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Fairy Tail

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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
1 1x01 12/Oct/2009 (Fairy Tail Arc)Fairy Tail N/A
2 1x02 19/Oct/2009 Fire Dragons, Monkeys and Cows N/A
3 1x03 26/Oct/2009 (Day Break Arc)Invade! The Everlue Ma N/A
4 1x04 02/Nov/2009 Dear Kaby N/A
5 1x05 09/Nov/2009 (Ayzenvald Arc)The Armoured Wizard N/A
6 1x06 16/Nov/2009 The Fairies in The Wind N/A
7 1x07 23/Nov/2009 Flame and Wind N/A
8 1x08 30/Nov/2009 The Strongest Team!!! N/A
9 1x09 07/Dec/2009 Natsu, Eat The Village N/A
10 1x10 14/Dec/2009 (Island Galun Arc)Natsu vs Elza N/A
11 1x11 21/Dec/2009 Cursed Island N/A
12 1x12 04/Jan/2010 Moon Drip N/A
13 1x13 11/Jan/2010 Natsu VS Yuuka the Wave N/A
14 1x14 18/Jan/2010 Do whatever you want!! N/A
15 1x15 25/Jan/2010 Eternal Magic N/A
16 1x16 01/Feb/2010 Decisive Battle on Galuna Island N/A
17 1x17 08/Feb/2010 Burst N/A
18 1x18 15/Feb/2010 Reach it! To that Sky! N/A
19 1x19 22/Feb/2010 Change Ring N/A
20 1x20 01/Mar/2010 Natsu, and the Dragon's Egg N/A
21 1x21 08/Mar/2010 (Phantom Lord Arc)The Ghost Govenor 10
22 1x22 15/Mar/2010 Lucy Heartfilia N/A
23 1x23 22/Mar/2010 15 Minutes N/A
24 1x24 29/Mar/2010 So No One Sees the Tears N/A
25 1x25 12/Apr/2010 A Flower Blooms in the Rain N/A
26 1x26 19/Apr/2010 Flame Wings N/A
27 1x27 27/Apr/2010 The Two Dragon Slayers N/A
28 1x28 04/May/2010 Fairy Law N/A
29 1x29 11/May/2010 My Resolve N/A
30 1x30 18/May/2010 (Loki Arc)Next Generation N/A
31 1x31 24/May/2010 The Star That Cannot Return to the Heavens N/A
32 1x32 31/May/2010 Celestial Spirit King N/A
33 1x33 07/Jun/2010 (Paradise Tower Arc)Tower of Paradise 4.5
34 1x34 21/Jun/2010 Gerard 7.5
35 1x35 28/Jun/2010 Voice in the Darkness N/A
36 1x36 05/Jul/2010 Paradise Game 8.5
37 1x37 12/Jul/2010 Heart's Armor N/A
38 1x38 19/Jul/2010 Destiny N/A
39 1x39 26/Jul/2010 A Prayer Under the Holy Light N/A
40 1x40 02/Aug/2010 Titania Falls N/A
41 1x41 09/Aug/2010 Home N/A
42 1x42 16/Aug/2010 (Harvest festival Arc)Battle of Fairy Tail N/A
43 1x43 23/Aug/2010 Defeat Your Friends to Save Your Friends N/A
44 1x44 30/Aug/2010 Thunder Palace N/A
45 1x45 06/Sep/2010 Satan's Decent N/A
46 1x46 13/Sep/2010 Clash at Kardia Cathedral N/A
47 1x47 20/Sep/2010 Triple Dragon N/A
48 1x48 27/Sep/2010 Fantasia N/A

