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Famous Classic Tales:

This was a series similar to ABC After School Specials, ABC Weekend Specials, Stories From "The Jungle Books" (A Chuck Jones Series), Mel-O-Toons, Fables And Legends, & Storybook World, ABC Saturday Superstar Movie, NBC Special Treats, etc; since it also aired programs from Australia by Southern Star Entertainment. The episodes were movies that were released by API and Hanna Barbera Australia and Southern Star, and aired on Famous Classic Tales on CBS. The show airs old API cartoons that were originally called "Family Classic Tales". The Air Dates for each movie were when they were originally released. More details about them are available in the episode guide.

The cartoons that were featured that were made by the API Division of Southern Star were "A Conneticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court", "A Christmas Carol", "Treasure Island", "The Legend Of Robin Hood", "Kidnapped", "The Black Arrow", The Mysterious Island", "Master Of The World", "A Journey To The Center Of The Earth", "The Adventures Of Sinbad", "Tales Of Washington Irving", "Marco Polo", "Moby Dick", "Ivanhoe", "From The Earth To The Moon", "Off On A Comet", "The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn", and "Gentlemen Of Titipu".

Cartoons made by The Hanna Barbera Australia Division Of Southern Star were "Charlotte's Web", "Gulliver's Travels", "The Amazing Bungee Venture " "Jack And The Beanstalk", “The Three Musketeers”, "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea", “Tabitha And Adam And The Clown Family”, “The Count Of Monte Christo”, “The Last Of The Mohicians”, “Davy Crockett On The Mississippi”, “Five Weeks In A Balloon”, “Black Beauty”, “Daniel Boone” “The Velveteen Rabbit”, and "Puss N Boots".

The Aesop's Fables cartoon was made by Nippon Animation in Japan. Some of these cartoons may have also been part of some of these other series that are mentioned here that are similar to this one. Please understand that how the whole literature series fits together is just as complicated as how Chuck Jones and DFE Films fit together. If you know any more episodes that aren't on here, then please feel free to submit them. "Arthur And The Square Knights Of The Round Table" & "Around The World In Eighty Days" will be listed seperately on this website because they are a seperate series that was also made by Southern Star and API.

If you remember, API, Hanna Barbara Australia, Ruby-Spears, Rankin-Bass, Filmation, and Southern Star also made episodes for ABC AfterSchool Specials, and ABC Weekend Specials, The ABC Saturday Superstar Movies, and others, which is why those episodes aren’t listed in this summary. Many of these episodes were released by Good Times Entertainment and Kids Klassics Home Video along with Storybook World. All of the Hanna-Barbera and Ruby-Spears cartoons slowed down in 1995, and what would later become Cartoon Network Studios. They are in charge of both companies, except for Hanna Barbera Australia. API and Hanna Barbera Australia are now part of Southern Star, and some of these series such as The Original “The Berenstain Bears Show” made by Southern Star, and Hanna Barbara Australia are aired in syndication that are being sponsored by The Incredible World Of Dic., and some of them are being released on DVDs.

Beside Each Cartoon Title Is An Abbreviation From Which Production Company It Came From.
Here Is What The Abbreviations Mean:

HBA: Hanna Barbera Australia.
NIPPON: Nippon Animation. (Japan).
TOEI: Toei Productions. (Japan).
SS: Southern Star.

API means "Air Programs International", and not "Australian Programming Institute"......

These cartoons were aired on TV with "Famous Classic Tales".

Kids Klassics Home Video and GoodTimes Entertainment released them on VHS with the title "Storybook World"

KOCH and Southern Star released them on DVD with the title "Children's Animated Classics"....



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Executive Producer: Doug Paterson
Producer: William Hanna, Joseph Barbera, Joe Ruby, Ken Spears
Animation Director: Chris Cuddington

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