Season 2

27 :02x01 - Art of Salesmanship

Bud is taught a lesson of how to be a good salesman by Jim, after he decides that selling sauce boats is going to be much harder than he first thought.

28 :02x02 - Father's Private Life

Jim feels the only way the kids will learn how to cope with their problems is to have them work them out on their own. But his plan quickly backfires.

29 :02x03 - Lessons in Civics

Jim gets the family interested in helping him fight city hall in order to save an old building from being demolished, so a new highway can go through.

30 :02x04 - First Disillusionment

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Guest Stars: Hal Taggart as Mr. Stagg | Peter Heisser as Joe Phillips | Richard Miles (1) as Eddie Wardlow | Hal Taggart as Mr. Stagg | Peter Heisser as Joe Phillips

31 :02x05 - Woman in the House

Jim has an old friend coming for dinner, but learns that Margaret can't stand his wife.

32 :02x06 - New Girl at School

Bud falls in love with the new girl in school, but finds out that she is already dating his best friend.

33 :02x07 - Kathy Makes Magic

Kathy trades a pair of skates for a magic set, and after a bit of practice believes she had transformed a cat into a bird. She then believes she has placed a magical spell on Bud after he becomes sick from smoking a cigar.

34 :02x08 - Advantage to Betty

A mistake by the local newspaper places a picture of Betty in the sports page as the school's best player, knowing that her partner is a better player than she is. How will they fare in the playoffs when the teammates see the daily paper?

35 :02x09 - The Big Test

Bud's teacher accuses him of cheating on a test after getting the highest score, even though he worked extra hard studying for the exam.

36 :02x10 - Father Is a Dope

When a cold sends Jim to bed, he becomes aware of how families trick their fathers on TV sitcoms. This becomes especially shocking when a situation on the show resembles an event he has planned.

37 :02x11 - Spirit of Youth

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38 :02x12 - Bud, the Ladykiller

Bud insults a girl at school who he feels is an embarrassing geek. But when Jim hears what Bud has done, he makes him apologize to her, an apology she refuses to accept.

39 :02x13 - Margaret's Premonition

A number of correct predictions has the family believing that Margaret has psychic powers.

40 :02x14 - Stage to Yuma

A flashback sequence explains how Tate Idsen saved a stagecoach from savage Indians.

41 :02x15 - Bad Influence

Bud gets blamed when his new friend is caught stealing from a store.

42 :02x16 - Betty Hates Carter

Betty plans to make sure the blind date her father set up between herself and the son of a business associate named Carter fails. But the more time she spends with him, the more she likes what she sees.

44 :02x18 - Betty's Brother

Bud feels lost in school trying to find his own identity after having followed Betty in the school system. Soon he is causing trouble and starting fights, all which is unexpected from Betty Anderson's brother.
Writer: Paul West

45 :02x19 - Betty Earns a Formal

Betty gets a job to earn money for a formal gown to attend a school dance, after Jim tells her that she must buy the dress with her own money. But where she's working, no one seems to know?
Writer: Paul West

47 :02x21 - Bud, the Wallflower

Bud plans a camping trip when no one invites him to attend the Sadie Hawkins dance.
Writer: Paul West

48 :02x22 - The Bus to Nowhere

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49 :02x23 - Kathy, the Indian Giver

Kathy makes a trade with a friend for a baby sister so that she has a real, live person to play with instead of her inanimate dolls.
Writer: Kay Lenard

52 :02x26 - The Persistent Guest

One of Bud's new friend's doesn't seem to want to leave after a weekend sleepover ends. The Anderson's soon find out that the boy is homeless.
Writer: Paul West

53 :02x27 - Family Reunion

Each member of the family is making an excuse to miss the family reunion that Margaret is planning.

54 :02x28 - Family Dines Out

A problem arises when Jim make a promise to both Bud and Betty that one will miss out on. Betty asks that the family attend the opening of the country club so that she can impress her new high class friend. And Bud was promised that the family would eat at the restaurant that he just got hired at when he guaranteed he could bring in more people if he was hired. But both outings are scheduled for the same evening.

55 :02x29 - Bud, the Boxer

Jim encourages Bud to join the boxing club after being beat up by the school bully. After becoming a quick study a match is made...his opponent is the school bully. But Margaret and Betty are disappointed that Bud has now become the bully which he once detested.
Writer: Paul West

56 :02x30 - Betty, Girl Engineer

Betty is drawn to the vocation of engineer, a male dominated occupation. But she feels resistance not only from her friends at school, but from her male boss at her practical work experience job.

57 :02x31 - The Martins and the Coys

Jim has an argument with the father of Betty's boyfriend which suddenly causes him to break up with her.
Writer: Paul West

58 :02x32 - Dilemma for Margaret

When Margaret makes candid comments at the PTA meeting, the group believes that she is having trouble controlling her own children.

59 :02x33 - Hero Father

Bud becomes a hero in his classmates eyes after Jim manages to get baseball superstar Duke Snider to make an appearance in town.
Guest Stars: Duke Snider as Himself | Duke Snider as Himself

60 :02x34 - Father, the Naturalist

Jim takes Kathy to the woods to help find the final items for her nature badge and can be promoted to a tribe princess. But when she arrives home, she discovers she has left her folder back in the woods.

61 :02x35 - The Ten Dollar Question

In order to stop the constant tattling on each other, Jim has offered $10 to the child who can last a week without telling on their sibling.

62 :02x36 - Adopted Daughter

While cleaning up the house, Kathy runs across a receipt for $25 from an adoption agency, making her believe that she is adopted and tries to get Jim and Margaret to tell the truth.

63 :02x37 - Betty's Graduation

Betty fears that her best days are passed her and doesn't want to graduate.
Guest Stars: Barbara Woodell as Mrs. Tyler | Eilene Janssen as Evelyn | Sam Flint as Mr. Armstead | Sam Flint as Mr. Armstead
Writer: Kay Lenard