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Season 1

1 :01x01 - Pilot

Sherlock Holmes comes out of rehab and jumps straight into consulting with the NYPD, dragging his new sober companion, Joan Watson, with him. Their first case takes them to a home invasion gone wrong.

Guest Stars: Dallas Roberts as Dr. Richard Mantlo (Victim's husband) | Manny Perez as Detective Javier Abreu | Jonathan Walker (2) as Harrison Polk (Friend of the victim) | Kristen Bush as Eileen Renfro (Survivor) |
Co-Guest Stars: Craig Walker as Peter Saldua (Mentally Unstable) | Michael Nathanson as Infomercial Narrator | Randal Turner as Male Opera Singer | Melissa Zapin as Female Opera Singer | Sherry H. Arell as Shushing Lady |
Uncredited: Annika Boras as Amy Dampier (Victim) | Ward Horton as Soap Opera Actor | Roy Pollack as NYC Pedestrian
Director: Michael Cuesta
Songs: Zoe Keating -- Legions (Aftermath), The Naked And Famous -- Young Blood, Zoe Keating -- Optimist, Zoe Keating -- We Insist, Sean Callery -- Elementary Theme Song, Trent Reznor -- Hidden in Snow feat Atticus Ross, Zoe Keating -- The Path, Elvis Costello -- Watching The Detectives, Trent Reznor -- What if We Could? feat Atticus Ross, (Unknown artist) -- High Reels

2 :01x02 - While You Were Sleeping

Sherlock's powers of deduction get tested when a young man is murdered entering his own apartment. Watson's personal life comes to light, when she has dinner with an ex.
Guest Stars: Jennifer Ferrin as Rebecca Ellison (Heir) | Bill Heck as Ty Morstan (Watson's Ex) | Casey Siemaszko as Michael McGee (Private Detective) | Rosa Arredondo as Elaine (Recovering Addict) |
Co-Guest Stars: Chris Bresky as Recovering Addict | Amy Landon as Yvette Ellison (Heiress in a coma) | Rey Lucas as Martin (Recovering Addict) | Ken Marks as Moderator | Asa Somers as Doctor | Paul Michael Valley as Burly Man (Victim #1's Neighbor) |
Uncredited: Tom Stratford as Core Detective | Dj Nino Carta as Hospital Patient | Ava Paloma as Mary Margaret Phelps
Songs: Barbarossa -- Bloodlines, Sean Callery -- Elementary Theme Song, Castlebed -- Only Games Feat. Aoka, Zoe Keating -- Optimist, Zoe Keating -- The Path

3 :01x03 - Child Predator

Sherlock gets a chance to take down a long running serial killer nicknamed "The Balloon Man".
Guest Stars: Johnny Simmons as Adam Kemper (Age 19) | Yancey Arias as Robert Castillo | Michael Countryman as Barry Kemper | Erin Dilly as Amanda Kemper | Selenis Leyva as Sara Castillo | Christopher Evan Welch as Samuel Abbott | Larisa Polonsky as Lori Thomas |
Co-Guest Stars: Flint Beverage as Esu Sgt. O'Donnell | Andrew Chamberlain as Adam Kemper (Age 12) | Don Guillory as News Cameraman | Brian O'Neill as Kemper Family Attorney |
Uncredited: José Báez as Prisoner | Ludovic Coutaud as Prostitute | Katelynn Bailey as Mariana Castillo
Director: Rod Holcomb
Songs: Sean Callery -- Elementary Theme Song, Zoe Keating -- Escape Artist, Zoe Keating -- Optimist, My Morning Jacket -- Outta My System, Zoe Keating -- The Path

4 :01x04 - Rat Race

Despite his loathing of bankers, Holmes takes a private consulting case covering the death of a Wall Street executive who appears to have overdosed on Heroin. Despite the close proximity to narcotics he convinces Watson to re-enter the dating scene.

