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Everwood: Pilot

Dr. Andy Brown, a world-renowned neurosurgeon, has always put his career ahead of his family. But after his wife's death, Andy was faced with the daunting task of raising his two children, Ephram and Delia, alone. To do so, Andy decides to trade in his face-paced New York life for small town life in Everwood, Colorado.

There, Andy starts and runs a free clinic and quickly adapts to his new surroundings, as does his 9 year-old daughter, Delia. But the move is hard on his 15 year-old son, Ephram, who resents his father for neglecting his family in order to further his career.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x1
Production Number: 175500
Airdate: Monday September 16th, 2002

Director: Mark Piznarski
Writer: Greg Berlanti

Guest Stars
Brenda StrongBrenda Strong
As Julia Brown
Lee GarlingtonLee Garlington
As Brenda Baxworth
Stephanie NiznikStephanie Niznik
As Nina Feeney

Co-Guest Stars
Al HoltAl Holt
As Mr. Saddlebrook
Edna PozerEdna Pozer
As Lady #1
Gail HanrahanGail Hanrahan
As Dr. Brown's Nurse
Hilda DohertyHilda Doherty
As Lady #2
Kevin ThompsonKevin Thompson
As Samuel Feeney
Mushure RaynerMushure Rayner
As Police Officer #1
Roberta Maura PhillipsRoberta Maura Phillips
As Mrs. Saddlebrook
Shawn AndersonShawn Anderson
As Teen #2
Stafford LawrenceStafford Lawrence
As Mr. Greeley
Stephen WarnerStephen Warner
As Teen #1
Main Cast
Treat WilliamsTreat Williams
As Dr. Andrew Brown
Gregory SmithGregory Smith
As Ephram Brown
Emily VanCampEmily VanCamp
As Amy Nicole Abbott
Vivien CardoneVivien Cardone
As Delia Brown
Debra MooneyDebra Mooney
As Nurse Edna Abbott Harper
Chris PrattChris Pratt
As Harold Brighton Abbott III
John BeasleyJohn Beasley
As Irv Harper/ Narrator
Stephanie NiznikStephanie Niznik
As Nina Feeny
Tom AmandesTom Amandes
As Dr. Harold Abbott Jr.
Episode Notes
Merrilyn Gann (Rose Abbott) only appears in a deleted scene in this episode.

The premiere of this episode ran an additional 10 minutes with additional scenes cut that were later cut for re-runs of this episode.

Unlike episodes subsequent to this one, this episode was filmed in Canada. Every other episode is filmed in Utah.

Dr. Andy Brown was ranked #43 in TV Guide's "50 Greatest TV Dads of All Time" issue.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Al GreenLet's Stay Together 
Bobby DarinMack the Knife 
Cat StevensMiles From Nowhere 
Elliot SmithSomebody That I Used To Know 
Gigolo AuntsPacific Ocean Blues 
Rosemary ClooneyThey All Laughed 
Seven and the SunWalk With Me 

Episode Quotes
Andy: Now, I want this to be a democratic decision, so we're going to put this to a vote. Everyone who wants to move...and get their own horse, raise your hand.
(Delia raises her hand)
Andy: Well, that decides it.
Ephram: Democratic?! You bought her vote!
Andy: Yeah. That's the American version.
Ephram: (to Delia) I want you to remember this moment. This is the moment you conspired with a psycho to ruin whatever was left of our pathetic little lives.

Andy: About the other day. I said some things I didn't mean.
Ephram: We both did.
Andy: And that comment about my beard?
Ephram: No, that I meant.

Ephram: Do you have a boyfriend?
Amy: Yes. But I want you to meet him. If you do, you'll understand.
Ephram: That was right on my list of things to do today, right between picking up my dry cleaning and chopping off my hand.

Andy: Good morning.
Harold: Buzz off. And do me a favor - keep your son away from my daughter.
Andy: I don't think that's how it went.
Harold: Why on earth would my Amy associate with your misfit?
Andy: Well, he said something about a crack deal.

(Bright and Ephram are fighting)
Amy: Bright stop it.
Ephram: Bright. that's his name? Ironic.

Andy: How was your day?
Ephram: It was ok, I found out I'm in love with in a girl who's in love with a guy that's in a coma. Other than that it was pretty standard.

Andy: Someone's unusually quiet this morning.
Ephram: Someone's unusually interested.

Bright: Dad is gonna skin your ass when he finds out you're hanging out with that kid.
Amy: Dad isn't going to find out because you're not going to tell him.
Bright: Oh, aren't I?
Amy: Not if you value all that porn you have stored on your computer. What was the file name again? 'Favorite Biblical Passages'?

Nina: Why you came to Everwood?
Andy: Do you believe that people live on after they die? That their souls are with us?
Nina: Yeah I do.
Andy: I need to prove to my wife that I can do this. That I can be the kind of doctor... The kind of father that she wanted me to be when she was alive. I know that makes me seem nuts. Maybe I am.
Nina: To love someone so much you're still proving it to them after they die? Well if that's crazy Andy I hope my own insanity isn't far away.

Andy: I'm making some pancakes, you want some?
Ephram: Go to hell!
Andy: That's my boy.

Ephram: Mom would have never had done this to us! She never would've moved us here and gone crazy!
Andy: Don't be so sure of that!
Ephram: I am sure! All right, I knew her. You didn't know her. We all just tolerated you!
Andy: Hey, that's pretty good, what else you got?
Ephram: I wish you died instead of her!
Andy: Well, I wish I did too you little bastard!
Ephram: I hate you!
Andy: Well, I hate you right back! Now get in that house!
Ephram: I'm going for a ride!
Andy: Oh yeah?
Ephram: Yeah!
Andy: At some point you're getting in that house!

Amy: That doctor who just moved here, he's your father right?
Ephram: Yeah, if you use the term 'father' loosely.

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