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Ed, Edd n' Eddy: Key to my Ed

The Eds find a key and don't know who it belongs to. So they go around town trying to find out what it opens. Then, Eddy gets the idea of using the key as a ransom.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 2x14
Production Number: 20-207
Airdate: Monday October 25th, 1999

Director: (Unknown)
Writer: (Unknown)



The eds find a key and try to find what it opens. Eddy then decides to hold it up for ransom and sends note about the ransom to all the kids. They show up and fight so it appears the key doesnt belong to them when suddenly the kankers appear and scare off the kids. The kankers then get the key but the eds get it back and take off running to eds house with the kankers right behind them. They arrive but the door is locked and we find out that the ke was ed's the whole time but its too late because the kankers have cornered the eds and then lock their feet up in eds room and play footsies with them...

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Episode Notes
We learn Jonny always takes a 3:00 nap.

This time the kankers force the eds to play footsies with them.

This is the only time Eddy made a scandal, not including him into it.

Episode Quotes
Lee: Do we have plans for you!
(Kankers laugh as the eds are suddenly in eds room and the eds are barefoot and put theie feet in a stock and the kankers lock it. The kankers then sit down across from the boys they adore)
Lee: You boys are in for the ride of ur lives! (the kankers are taking off their shoes and socks)
Edd: Edd: A naked foot! (the eds are staring a Lee's now bare foot)
Lee: Ready Girls? (the kankers laugh)
(The kankers are now wiggling their toes and slowly moving them towards the eds trapped barefeet)
Edd: Edd: They wouldnt dare. (gasps as Marie's toes get closer) Dont even tickle! Have mercy!
(The Marie's toes are now touching and rubbing the feet of Double D)
The picture is zoomed out and it reveals all of the kankers rubbing feet with the boys they love)
Eddy: Edd and Eddy: FOOTSIES!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
Ed: Ed (not even minding the footsies): Clammy!

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