Guest Stars: Craig Bierko as Jim Fowkes | Molly Price as Donna Kaplan | Luke Kirby as Aaron Ward | Jennifer Van Dyck as Alyssa Talbott | Andrew Pang as Daniel Cho | Susan Pourfar as Emily Hankins |
Co-Guest Stars: Tim Ewing as Sommelier | Judy Kuhn as Board Member | Nicole Patrick as Barista | Stephen Plunkett as Martin Rydell | Alison Walla as Girlfriend |
Uncredited: Keren Dukes as Uniform | Liam Ferguson as Local Sheriff
Writer: Craig Sweeny
Songs: Sean Callery -- Elementary Theme Song, Gold Leaves -- The Silver Lining, Zoe Keating -- , Zoe Keating --

5 :01x05 - Lesser Evils

Sherlock discovers that someone has been secretly murdering the patients at a hospital. He also learns more about Joan's "disgrace" from the medical world.
Guest Stars: David Harbour as Dr. Mason Baldwin | David Costabile as Danilo Gura | Ben Rappaport as Dr. Cahill | Jenni Barber as Jacqueline Zoltana | Anika Noni Rose as Dr. Carrie Dwyer |
Co-Guest Stars: Eric Deskin as Richard Sanchez | Jonathan Charles Kaplan as Barista Dave | Jay Klaitz as Bruce | Shauna Miles as Nurse | Eric Engleman as Security Guard | Rozi Baker as Morgan Duncan |
Uncredited: Shawn Gonzalez as Reporter | Mike Getz as Trent Kelty | Kat Scicluna as Samantha Cropsey
Director: Colin Bucksey
Writer: Liz Friedman
Songs: Sean Callery -- Elementary Theme Song, Zoe Keating -- The Path, Norah Jones -- Travelin'On, Zoe Keating --

6 :01x06 - Flight Risk

Sherlock attempts to prove that there was a murder victim mixed in with a plane crash. Watson tries to convince Sherlock to meet with his father.
Guest Stars: Reiko Aylesworth as Miranda Molinari | Brian Kerwin as Charles Cooper | Roger Rees as Alistair Moore | Adam LeFevre as Ed Hairston | Matthew Humphreys as Owen Barts |
Co-Guest Stars: Ashley Bryant as Hostess | Michelle Federer as Ellie Wilson | James Michael Reilly as Walter Devlin |
Uncredited: David Shumbris as Hank Gerard
Director: David Platt
Songs: Sean Callery -- Elementary Theme Song, Brad -- Screen, Zoe Keating -- We Insist

7 :01x07 - One Way to Get Off

Sherlock steps in to help Captain Gregson figure out a double homicide that mimic's one of Gregson's old cases. After Sherlock gives her the cold shoulder, Watson leaves Sherlock alone for the day to visit Hemdale and try to develop some insight on him.

Guest Stars: Callie Thorne as Terry D'Amico | Keith Szarabajka as Wade Crewes | Stephen Kunken as Dr. Carrow | Stephen McKinley Henderson as Edison | Brian Tarantina as Julian Walsh | Amy Hohn as Dr. Ryan |
Co-Guest Stars: Stivi Paskoski as Victor Nardin | Steven Skybell as Dr. Sacco | Juan Castano as Sean Figueroa | Evgeniya Petkova-Radilova as Katya |
Uncredited: Gilbert Soto as Bookstore Patron | Cheryl Lewis as Allison Willis | Greg Wattkis as Mike Willis
Director: Seith Mann
Songs: Sean Callery -- Elementary Theme Song, Passenger -- Feather on the Clyde (Acoustic), Zoe Keating -- The Path

8 :01x08 - The Long Fuse

While investigating an office building explosion, Sherlock discovers a long running crime in progress. Watson encourages Sherlock to pick a sponsor.
Guest Stars: Lisa Edelstein as Heather Vanowen | John Pankow as Edgar Knowles | Ato Essandoh as Alfredo Llamosa | Donnie Keshawarz as Earl Wheeler | Adam Mucci as Rennie Jacobs | Deepa Purohit as Himali Singh |
Co-Guest Stars: Rufus Collins as Adrian | Dan Bittner as David Preston | Charles Socarides as Royce Maltz | Vedant Gokhale as Pradeep Singh | Steve Cirbus as Bomb Squad Tech | Caris Vujcec as Recovering Addict | Tom Titone as Lobbyist
Songs: Graffiti6 -- Calm the Storm, Sean Callery -- Elementary Theme Song, Alberta Cross -- Pocket Full of Money (Pocket Full of Shame)

9 :01x09 - You Do It to Yourself

Sherlock's eyes get opened up to some eastern culture when he takes on the case of a dead college professor. Watson is called on by an ex who needs her help.

