Season 5

134 :05x01 - Vine Covered Cottage

Betty and her boyfriend are discussing the possibility of getting married but Jim and Margaret make her see that matrimony may not be as romantic as she thinks.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

135 :05x02 - Be Kind to Bud Week

Bud wonders what's going on when Betty suddenly starts being extra nice to him.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

136 :05x03 - Kathy's Romance

Kathy gets herself a boyfriend but he seems to be more interested in Jim than her.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

137 :05x04 - Voice From the Past

Bud prepares to escort his school's homecoming queen.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

138 :05x05 - Frank's Family Trees

When Betty begins wondering about her new beau's family, he tells her they are entertainers.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

139 :05x06 - Always Plan Ahead

Jim decides to teach the Anderson children a lesson to always plan ahead.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

140 :05x07 - Second Wedding

Betty talks her parents into going through another marriage ceremony for their anniversary.

141 :05x08 - Bud, the Caretaker

A friend gives Bud his car to watch over.

142 :05x09 - Betty, the Pioneer Woman

Betty wins a role in a play about the founding of Springfield.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

143 :05x10 - Fair Exchange

An Indian student from Betty's college spends the weekend with the Andersons.

144 :05x11 - Bud, the Snob

Jim and Margaret worry that Bud is turning into a snob when he begins hanging with an elite clique.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

145 :05x12 - Margaret Wins a Car

Margaret wins a car in a raffle and uses it to help out an orphanage.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

146 :05x13 - The Great Experiment

Things don't exactly work out as planned when Jim attempts to get family members to expand their horizons.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

147 :05x14 - The Christmas Story

While putting up their Christmas tree, the Anderson family recalls how they acquired it.
Guest Stars: Wallace Ford as Nick
Director: Peter Tewksbury

149 :05x16 - Kathy, Girl Executive

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Director: Peter Tewksbury

150 :05x17 - The Good Samaritan

As part of a school assignment, Bud must do a good deed. The experience turns him into a cynic.

151 :05x18 - The Ideal Father

The Anderson children all forget Jim's birthday.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

152 :05x19 - Big Shot Bud

Bud wants to buy Margaret a bottle of expensive perfume for her birthday but ends up getting himself into trouble yet again.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

153 :05x20 - Hard Luck Leo

A visitor to the Anderson home begins taking advantage of the family.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

154 :05x21 - Bud, the Campus Romeo

Bud finds himself blacklisted by the girls at his school.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

155 :05x22 - Crisis Over a Kiss

Bud tries to save Betty after she makes a date with a notorious campus hound.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

157 :05x24 - A Man of Merit

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Guest Stars: Oliver McGowan as Kramer
Director: Peter Tewksbury

158 :05x25 - Betty Makes a Choice

Betty gets overconfident of winning the lead in her junior class college basketball because she got it the year before.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

160 :05x27 - Two Loves Has Bud

Bud must choose between two girls to take to his prom.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

161 :05x28 - An Extraordinary Woman

An author on African culture is the latest visitor to the Anderson home.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

162 :05x29 - The Art of Romance

Betty finds romance in her college art class.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

163 :05x30 - Formula for Happiness

Jim's dreams amazingly begin coming true.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

164 :05x31 - Bud and the Debutante

Bud tries to impress his wealthy galpal by taking her to a fancy restaurant.

165 :05x32 - The Promised Playhouse

Flashback to an earlier episode about Jim building a playhouse for Kathy.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

166 :05x33 - The Meanest Professor

Bud writes an ucomplimentary article about a professor for his school newspaper.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

167 :05x34 - Live My Own Life

Another flashback episode about Bud going out and trying to make good on his own.

168 :05x35 - Bud Has A Problem

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Director: Peter Tewksbury

169 :05x36 - The Great Anderson Mystery

The Andersons decide to act out a detective story themselves when their television set goes on the fritz.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

170 :05x37 - Margaret Goes Dancing

Margaret tries to get Jim to take her dancing.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

171 :05x38 - The Gold Turnip

Bud comes to the conclusion that the only good tradition is no tradition at all.