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Ed, Edd n' Eddy


Reviews: 2
the best cartoon everRating: 2 likes, 1 dislikes
I have to say this show isn't that bad. It's pretty funny and this is a success amd not like those rip-off shows like Mr. Meaty. And not making people stupid since 99. This is also my first review so the overall rating for this show is 10/10.

Review posted on Sunday, July 29th 2007 at 7:45 pm


Reviews: 5
Ed, Edd n' Eddy- Influentally making people stupid...Rating: 1 likes, 9 dislikes
I apply influential loosely- this show is just stupid!
It makes cringe inside to make me believe people even watch this...
Ed, Edd n' Eddy- I'm not the first one to catch on here- this is actually my third review. (How the hell could my first 2 be considered offensive?)

When I apply the term that this show is influential- I mean it in this form of words- this show is making people stupid! What is wrong with people? How is this funny?

I don't find this show funny at all! No one should have to relate to three kids (the main characters) who need to get jobs, instead of ripping people off and making people in their neighborhood hate and persecute them. No one should have to relate to that at all. If you do, you're worthless and need to end it all- like the main character in the Buzz on Maggie...

I mean, come on:
Ed was born with a psychological disorder (he is a victim of brain damage). The only reason Ed is strong is because despite his severe lack of intelligence, he has stupidity strength. The superhuman strength Ed posses would be useful to him if he could beat up his sister, Sarah, for disrespecting him so much, as well as anybody else who disrespects and persecutes him. But he's too damn stupid to do it. As for being friends with Eddy- if he were smart enough to ditch eddy for the mistreatment he puts him through, he'd actually have friends, who eddy doesn’t deserve.

Double D is too much of a coward to get away from Eddy. For someone who posses heavy intelligence, he's just as stupid as Ed. Not only can no one understand what he is saying, but also he's too much of a coward to realize Eddy's just using him and Ed like a tool. Also, I find it pretty offensive that this show thinks all smart people like Double D are weaklings!!

And then, there's Eddy. The less said about him, the better, except for this- he's a worthless ass who, like his friends, seeing as they are all of age, not just Eddy, need to get a job. Actually, with the way e treats his friends, Eddy needs to be ditchedand beaten on a daily basis, especially by his friends if not everyone else in his neighborhood. Who can relate or even wants to be friends with someone who's a con artist/idiot like Eddy anyway? No one.

Then there is the other characters-
Sarah- the spoiled brat and ignorant sibling who knows nothing about real life and how painful it can be. A person who can easily be dealt with a reality check and a disciplinary beating. I wouldn't mind seeing Ed beat her, if only he wasn't so much a coward he'd wise up and beat her is Sarah ever mistreated Ed!!

Jimmy- another spoiled brat. Even worse, he acts like a girl because he hangs around that B10+({} Sarah. Nothing a good reality check can't fix... Johnny- a freak show simply put. He'd actually have real friends if he didn't talk to a piece of wood so much and act like a complete idiot/ annoying pest all the time in public. I mean, he embarrasses even his piece of wood...

Kevin- a manipulative jerk who needs his ass kicked for being so annoying/ a selfish jerk. Nuff' Said.

Nazz- that dumb blonde who thinks everyone has the hots for her/ thinks everyone is not as smart as her. Nothing a reality check and a good cussing out by someone smarter than her and onto her game can't fix without a doubt!

Rolf- the guy no one can understand. If he could be understood, he’d sound pretty stupid. He’s also an idiot for hanging out with that delinquent/jerk Kevin!

Then there is the Kanker sisters-
The less said about them the better, except for this- anything they do to the Eds that is considered out of love should be grounds for charges of rape and assault. Nothing a restraining order and some time in prison can’t fix. I mean, come on, if a girl ever acted this way to me, like the Kankers do to the Eds (Seeing as they are stupid and gabby), I’d have to commit domestic abuse to get them off my back (beat them silly!!). I consider it self-defense. Disagree? I don’t care…

As for everything else about the show- -The animation and backgrounds, since the show first aired, still stink!!
-The plots are pathetic and insulting, aimed at the lowest views of young adult comedy. No one can nor should have to relate to a kid/group of kids who screw up all the time because they’re too stupid to pick up their mistakes and move on.

Bottom line- I find it pathetic that the Eds lose all the time, especially when some of their scams’ works. I find it pathetic that everyone hates the Eds, despite especially how lame and unoriginal and annoying and cruel the minor characters are and how they act. I hate it that the Eds don’t defend themselves when they get beat up, especially by those Kanker idiots, if not everyone in their neighborhood that hates them (and everyone hates the Eds, which is sad.).

Overall, I don’t see why people watch this show or think they can relate to it. No one can nor should have to relate to idiots who can solve their problems with plenty of vengeful violence and getting a job instead of scamming and stealing money from people. No one is truly dumb enough to be scammed anymore- I learned that watching season 3 of this show when things started going downhill for. Funny I mention it, too:

A 3 out of 10 is the perfect score for this comedial embarrassment! =F91- Am I Right or What? =

Review posted on Tuesday, February 20th 2007 at 9:42 pm

Classification: Animation
Genre: Animation General
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Cartoon Network ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: January 04, 1999
Ended: May 11, 2007
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