Guest Stars: Adam Rothenberg as Liam Danow | Kristy Wu as Jun | Cameron Scoggins as Brendan O'Brien |
Co-Guest Stars: Lord Jamar as Raul Ramirez | Richard Topol as Trent Annunzio | Randall Duk Kim as Old Man | Kevin Henderson as N.D. Detective | Andy Royce as Young Boy |
Uncredited: Leetopher Scott as Asian Gangster
Director: Phil Abraham
Songs: Sean Callery -- Elementary Theme Song, NO -- The Laung Haul

10 :01x10 - The Leviathan

Sherlock gets a private request to investigate an "impregnable" vault known as the Leviathan. He still manages to surprise Joan by arranging things to meet her family.

Guest Stars: Freda Foh Shen as Mary Watson | Gbenga Akinnagbe as Jeremy Lopez | Reg Rogers as Micah Erlich | Sean Dugan as Charles Briggs | Steve Park (1) as Oren Watson |
Co-Guest Stars: John Bolger as David Batonvert | Tonya Glanz as Gwen/Olivia Lynch | Dee Hoty as Patsy | Glenn Kalison as Alan Kent | Jennifer Kim as Gabrielle Harper | Nat McIntyre as Uniform (as Nathaniel McIntyre) | Sue Simmons as Reporter | Alice Niedermair as Physical Therapist (as Alice Niedermair-Ludwig) |
Uncredited: Steve Garfanti as K9 Police Officer | Rosemary Howard as Amelie Widomski | Max Abe Plush as Basketball Player
Director: Peter Werner
Songs: Sean Callery -- Elementary Theme Song, Minutes Til Midnight -- Medicate Or Stimulate, Evelyne Dubourg -- Scenes of Childhood: I. of Foreign Lands and..., The Rolling Stones -- Shine a Light, London Symphony Orchestra -- Symphony No.9 In D Minor, Op. 125 "Choral"...

11 :01x11 - Dirty Laundry

Sherlock and Watson investigate the murder of the manager of an up-scale Manhattan Hotel, whose body is found inside a washing machine. Despite her insistence on leaving, after finishing their contract, Sherlock offers Watson an apprenticeship.

Guest Stars: Jake Weber as Geoffrey Silver | Mark Moses as Oliver Purcell | Melissa Farman as Carly Purcell | Leigh Ann Larkin as Harmony |
Co-Guest Stars: Cynthia Darlow as Mrs. Dean | Sam Freed as Oliver's Lawyer | Simon Jutras as French Business Man | Arash Mokhtar as Middle Eastern Diplomat 1 | Al Nazemian as Middle Eastern Diplomat 2 | Jennifer Regan as Agent Claudia Camden | Shirley Roeca as Estella | Natalie Toro as Marisol | Beau Allen as Businessman | Nicole J. Casseri-Healy as High End Escort |
Uncredited: Tracey Ruggiero as Terri Purcell
Songs: Paul Banks -- Arise, Awake, Sean Callery -- Elementary Theme Song, Zoe Keating -- The Path

12 :01x12 - M.

Some unfinished business, a British serial killer known as "M.", has shown up in New York and challenges him again. Being faced with his history puts Sherlock in a place that makes Watson rethink her decision to take a new client.
Guest Stars: Vinnie Jones as M (Sebastian Moran) | Bobb'e J. Thompson as Teddy | Marsha Stephanie Blake as Melanie Cullen | Linda Emond as Dr. Candace Reed |
Co-Guest Stars: Mark Morettini as Uniformed cop | Gabrielle Senn as Escort |
Uncredited: Roman Blat as Orderly | Robert Lee Harvey as Ian Vickers
Director: John Polson
Songs: Sean Callery -- Elementary Theme Song, Gil Scott-Heron -- Me And The Devil

13 :01x13 - The Red Team

Even though he's suspended from the NYPD, Sherlock get's himself involved in the investigation of a conspiracy theorist's suspicious death. Forced to work around their problems, Watson tries to patch things up between Captain Gregson and Sherlock.

