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Season 2

13 :02x01 - Tony's Brush with Death

The season 2 opener finds two chimps being sedated for their move out of quarantine, but one of the chimps is having a bad reaction to the medication used.

14 :02x02 - Josephine is the Name, Trouble is the Game (Part 1)

A 13 year old aggressive chimp is hindering her integration into the adult area, and a sudden tragedy is felt all over the camp.

15 :02x03 - Josephine is the Name, Trouble is the Game (Part 2)

Despite the confusion over the death of Apu, the alpha male and the ascension of Amadeus as the new alpha male, Josephine's integration in the group continues.

16 :02x04 - The Family Jao - Cheaper By the Dozen

The addition of two baby chimps into the infant enclosure raises concerns.

17 :02x05 - A New Home for Suzie and Lily part 1

A pair of young female chimps in Angola are rescued, where one was found locked in a cage at a beach resort exposed to disease from the tourists.

18 :02x06 - A New Home for Suzie and Lily part 2

The chimps transfer is impeded by a series of events while moving from Angola to the sanctuary in South Africa.

19 :02x07 - Josephine's Day Out

Josephine makes a break from the adult closure, and takes refuge inside the volunteers break room.

20 :02x08 - Zac, The Great Pretender

Zac, the number 2 male, challenges Jao for the leadership in the family. This showdown was bound to happen someday.

21 :02x09 - Seven Babies for a New Family (Part 1)

Eugene heads back to the Sudan for his biggest rescue yet. This time he has seven young chimps awaiting a rescue.

22 :02x10 - Seven Babies for a New Family (Part 2)

Last year Eugene was forced to leave two of the babies behind in the Sudan. This time he is determined to save them all.

23 :02x11 - Life in Quarantine

The alpha female, Martha, of the group is responsible for the success of a new family group at Chimp Eden. Hopefully she will accept Eugene as one of the family so that he can join the other chimps in the outdoor enclosure.

24 :02x12 - Chimp Eden Casanova

Nicky and Claudette are reunited.

25 :02x13 - Tony's Brighter Day

Tony needs a cataract operation and if all does not go well, Tony may not live a normal life again.

26 :02x14 - The Rise and Fall of Gida

Gida has struggled for her place hierarchy since Abu died, and that two females have been introduced to the group.

29 :02x17 - Growing Pains for the Infants

Joa's family is transferred to the old adult enclosure, where there is more room and more chances to make trouble. But what will their reaction be to the new surroundings? Will Cozi feel unsettled and start to regress? How will this affect the group dynamics? Will Zac take the chance at unseating Jao, once and for all?

30 :02x18 - The Millennium Family

The new family is released into the empty infant enclosure after leaving quarantine. It is the day in which Eugene has been looking forward to since Jao rejected him several months earlier. But his excitement is tempered with worry with the chance of working "hands on" again. Once the new group has experienced the freedom of the enclosure, they may reject him as well.

31 :02x19 - The Human Alpha

Eugene takes the role of the Alpha male and helps the chimps became acclimated to their new lives in captivity.

32 :02x20 - Eugene Goes Wild

Eugene heads to the Lekedi Reserve in Gabon where for the first time will meet the chimps in their natural surroundings.
Classification: Documentary
Genre: Animals/Pets
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Animal Planet ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: February 08, 2008
Ended: June 04, 2009
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