Season 3

26 :03x01 - Sarah Scazzi: A TV Murder

A revealing look into the disappearance of Sarah Scazzi from her home in Italy. Controversially her mother was told on national television when her daughter's body was found.

27 :03x02 - Erika and Omar: The Teenage Killers

Profiling the case of Erika De Nardo, who along with her boyfriend Omar, killed her mother and younger brother in Novi Ligure, Italy 2001.

28 :03x03 - Danilo Restivo: Fetishist Killer

The episode takes a look at the disturbed Italian killer Danilo Restivo.

29 :03x04 - Victim of the Mob

The episode takes a look at the murder of Lea Garofalo. She was the partner of an Italian mobster who dared to give evidence against him.

30 :03x05 - Murder on Platform One

A jealous husbasnd shocked commuters on a busy platform at a train station in Bologna in 2012. He pulled out a knife on his estranged wife's lover.