Guest Stars: Richard Bekins as Harold Dresden | Michael Laurence as Walter McClenahan | Chris Sullivan (1) as Col. Todd Clark | Tawny Cypress as Black Suit | Kelly AuCoin as Grey Suit | Linda Emond as Dr. Candace Reed |
Co-Guest Stars: Clifton Duncan as Uniform #1 | Tom Riis Farrell as Gary Sullivan | Philip Hernández as Carlos Anillo | Robert C. Kirk as Detective Harris | Reese Madigan as Sheldon Frost | Kathryn Meisle as Therapist | Nancy Ringham as Sheila Dresden | Ann Sanders as Veena Mehta |
Uncredited: Jessica Shea Alverson as Blonde Victim
Songs: Jake Bugg -- Broken, Mia Dyson -- Cigarettes, Sean Callery -- Elementary Theme Song

14 :01x14 - The Deductionist

Sherlock is forced to work with an old acquaintance, Profiler Kathryn Drummond, when they pursue a serial killer who has studied his own profile and wants revenge. Mixed in with the messes Watson deals with being evicted from her apartment.
Guest Stars: Terry Kinney as Howard Ennis | Kari Matchett as Kathryn Drummond | Jessica Hecht as Patricia Ennis | David Wilson Barnes as Cooper | Roger Robinson as Bruce Kushner | Napiera Groves as Sexy Woman #1 |
Co-Guest Stars: Scott Jaeck as Maxwell Krebs | Che Ayende as Vasquez | Whitney Kimball Long as Sophie | Christopher Burns as Detective | Elizabeth Masucci as Sexy Woman #2 | Nikiya Mathis as Nurse | Scott Whitehurst as Doctor | Jessie Hochmuth as Reggie | Elizabeth Ariosto as Cindy |
Uncredited: Jesse Lenat as Homeless Man | Jason Babinsky as Uniformed Cop #1 | Kohler McKenzie as Uniformed Cop #2 | Nadir Hasan as Orderly | Gil O'brien as Orderly
Director: John Polson
Songs: Sam And The Womp -- Bom Bom, Sean Callery -- Elementary Theme Song, Black Sabbath -- Hand of Doom, Moon Taxi -- Square circles

15 :01x15 - A Giant Gun, Filled with Drugs

When a friend's daughter gets kidnapped Sherlock agrees to help without involving the NYPD. Watson has to work a little harder when she finds out that the friend was also his drug dealer.

Guest Stars: John Hannah as Rhys Kinlan | Michael Irby as Special Agent Xande Diaz | Armand Schultz as Derrick Hughes |
Co-Guest Stars: Allie Gallerani as Emily Grant | Joey Auzenne as Delivery Guy | Herman Chavez as Dominican Painter #1 |
Uncredited: Mauricio Ovalle as Reynaldo | Chris Nuñez (1) as DJ
Director: Guy Ferland
Songs: Sean Callery -- Elementary Theme Song, Zoe Keating -- Escape Artist, Bootstraps -- Forty Five

16 :01x16 - Details

The attempt to murder Detective Bell should be a pretty text book case, but things go sideways when the obvious suspect gets killed.
Guest Stars: Malcolm J. Goodwin as Andre Bell | Paula Garcés as Officer Paula Reyes | Anwan Glover as Curtis Bradshaw | Linda Emond as Dr. Candace Reed |
Co-Guest Stars: Lynda Gravatt as Lenore | Michael Bakkensen as Reporter #1 | Matt McGorry as Officer Sam Klecko | Kelvin McGrue as Cronie #1 | Shawn McLean as Cronie #2
Director: Sanaa Hamri
Songs: Sean Callery -- Elementary Theme Song, Dr. Dog -- Exit for Sale, Losers -- No man is an island

17 :01x17 - Possibility Two

Sherlock takes a private case when a philanthropist with dementia believes that someone is murdering him. He also starts to officially train Watson by sending her on errands and having her present her own theories on their case.

