Episode 14 - Recap

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- The Show starts with Paul Heyman talking about how great he is. He says that ECW ran out of bussiness in 2001 because he listened to the fans. However he deserves full credit for ECW now being in Madison Square Garden instead of a Bingo Hall. Sabu hits the ring to attack Paul Heyman but gets overpowered by Heymans security. Paul then anounces tonights Main Event. ECW World Heavyweight Title Extreme Rules Match: The Big Show vs. Sabu

- Rob Van Dam defeats Hardcore Holly via DQ when Mike Knox, Test and Stevie Richards attack Van Dam. The Sandman and Tommy Dreamer make the save for RVD.

- CM Punk defeats Shannon Moore via Submission using the Anaconda Vice.

- Backstage Kelly Kelly is flirting with CM Punk until Mike Knox arrives and pulls her away from Punk.

- Rene Dupree defeated Balls Mahoney after Kevin Thorn and Ariel interefered.

- Matt Striker is doing a promo backstage insulting The Sandman.

- The Big Show defeats Sabu after several broken tables and bend chairs.