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
49 2x01 11/Oct/2010 (After the festival Arc)The Day of the Fated Encounter N/A
50 2x02 18/Oct/2010 Special Request: Watch out for the guy you like! N/A
51 2x03 25/Oct/2010 LOVE & LUCKY N/A
52 2x04 01/Nov/2010 (Orason Sayce Arc)Allied Forces, Assemble! N/A
53 2x05 08/Nov/2010 OraciĆ³n Seis Appears! N/A
54 2x06 15/Nov/2010 Sky Maiden N/A
55 2x07 22/Nov/2010 The Girl and the Ghost N/A
56 2x08 29/Nov/2010 Dead Grand Prix N/A
57 2x09 06/Dec/2010 Darkness N/A
58 2x10 13/Dec/2010 Spirit vs. Spirit N/A
59 2x11 20/Dec/2010 Reminiscing Jellal N/A
60 2x12 27/Dec/2010 March to Destruction N/A
61 2x13 10/Jan/2011 Super aerial battle! Natsu vs. Cobra N/A
62 2x14 17/Jan/2011 Jura of the Sacred Ten N/A
63 2x15 24/Jan/2011 It is Your Words N/A
64 2x16 31/Jan/2011 Zero N/A
65 2x17 07/Feb/2011 From Pegasus to The Fairies N/A
66 2x18 14/Feb/2011 The Power of Memories N/A
67 2x19 21/Feb/2011 I'm With You N/A
68 2x20 28/Feb/2011 A Guild for the Sake of a Single Person N/A
69 2x21 07/Mar/2011 (Dafna arc Fillers)Dragon's Invitation N/A
70 2x22 14/Mar/2011 Natsu vs. Gray! N/A
71 2x23 21/Mar/2011 Friendship Will Overcome the Dead N/A
72 2x24 28/Mar/2011 Fairy Tail Wizards N/A
73 2x25 02/Apr/2011 Rainbow Sakura N/A
74 2x26 09/Apr/2011 Wendy's New Big Mission? 10
75 2x27 16/Apr/2011 The 24-Hour Endurance Road Race N/A
76 2x28 23/Apr/2011 (Edolas Arc)Gildarts N/A
77 2x29 30/Apr/2011 Earthland N/A
78 2x30 07/May/2011 Edoras N/A
79 2x31 14/May/2011 Fairy Hunting N/A
80 2x32 21/May/2011 Key to Hope N/A
81 2x33 28/May/2011 Fireball N/A
82 2x34 04/Jun/2011 Welcome Home N/A
83 2x35 11/Jun/2011 Extalia N/A
84 2x36 18/Jun/2011 Fly! To Your Friends! N/A
85 2x37 25/Jun/2011 Code ETD N/A
86 2x38 02/Jul/2011 Elza vs Elza N/A
87 2x39 09/Jul/2011 These Are Lives!!!! N/A
88 2x40 16/Jul/2011 The River of Stars for Pride`s Sake N/A
89 2x41 23/Jul/2011 Dragon Chain Cannon of Demise N/A
90 2x42 30/Jul/2011 The Boy from That Time N/A
91 2x43 06/Aug/2011 Dragon Sense N/A
92 2x44 13/Aug/2011 For All The Living Things N/A
93 2x45 20/Aug/2011 I`m Standing Here N/A
94 2x46 27/Aug/2011 Bye Bye Edoras N/A
95 2x47 03/Sep/2011 Lisanna N/A

