Faerie Tale Theatre

Released On: July 27, 2004
Region: 1
Production Company: Starmaker II

There's an expensive price to pay when someone helps you spin straw into gold, as the Miller's Daughter (Faerie Tale Theatre's creator and host Shelley Duvall) is about to find out.

The King (Roseanne's Ned Beatty) gives the Miller's Daughter a choice:she can either spin straw into gold and become his Queen, or she can die. She picks the first one, even though she has no idea how she's going to perform the task. When a strange little man (Fantasy Island's Herve Villechaize) shows up and offers his help in return for her first born child, she takes him up on his offer-never think he'll actually come back to collect.

The only way she can save her baby is to guess the little man's name...and it's not like Rumpelstiltskin is the most common name in town!

Number of Discs: 1
Number of Episodes: 1
Running Time: 50 mins
Video: Full Frame (1.33:1)
Audio: English - Stereo
Subtitles: None/Unknown

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