Guest Stars: David Furr as Paul Reeves | Christopher Sieber as Carter Lydon | Albert Jones as Benny Cordero | Jennifer Lim as Natasha Kademan | Gibson Frazier as Raph Keating | Dennis Boutsikaris as Gerald Lydon |
Co-Guest Stars: Steven Hauck as Crabtree | Michael Izquierdo as Joshua Lydon | Caroline Strong as Ashley Mitchell | Tom Galantich as Brian Watt | Barbara Miluski as Agnieszka | Aleksander Mici as Ludoslaw | Patricia Conolly as Greta Dunwoody | Bennett Bradley as Ms. Tompkins | George Bartenieff as Jurgi
Director: Seith Mann
Writer: Mark Goffman
Songs: Sean Callery -- Elementary Theme Song, Claire Diterzi -- La Vieille Chanteuse, Eels -- New Alphabet, Jeremiah Jones -- Prelude In B Minor, Op. 28, No. 6

18 :01x18 - Déjà Vu All Over Again

Joan's first case has her tracking a woman who disappeared after leaving her husband a break up video, in which she mentions a murder that Sherlock has decides to investigate.

Guest Stars: Josh Hamilton as Drew Gardner | Jim True-Frost as Anson Samuels | Ato Essandoh as Alfredo Llamosa | Geneva Carr as Rebecca Burrell | Andre Royo as Thaddeus | Susan Pourfar as Emily Hankins | Roxanna Hope as Callie Burrell |
Co-Guest Stars: Timothy Sekk as Ken | Victoria Cartagena as Hope | Kenneth Tigar as Philip Armistead | Penny McNamee as Vivian Tully | Jimmy Palumbo as Security Guard | Stephen Niese as Anchor |
Uncredited: David Gibson(3) as Attorney | Anthony Hanlon as Storage Manager | Michael Den Dekker as Detective
Director: Jerry Levine
Songs: Midori (1) -- 24 Caprices for Solo Violin, Op. 1: Caprice in ..., Sean Callery -- Elementary Theme Song, Junip -- Line of Fire, Thurston Howard -- Sonata No.2 In a Minor, BWV.1003, IV.Allegro

19 :01x19 - Snow Angels

A simple robbery-homicide case gets crazy when a winter storm cuts the power to the entire North East. Watson insists that Sherlock learn some roommate etiquette when he invites a friend who is having man trouble stay in the brownstone.

Guest Stars: Jill Flint as Elle Bastin (Alysa Darvin) | Becky Ann Baker as Pam | Frank Wood as EROC Supervisor | Candis Cayne as Miss Hudson | Karl Miller (1) as Squatter | Bill Buell as Private Maggio | Howard McGillin as Davis Renkin |
Co-Guest Stars: Andy Grotelueschen as Nurse Vince | Christina Rouner as Denise Castor | Curt Bouril as FRP #1 | Scott Aiello as Uniform #1 | Daniel Loeser as Uniform #2 | Slate Holmgren as Uniform #3 | Samuel Smith (1) as EMT #1 | Nick Sullivan as Frank Dempster | Lonnie Quinn as TV Reporter | Mark Elliot Wilson as Joseph Leseur
Writer: Jason Tracey
Songs: Sean Callery -- Elementary Theme Song, Hanni El Khatib -- Penny

20 :01x20 - Dead Man's Switch

Amid resisting the celebration of his first year of sobriety, Sherlock takes on a very sensitive case involving the fail safe of a blackmailer.

Guest Stars: Ato Essandoh as Alfredo Llamosa | Thomas Jay Ryan as Ken Whitman | Wayne Duvall as Duke Landers | Joseph Siravo as Anthony Pistone | Thomas Guiry as Brent Garvey | Greg Nutcher as Crime Scene Detective |
Co-Guest Stars: Russell G. Jones as Attorney | David Mogentale as Charles Augustus Milverton | Randy Louis Swiren as Stuart Bloom | Portia Reiners as Eva Whitman
Director: Larry Teng
Songs: Johann Sebastian Bach -- Cello Stuite No.1 Prelude, Sean Callery -- Elementary Theme Song, Yo La Tengo -- Two Trains

21 :01x21 - A Landmark Story

When a man who had been on Sebastian Moran's hit list dies, Sherlock resumes the hunt for Moriarty.

