounted here.
Guest Stars: Bradford Dillman as Himself

114 :03x13 - Jeff Chandler

Jeff Chandler's career was cut tragically short when he died on the operating table during surgery.

115 :03x14 - Barbara Payton

Barabra Payton, a popular B-move actress in the 1950's, saw her life descend into a nightmare of alcoholism, drug abuse, and prostitution.
Guest Stars: Donna Martell as Herself

116 :03x15 - Doodles Weaver

Doodles Weaver was a comedian who never quite hit the big time and whose life ended tragically.
Guest Stars: Sigourney Weaver as Herself

117 :03x16 - Mario Lanza

Famed tenor Mario Lanza's all too brief life is recounted in this episode.

118 :03x17 - Hopper/Parsons

The careers of Hollywood gossip columnists Hedda Hopper and Louella Parsons are recounted in this episode along with the long-running feud the two had with each other.

119 :03x18 - Bill "Bojangles" Robinson

Dancer Bill "Bojangles" Robinson had to overcome many barriers in order to achieve Hollywood success.
Guest Stars: Rosetta LeNoire as Herself

120 :03x19 - Albert Salmi

Character actor Albert Salmi met a tragic end along with his second wife in a purported murder-suicide. Friends and family members tell the story of Albert's life in this episode.
Guest Stars: Barry Newman as Himself

121 :03x20 - Ava Gardner

Ava Gardner was one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood history but she never found happiness in her personal life.
Guest Stars: Jeannie Carmen as Herself
Director: Alison Martino

122 :03x21 - Sam Peckinpah

The life and times of maverick director Sam Peckinpah is the subject of this installment.
Guest Stars: L.Q. Jones as Himself

123 :03x22 - Linda Darnell

Linda Darnell, dubbed "the Girl With the Perfect Face" died tragically from burns obtained in a housefire at the age of 42.

124 :03x23 - Susan Cabot

B-movie actress Susan Cabot, whose most famous film was The Wasp Woman, would end up being killed by her own son. Her life is recounted.

125 :03x24 - Lon Chaney, Jr.

Horror icon Lon Chaney, Jr. left a huge legacy in the genre but his entire life was a struggle to escape from the shadow of his father who left an even bigger legacy.
Guest Stars: Sid Haig as Himself | Forrest J. Ackerman as Himself

126 :03x25 - Humphrey Bogart

The life of Hollywood icon Humphrey Bogart who was the archetypical movie tough guy.

127 :03x26 - Billy Tipton

Jazz pianist Billy Tipton had a secret so incredible that it's still barely believable today.
Guest Stars: Julia Dye as Billy Tipton

128 :03x27 - Beverly Hills Babylon

A brief history of the numerous scandals which have occurred in the municipality of Beverly Hills.

129 :03x28 - Alan Ladd

Alan Ladd achieved screen immortality in the classic western Shane but his 1964 death still raises questions.

130 :03x29 - Hollywood Ghosts

A profile of supposedly haunted Hollywood locations.
Director: Donna Tolmas

131 :03x30 - Tyrone Power

Tyrone Power was a Hollywood heartthrob who passed away at the peak of his career.
Guest Stars: Linda Christian as Herself | Ruta Lee as Herself

132 :03x31 - Paul Lynde

Paul Lynde rose to fame on The Hollywood Squares but his life was a train wreck.

133 :03x32 - Desi Arnaz

Desi Arnaz rose from bandleader to major television star and head of a Hollywood studio only to see it all come crashing down.
Director: Donna Tolmas

134 :03x33 - Jean Spangler

The story of Jean Spangler, a Hollywood bit player, who disappeared mysteriously in 1949. She is still listed as a missing person today.

135 :03x34 - Groucho Marx

Groucho Marx was hilarious on the big screen and on television but his private life was anything but a laugh.
Director: Donna Tolmas

136 :03x35 - Hedy Lamarr

The life of actress Hedy Lamarr is profiled in this episode.

137 :03x36 - Bette Davis

The life and career of actress Bette Davis is recounted in this installment of the series.

138 :03x37 - Peter Lawford

Peter Lawford was a member of the famed "Rat Pack" and the brother-in-law of JFK. What Hollywood secrets did he know?
Guest Stars: Jay Bernstein as Himself | Jeannie Carmen as Herself
Director: Alison Martino

139 :03x38 - Gloria Grahame

The personal life of Academy Award winning actress Gloria Grahame was more tempestuous than any of the characters she portrayed on-screen.

140 :03x39 - Maria Callas

Opera star Maria Callas had a long affair with famed Greek tycoon Aristotle Onassis that extended into his marriage to Jackie Kennedy.

141 :03x40 - Audie Murphy

War hero Audie Murphy tried his luck in Hollywood with some success but found Tinseltown glory to be fleeting. Just when he was preparing for a movie comeback, Murphy was killed tragically in a plane crash.

142 :03x41 - Steve Cochran

Tough guy actor Steve Cochran's death in 1965 remains a puzzler. He was found dead on his yacht off the coast of Mexico with an all-female crew apparently from a lung infection.

143 :03x42 - Maria Montez

Maria Montez was a Dominican born actress who had some success in Hollywood during the 1940's. After World War II she married French actor Jean Pierre Aumont and moved to Europe. Montez was found dead in her bathtub in 1951. She had apparently suffered from heart palpitations which led to her drowning.

144 :03x43 - Vincent Price

Vincent Price was a suave and cultured stage actor who later became an icon of the horror genre.

145 :03x44 - Gail Russell

The story of actress Gail Russell who died from complications from alcoholism in 1961.

146 :03x45 - Dorothy Arzner

The life and times of Dorothy Arzner who was Hollywood's first female director.

147 :03x46 - Cary Grant

Alfred Archibald Leach rose from bit parts to become the symbol of Hollywood elegance known as Cary Grant but he never seemed to find happiness in his personal life.

148 :03x47 - John Wayne

The life and career of Hollywood (and American) legend John Wayne is profiled in this episode.

149 :03x48 - Merle Oberon

The life and times of actress Merle Oberon is recounted in this installment of the series.

150 :03x49 - Hollywood Goodfellas

The history of Mob activity in Hollywood is this episode's subject.

151 :03x50 - Charlie "Bird" Parker

Charlie "Bird" Parker was a musical genius but drug addiction prematurely cost him his life.

152 :03x51 - Will Rogers

The life and times of actor, cowboy, and humorist Will Rogers is detailed in this episode.
Classification: Documentary
Genre: Drama | Mystery
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: E! ( USA)
Airs: Mondays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: March 09, 1998
Ended: February 19, 2001
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