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
96 3x01 10/Sep/2011 (Heart of Grimoire arc)That Which Erases Life N/A
97 3x02 17/Sep/2011 Best Partner N/A
98 3x03 24/Sep/2011 Who luckier? N/A
99 3x04 01/Oct/2011 Natsu vs. Gildartsa N/A
100 3x05 08/Oct/2011 Mest N/A
101 3x06 15/Oct/2011 The Black Mage N/A
102 3x07 22/Oct/2011 Kawazu and Yomazu N/A
103 3x08 29/Oct/2011 Makarov Charges N/A
104 3x09 05/Nov/2011 Lost Magic N/A
105 3x10 12/Nov/2011 Fire Dragon vs Flame God N/A
106 3x11 19/Nov/2011 The World of Great Magic N/A
107 3x12 26/Nov/2011 Arc of Embodiment N/A
108 3x13 03/Dec/2011 Human Gate N/A
109 3x14 10/Dec/2011 Lucy Fire! N/A
110 3x15 17/Dec/2011 Dead-end of Despair N/A
111 3x16 24/Dec/2011 Love and the Tears of Vigor N/A
112 3x17 07/Jan/2012 The Words I Couldn`t Say N/A
113 3x18 14/Jan/2012 The Tenrou Tree N/A
114 3x19 21/Jan/2012 Elza vs. Azuma! N/A
115 3x20 28/Jan/2012 Frozen Spirit N/A
116 3x21 04/Feb/2012 Divine Power N/A
117 3x22 11/Feb/2012 Thunder Roar! 8
118 3x23 18/Feb/2012 The Man Without the Mark 9
119 3x24 25/Feb/2012 The Deepest Realm 9
120 3x25 03/Mar/2012 Dawn on Tenroujima 8
121 3x26 10/Mar/2012 (Acnologia arc)The Right to Love 8
122 3x27 17/Mar/2012 Hold Hands! 7
123 3x28 24/Mar/2012 (7 years later arc)Fairy Tail, X791 N/A
124 3x29 31/Mar/2012 The Seven-Year Gap N/A
125 3x30 07/Apr/2012 (Starry sky Arc Fillers)Magical Ball N/A
126 3x31 14/Apr/2012 The Truly Evil Jiggle Butt Gang N/A
127 3x32 21/Apr/2012 The Terror of Invisible Lucy 9
128 3x33 28/Apr/2012 Father's Article of the Deceased 7
129 3x34 05/May/2012 Showdown of Raging Waves: Natsu vs. Laxus N/A
130 3x35 12/May/2012 Targeted Lucy N/A
131 3x36 19/May/2012 The Fury of Legion N/A
132 3x37 26/May/2012 Key of the Starry Sky N/A
133 3x38 02/Jun/2012 Traveling Companions N/A
134 3x39 09/Jun/2012 Labyrinth Rhapsody N/A
135 3x40 16/Jun/2012 Footprints of the Myth N/A
136 3x41 23/Jun/2012 True Evil Revisited N/A
137 3x42 30/Jun/2012 Something Beyond Reckoning N/A
138 3x43 07/Jul/2012 The Whereabouts of the Crusade N/A
139 3x44 14/Jul/2012 (Return Orason Sayce Arc Fillers)Time Begins to Move N/A
140 3x45 21/Jul/2012 The Revived Oracion Seis Appears! N/A
141 3x46 28/Jul/2012 Chase the Infinite Clock N/A
142 3x47 04/Aug/2012 The Dissonance of Battle N/A
143 3x48 11/Aug/2012 Anti-Link N/A
144 3x49 18/Aug/2012 Unleashed Despair N/A
145 3x50 25/Aug/2012 Real Nightmare N/A
146 3x51 01/Sep/2012 Spiral of Time N/A
147 3x52 08/Sep/2012 To the Infinity Castle! N/A
148 3x53 15/Sep/2012 An Angel's Tears N/A
149 3x54 22/Sep/2012 I Can Hear the Voices of My Friends N/A
150 3x55 29/Sep/2012 Lucy and Michelle N/A

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
151 4x01 06/Oct/2012 (Great magic games arc)Sabertooth N/A
152 4x02 13/Oct/2012 And so, We Aim for the Top N/A
153 4x03 20/Oct/2012 Song of the Stars N/A
154 4x04 27/Oct/2012 Just Enough Time to Pass Each Other N/A
155 4x05 03/Nov/2012 Crocus, the Blooming Capital 10
156 4x06 10/Nov/2012 Sky Labyrinth N/A
157 4x07 17/Nov/2012 New Guild 10
158 4x08 24/Nov/2012 On a Night of Falling Stars N/A
159 4x09 01/Dec/2012 Lucy Versus Flare N/A
160 4x10 08/Dec/2012 Bad Omen N/A
161 4x11 15/Dec/2012 Chariot N/A
162 4x12 22/Dec/2012 Elfman vs. Bacchus N/A
163 4x13 05/Jan/2013 Mirajane vs. Jenny N/A
164 4x14 12/Jan/2013 Kagura vs. Yukino N/A
165 4x15 19/Jan/2013 Grudges are Wrapped in the Silence of the Night N/A
166 4x16 26/Jan/2013 Pandemonium N/A
167 4x17 02/Feb/2013 100 vs 1 N/A
168 4x18 09/Feb/2013 Laxus vs. Alexei N/A
169 4x19 16/Feb/2013 Wendy vs. Cheria N/A
170 4x20 23/Feb/2013 Small Fist N/A
171 4x21 02/Mar/2013 Naval Battle N/A
172 4x22 09/Mar/2013 The Perfume I Dedicate To You N/A
173 4x23 16/Mar/2013 Battle of the Dragon Slayers N/A
174 4x24 23/Mar/2013 Four Dragons N/A
175 4x25 30/Mar/2013 Natsu vs. the Twin Dragons N/A
176 4x26 05/Apr/2014 The Dragon King N/A
177 4x27 12/Apr/2014 The Eclipse Plan N/A
178 4x28 19/Apr/2014 Fairy Strategist N/A
179 4x29 26/Apr/2014 Gray vs. Rufus N/A
180 4x30 03/May/2014 Garou Knights N/A
181 4x31 10/May/2014 Fairy Tail vs. Executioners N/A
182 4x32 17/May/2014 The Burning Earth N/A
183 4x33 24/May/2014 The Country We're In N/A
184 4x34 31/May/2014 The Country, Until Tomorrow N/A
185 4x35 07/Jun/2014 Erza vs Kagura N/A
186 4x36 14/Jun/2014 The Future Accelerating Towards Despair N/A
187 4x37 21/Jun/2014 Frog N/A
188 4x38 28/Jun/2014 Attacking Lightning! N/A
189 4x39 05/Jul/2014 Gloria N/A
190 4x40 12/Jul/2014 The One who Closes the Portal N/A
191 4x41 19/Jul/2014 Natsu vs. Rogue N/A
192 4x42 26/Jul/2014 Live on For Her N/A
193 4x43 02/Aug/2014 Seven Dragons N/A
194 4x44 09/Aug/2014 The Magic of Zirconis N/A
195 4x45 16/Aug/2014 Man & Man, Dragon & Dragon, Man & Dragon N/A
196 4x46 23/Aug/2014 Sin and Sacrifice N/A
197 4x47 30/Aug/2014 The Time of Life N/A
198 4x48 06/Sep/2014 The Golden Grasslands N/A
199 4x49 13/Sep/2014 The Grand Ball Games N/A
200 4x50 20/Sep/2014 Drops of Time N/A
201 4x51 27/Sep/2014 Present N/A
202 4x52 04/Oct/2014 Welcome Back, Frosch N/A
203 4x53 11/Oct/2014 Mulan Rouge N/A