Guest Stars: Vinnie Jones as Sebastian Moran | Roger Aaron Brown as John Douglas | Byron Jennings as Phillip Van Der Hoff | F. Murray Abraham as Daniel Gottlieb (The Actuary) | Bryan A. Miranda as Sikh |
Co-Guest Stars: Berto Colon as Will | Helen Coxe as Hillary Taggart | Tony F. Devito as Convict #1 | Aaron Berg as Convict #2 | Mark Diconzo as Uniformed Cop | Kristine Johnson as TV Reporter | Laurence Lau as Robert Baumann | Morgan Weed as The Girl With Rainbow Hair |
Uncredited: Carl Ducena as NYPD Officer
Director: Peter Werner
Songs: Sean Callery -- Elementary Theme Song, Bix Beiderbecke -- Singin' the Blues

22 :01x22 - Risk Management

Sherlock and Watson take a case handed directly to them by Moriarty, hoping hoping it will bring them closer to the man himself. Gregson shows his concern for Watson by encouraging her to take on a another Sober Companion client.
Special Guest Stars: Natalie Dormer as Irene Adler |
Guest Stars: J.C. MacKenzie as Daren Sutter | Francie Swift as Kate Sutter | Stephanie Kurtzuba as Eileen Rourke |
Co-Guest Stars: Sean Dougherty as Detective | Con Horgan as Wallace Rourke | Kristine Johnson as TV Reporter |
Uncredited: Adam Godley as Moriarty | Perri Lauren as Leah Sutter
Director: Adam Davidson
Songs: Saint Petersburg Festival Symphony Orchestra -- Don Giovanni (Don Juan), K. 527: Overture, Sean Callery -- Elementary Theme Song, Massive Attack -- Teardrop

23 :01x23 - The Woman

Sherlock's world gets flipped around when Irene is returned to him. Their past is revealed through a number of flashbacks.

Special Guest Stars: Natalie Dormer as Irene Adler |
Guest Stars: Erik Jensen as Isaac Proctor | John Bedford Lloyd as Lieutenant | Lucas Caleb Rooney as Duane Proctor | Christopher McCann as Dr. Del Santo | Michael Aronov as Andrej Bacera | Dominic Fumusa as Jordan Conroy | Austin Lysy as Chad Lerberg | Arnold Vosloo as Christos Theophilus |
Co-Guest Stars: Frank Deal as Detective Mike Muldoon | Henry Hodges as Student | Kevyn Morrow as N.D. Detective |
Uncredited: David Boston as Hospital Patient
Director: Seith Mann
Songs: Sean Callery -- Elementary Theme Song

24 :01x24 - Heroine

Sherlock and Watson attempt to take Moriarty head on.

Special Guest Stars: Natalie Dormer as Moriarty |
Guest Stars: Erik Jensen as Isaac Proctor | Dominic Fumusa as Jordan Conroy | Michael Aronov as Andrej Bacera | Austin Lysy as Chad Lerberg | Arnold Vosloo as Christos Theophilus | John Bedford Lloyd as Lieutenant | Lucas Caleb Rooney as Duane Proctor | Christopher McCann as Dr. Del Santo |
Co-Guest Stars: Justine Cotsonas as Jovana Bacera | Michael Iannucci as Medical Examiner | Karen Ludwig as Melanie Waters | Kevyn Morrow as N.D. Detective |
Uncredited: Steve Park (1) as Oren Watson | Brian Kealty as Precinct Detective | Delance Minefee as Fine Diner
Director: John Polson
Songs: Sean Callery -- Elementary Theme Song, Beady Eye -- Start Anew
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama | Mystery
Status: Returning Series
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Thursdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 27, 2012
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