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Season 1

1 :01x01 - Forever Ware

Marshall's mother takes a job selling Tupperware-type food containers called Forever Ware, which can preserve anything, even people.
Guest Stars: Nathan Schultz as Bertram Wilson | Nicholas Schultz as Ernest Wilson | Dan Stanton as Adult Bertram Wilson | Don Stanton (1) as Adult Ernest Wilson | Olivia Virgil Harper as Phyllis Stouffer | Colleen McNamara as Beatrice Pillsbury | Steven Peri as Old Elvis | Barbara Pilavin as Old Betty | Belinda Balaski as Winifred Swanson | Coleen Maloney as Imogene Crocker
Director: Joe Dante

2 :01x02 - The Retainer

Marshall isn't looking forward to visiting the Eerie orthodontist, who's retainers enable the wearer to read the minds of dogs.
Guest Stars: Lou Cutell as Old Man Dithers | Lauri Hendler as Fifi | Aron Kincaid as Fluffy | Vincent Schiavelli as Dr. Eukanuba | Patrick LaBrecque as Steve Konkalewski
Director: Joe Dante

3 :01x03 - The ATM with the Heart of Gold (a.k.a. The ATM Machine)

Marshall's friend Simon befriends a friendly ATM, which will do anything to make the child happy, even drain the bank accounts of everyone in town.
Guest Stars: Archie Hahn as Mr. Radford | Harry Goaz as Sgt. Knight | Doug Llewelyn as Anchorman | Andrew White (2) as Derek | Gabriel Damon as Nicholas | Gregory Itzin as The Mayor | Scott Weinger as Eddie
Director: Sam Pillsbury

4 :01x04 - The Losers (a.k.a. Lost in Eerie)

Marshall's dad mysteriously loses his briefcase, leading Marshall and Simon to investigate a strange series of similar disappearances.
Guest Stars: Billy Million as Biker #2 | Russell Gannon as Biker #1 | Henry Gibson as Mr. Lodgepoole | Dick Miller as Al
Director: Joe Dante

5 :01x05 - America's Scariest Home Video

Marshall and Simon are forced to spend Halloween babysitting Simon's younger brother, but the night gets interesting when they become trapped inside an old monster movie.
Guest Stars: Christian Cousins as Harley | Joseph Cousins as Harley | Shawna Casey as Maiden | Taylor Fry as Little Girl | Tony Jay as Sir Boris von Orloff
Director: Sam Pillsbury

6 :01x06 - Just Say No Fun (a.k.a. No Fun)

Marshall is alarmed when Simon gets his eyes checked by the school nurse, and comes out a mindless homework obsessed zombie.
Guest Stars: Raffi Di Blasio as Doug Dimsdale | Archie Hahn as Mr. Radford | Todd Jeffries as Mountie | Lucy Lee Flippin as Nurse Nancy | Roy Brocksmith as Principal Togar
Director: Bryan Spicer

7 :01x07 - Heart on a Chain

Marshall and classmate Devon both fall for the new girl in town Melanie, but things take a turn for the odd when Devon dies and his heart is transplanted into Melanie's body.
Guest Stars: Cory Danziger as Devon Wilde | Danielle Harris as Melanie Monroe | Jim Jansen as Melanie's Father | Sarah Lilly as Miss Annabell Lee | Henry Brown (1) as Doctor | Steven Peri as Old Elvis
Director: Joe Dante
Writer: José Rivera

8 :01x08 - Dead Letter

Marshall finds a decades-old letter hidden in the school library, and is now haunted by the ghost of the writer until he can deliver it.
Guest Stars: T.C. Warner as Andrea | Aimee Brooks as Young Mary | Jeff Fried as Paramedic | Tobey Maguire as Tripp McConnell | Herta Ware as Mary B. Carter
Director: Tim Hunter

9 :01x09 - Who's Who

A troubled young girl who loves to draw, finds her creations coming to life when she sketches them with an Eerie brand pencil.
Guest Stars: Shanelle Workman as Sara Bob | Sean Babb as Lou Bob | Jacob Gelman as Moe Bob | Daniel Evans (1) as Bob Bob | Stefanos Miltsakakis as Nanny Arnold | Harry Goaz as Sgt. Knight | Archie Hahn as Mr. Radford | Richard Grove as Dad Bob
Director: Tim Hunter
Writer: Julia Poll

10 :01x10 - The Lost Hour

Marshall disagrees with Eerie's practice of ignoring daylight savings time, sets his clock back an hour, and wakes up in a deserted world with only a scared teenage girl and sinister garbagemen for company.
Guest Stars: Nikki Cox as Janet Donner | Lindsey Ginter as Garbage Collector | Eric Christmas as Milkman