 Season 5(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
204 5x01 18/Oct/2014 (Eclipse Celestial Spirits arc Fillers)Stake My Life on Hospitality N/A
205 5x02 25/Oct/2014 Beacon of Rebellion N/A
206 5x03 01/Nov/2014 Panic of Library N/A
207 5x04 08/Nov/2014 Hisui Rises N/A
208 5x05 15/Nov/2014 Astral Spirytus N/A
209 5x06 22/Nov/2014 Wendy vs. Aquarius - Let's Play at an Amusement Park N/A
210 5x07 29/Nov/2014 Guild Deck vs. Celestial Spirit Deck N/A
211 5x08 06/Dec/2014 Gray vs. Cancer - Dance Battle! N/A
212 5x09 13/Dec/2014 Juvia vs. Aries - Clash in the Desert! N/A
213 5x10 20/Dec/2014 Erza vs. Sagittarius - Horseback Showdown! N/A
214 5x11 27/Dec/2014 Natsu vs. Leo N/A
215 5x12 10/Jan/2015 The Snake Charmer Ophiuchus N/A
216 5x13 17/Jan/2015 When the Stars Keep Multiplying N/A
217 5x14 24/Jan/2015 The Sacred Starbeast N/A
218 5x15 31/Jan/2015 Believe N/A
219 5x16 07/Feb/2015 What a True Heart Weaves N/A
220 5x17 14/Feb/2015 413 Days N/A
221 5x18 21/Feb/2015 The White Silver Labyrinth N/A
222 5x19 28/Feb/2015 Transform! N/A
223 5x20 07/Mar/2015 Kemokemo Arrived! N/A
224 5x21 14/Mar/2015 The Place You Came Before N/A
225 5x22 21/Mar/2015 The Thunder Man N/A
226 5x23 28/Mar/2015 Fairy Tail of the Dead N/A
227 5x24 04/Apr/2015 (Sun Village arc)The Morning of a New Adventure N/A

S02 - #115/Apr/2011Welcome to Fairy Hills!!N/A
S02 - #217/Jun/2011Fairy Academy: Yankee-kun and Yankee-chan!N/A
S03 - #317/Feb/2012Memory DaysN/A
S04 - #417/Jun/2013The Exciting Ryuzetsu LandN/A
S04 - #516/Aug/2013Fairy Tail x RaveN/A
S04 - #616/Nov/2012Fairies' Training Camp10

18/Aug/2012Gekijouban Fairy Tail: Houou no MikoN/A

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Classification: Animation
Genre: Anime | Action | Adventure | Drama | Fantasy
Status: Returning Series
Network: TV Tokyo ( Japan)
Language: Japanese
Airs: Saturdays at 10:30 am
Runtime: 25 Minutes
Premiere: October 12, 2009
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