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Extreme Homes

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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1 1x01 Unaired Church Conversion, Schoolhouse Home
2 1x02 Unaired Aluminum House, Caboose Home
3 1x03 Unaired Mushroom House, Haunted Fun House
4 1x04 Unaired Earth Abode, Bowling Alley Home
5 1x05 Unaired Underground House, Spaceship House
6 1x06 Unaired Japanese Pagoda; Gas Station House
7 1x07 Unaired Fish House; Recycled Dwelling
8 1x08 Unaired Teepee Windmill House; Former Bank
9 1x09 Unaired Water Tower Apartment; Fire Station House
10 1x10 Unaired Ore Bin Conversion; Italian Villa
11 1x11 Unaired Junk Yard Gold, Cedar Boxes
12 1x12 Unaired Recycled Tire House; Railroad Houseboat
13 1x13 Unaired Remote Control, Homemade Robot

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
14 2x01 Unaired Indian Shores Bar, Kentucky Barn
15 2x02 Unaired Bowling Ball House, Gristmill
16 2x03 Unaired Homemade Castle; Round House
17 2x04 Unaired Grounded Boat House, Geodesic Dome
18 2x05 Unaired Tree House, Mother Goose House
19 2x06 Unaired Machine Shop House, Circus House
20 2x07 Unaired Boatplane Home, Eyeball House
21 2x08 Unaired Pyramid House, Old Machine Shop
22 2x09 Unaired Old Swim Club, Former Bordello, Coral House, Garden House
23 2x10 Unaired Floating Angle House, Pole House
24 2x11 Unaired Steel House, Cyclotron House
25 2x12 Unaired Rex's Round House, Bunker House
26 2x13 Unaired Movie Theatre House; Reflector House

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
27 3x01 Unaired Ship's Mast House & Fairy Tale Castle
28 3x02 Unaired Gothic Mansion; Cotton Gin House
29 3x03 Unaired ape House; Neural Network House
30 3x04 Unaired Silo Houseboat, Aspen Leaf House
31 3x05 Unaired Balloon Home, '30s Steel House
32 3x06 Unaired Cableland, Millark Mill House
33 3x07 Unaired Funnel House, Mushroom House
34 3x08 Unaired Corn Crib House, Mirror Apartment
35 3x09 Unaired Tilted Cube House, Wing House
36 3x10 Unaired Teepee House, Cactus House
37 3x11 Unaired Sushi Cadillac House; Stargazing House
38 3x12 Unaired Repair Shop House, Glass Bridge House
39 3x13 Unaired Nautilus House, Nancy Drew Home
40 3x14 Unaired Cave House

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
41 4x01 Unaired Giant House; Beer Can House
42 4x02 Unaired Soaring Eagle House, Skinny House
43 4x03 Unaired Pagoda House, Automobile Abode
44 4x04 Unaired Rock House, Hexagonal House
45 4x05 Unaired Mystery Castle, Sylvan Hill
46 4x06 Unaired Cats' House, Big Block House
47 4x07 Unaired Umbrella House, Silo House
48 4x08 Unaired Hubbell Compound, Planing Mill House
49 4x09 Unaired Luna Parc, Underground House
50 4x10 Unaired Mine House, Poppy House
51 4x11 Unaired Sliding Water House, Moorish Delight
52 4x12 Unaired Semi-Circle House, Tempe Block House
53 4x13 Unaired Teepee House, Stilt House

 Season 5(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
54 5x01 Unaired Floating House, Towers of Glass
55 5x02 Unaired Barn Silo House, Zaitz Mercantile
56 5x03 Unaired on and Steel House, Pipe Organ House
57 5x04 Unaired Lighthouse, Concrete Block House
58 5x05 Unaired Trailer House, Healing House
59 5x06 Unaired Flying Saucer House, Harvestore House
60 5x07 Unaired Found Object House, Cove Circle House
61 5x08 Unaired Wavy House, Stone Column House
62 5x09 Unaired Aspen Dome House, Vyvyan Castle
63 5x10 Unaired Kleiner Garage, Rosenthal's Windows
64 5x11 Unaired Casbah House, Glass House
65 5x12 Unaired Potato House, Dick and Jane's Spot
66 5x13 Unaired Storefront House, Corrugated House

 Season 6(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
67 6x01 Unaired Buddha House, Park Police House
68 6x02 20/Jul/2012 Season 7, Episode 1
69 6x03 17/Aug/2012 Aluminum House; Michigan
70 6x04 31/Aug/2012 Mushrooms House; Haunted
71 6x05 04/Oct/2012 Rolling Dice, Scorpion, Bunker

 Season 7(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
72 7x01 11/Oct/2012 Mailbox, Tomb Site, Spaceship
73 7x02 18/Oct/2012 Hideaway, Body House, Pyramid
74 7x03 25/Oct/2012 Upside Down, Wave, Spaceship
75 7x04 01/Nov/2012 Sculpture, Snake, Boat, Plow
76 7x05 08/Nov/2012 Bubbles, Bottles, Bookcases
77 7x06 15/Nov/2012 Cliffhanger, Pod, Hammock
78 7x07 22/Nov/2012 Hollywood, Ruins, PVC Bubbles
79 7x08 23/Nov/2012 In HGTV's Extreme Homes special, get an up close look at some of the world's most unusual houses
80 7x09 29/Nov/2012 Flashlight, Triangles, Holes
81 7x10 06/Dec/2012 Zigzag, Gryphon, Nest
82 7x11 13/Dec/2012 Castle, Factory, Cliffside
83 7x12 20/Dec/2012 Bridge, Wedge, Cloud
84 7x13 01/Jan/2013 Greenhouse, Nest, Secret Agent
85 7x14 08/Mar/2013 TBA
86 7x15 17/Mar/2013 Maze, Tank, Chalkboard
87 7x16 24/Mar/2013 Petals, Boulders, Sail
88 7x17 14/Apr/2013 Dragon, Spaceship, Teepee
89 7x18 21/Apr/2013 Fish Bowl, Beehive, Piano
90 7x19 19/May/2013 Sled, Temple, Houseboat
91 7x20 28/Jun/2013 Pyramid, Dream, Cliffhanger
92 7x21 09/Aug/2013 Yoga, Ocean Liner, Fossils
93 7x22 08/Sep/2013 Alien, Egg, Tattoo
94 7x23 13/Sep/2013 Space Age, Caves, Rubber Roof
95 7x24 15/Sep/2013 Rotating, Carnival, Bones
96 7x25 22/Sep/2013 Cartoon, Chateau, Bottles
97 7x26 27/Sep/2013 Yoga, Ocean Liner, Fossils
98 7x27 29/Sep/2013 Mystery, Mosaic, Fantasy

 Season 8(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
99 8x01 07/Mar/2014 Waves, Airship, Chaos
100 8x02 21/Mar/2014 Fairy Tale, Veiled, Whale
101 8x03 04/Apr/2014 Shipwreck, Leaf, Butterfly
102 8x04 23/May/2014 Extreme Homes Including a Tree Hugger and Spaces Inspired by Noah's Ark, a Spider, and More
103 8x05 06/Jun/2014 Egg Shaped, Laser, Jungle
104 8x06 11/Jul/2014 Glass, Shark, Fortress
105 8x07 01/Aug/2014 Jigsaw, Bubble, Spires
106 8x08 29/Aug/2014 Mushroom, Pie, Foam, Fins

    Season 8 »
Classification: Documentary
Genre: Housing/Building
Status: Returning Series
Network: HGTV ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 05, 1997
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