11 :01x11 - Marshall's Theory of Believability (a.k.a. Professor Hill)

A renowned authority on the supernatural comes to Eerie to observe an alien object that landed there, and Marshall sees the perfect opportunity to expose Eerie's weirdness.
Guest Stars: Michael J. Pollard as Claude | John Standing as Professor Nigel Zirchon | Harry Goaz as Sgt. Knight | Archie Hahn as Mr. Radford | Gregory Itzin as The Mayor | Steven Peri as Old Elvis
Director: Bob Balaban

12 :01x12 - Tornado Days

The tornado known as "Old Bob" makes its annual visit to Eerie, but Marshall and Simon don't buy into the residents having to appease the storm with a town picnic, and an old meteorologist foe returns to challenge the twister.
Guest Stars: Matt Frewer as Howard Raymer | Kelly Connell as Weatherman Wally | Harry Goaz as Sgt. Knight | Archie Hahn as Mr. Radford | Steven Peri as Old Elvis
Director: Ken Kwapis

13 :01x13 - The Hole in the Wall Gang

Marshall and Simon look into a purportedly haunted abandoned mill, which first proved to be a hoax, until the pair find an old gun that contains the ghost of a famous bank robber.
Guest Stars: Belinda Balaski as Mother | Erin Braun as Girl #1 | Michelle Braun (1) as Girl #2 | Archie Hahn as Suggs | Claude Akins as Grungy Bill | John Astin as Radford
Director: Joe Dante

14 :01x14 - Mr. Chaney (a.k.a. Mr. Talbot)

Marshall "wins" a lottery to determine the town's newest Harvest King, and must now go battle the Eerie wolf in the forest, a task from which no one has returned.
Guest Stars: John Astin as Radford | Gregory Itzin as The Mayor | Stephen Root as Mr. Chaney | William Newman as Father | Annie O'Donnell as Mother
Director: Mark Goldblatt
Writer: José Rivera

15 :01x15 - No Brain, No Pain

Marshall and Simon save a homeless man from being attacked by a woman with a ray gun, only to find out that the man constantly builds bizarre contraptions.
Guest Stars: Paul Sand as Charles Furnell | Anita Morris as Eunice Danforth | Kyle Secor as Todd Ski
Director: Greg Beeman

16 :01x16 - The Loyal Order of Corn (a.k.a. The Lodge)

Marshall's father joins a cult-like club known as The Loyal Order of Corn, and the boys enlist the mysterious Dash X to infiltrate the group.
Guest Stars: John Astin as Radford | Ray Walston as Ned | Gregory Itzin as The Mayor | Harry Goaz as Sgt. Knight
Director: Bryan Spicer

17 :01x17 - Zombies in P.J.s

Facing bankruptcy, the local department store enlists the help of a sinister new partner, who unleashes subliminal messages on Eerie's residents.
Guest Stars: John Astin as Radford | Doug Llewelyn as Anchorman | Dan Stanton as Bertram Wilson | Don Stanton (1) as Ernest Wilson | Carmen Anita Ray as Carmen | Dawn Martin as Singer #1 | Peggi Blu as Singer #2 | Yvonne Williams as Singer #3 | Rene Auberjonois as The Donald | Bryan Clark as IRS Man
Director: Bob Balaban
Writer: Julia Poll

18 :01x18 - Reality Takes a Holiday

In this fourth-wall breaking episode, Marshall finds a TV script in the mail, and is suddenly thrown into a world where Eerie, Indiana is just a TV show.
Guest Stars: Leland Orser as A.D. | Virginia Watson as Makeup Artist | Denise Richards as Girl #2 | Riley Weston as Girl #1 | Paige Andree as Girl #3 | John Astin as Radford | Mark Blankfield as Jose Schaefer | Julius Harris as Prop Man | Sachi Parker as Secretary | Joe Dante as Director | Basil Hoffman as Bert
Director: Ken Kwapis

19 :01x19 - The Broken Record

Marshall's friend Todd morphs into a punk rocker after listening to one of Marshall's albums, and Todd's father holds the music responsible.
Guest Stars: Tom Everett as Tod's Dad | Grant Gelt as Tod McNulty | Gwynyth Walsh as Tod's Mother | Andrew White (2) as Officer Derek | Dan Stanton as Adult Bertram Wilson | Don Stanton (1) as Adult Ernest Wilson
Director: Todd Holland
Writer: José Rivera
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Sci-Fi | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Sundays at 07:30 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 15, 1991
Ended: April 12, 1992
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