Season 1

1 :01x01 - Bud Takes Up the Dance

Bud is anxious to attend his first school dance, but first needs to learn how to. His first attempt is to try learning from a book.
Guest Stars: Susan Whitney as Marcia | Claire Meade as Mrs. Larson | Susan Whitney as Marcia
Director: James Neilson

3 :01x03 - The Motor Scooter

Jim decides to buy Bud a motor scooter, but Margaret thinks it isn't safe to do so.
Guest Stars: Joe Forte as Fred Hartley | Joe Forte as Fred Hartley
Story: Dick Conway, Paul West | Screenplay: Sumner Long

4 :01x04 - Football Tickets

Jim decides to take a friend and businessman to the football game, unaware that Betty had agreed to go in place of Margaret. But it looks like no one will be going since Jim has left the tickets inside his shirt pocket, which is headed to the cleaners.
Guest Stars: Charles Watts as Bob Harris | James Dobson as Bill | Tina Thompson as Patty | Charles Watts as Bob Harris | James Dobson as Bill | Tina Thompson as Patty

5 :01x05 - Live My Own Life

Bud decides to move out, but finds that life on his own isn't as good as he thought it would be. Now in order to return, Bud must figure out a plan where he can still save face.
Guest Stars: Harry Tyler as Mr. Engel | Jack Grinnage as Claude (as Jack E. Stewart) | Harry Tyler as Mr. Engel

6 :01x06 - Grandpa Jim's Rejuvenation

Jim begins to think the best years of his life are over. Can the family help him feel better?
Guest Stars: Donald Curtis as Eddie Gilbert | Burt Mustin as Old Man | Donald Curtis as Eddie Gilbert | Burt Mustin as Old Man

7 :01x07 - Bud's Encounter With the Law

Kathy uses the new washing machine as part of her game she is playing. Having stuffed the machine full of everything she could find, she soon discovers that the items include things Betty needs for the "Girls in Government Days," and an illegible letter addressed to Bud from the police.

8 :01x08 - Thanksgiving Day

Kathy's Thanksgiving poem wins her first prize in her class's contest and Jim thinks his daughter is on the way to being the next Shakespeare. But after hearing the poem recited his excitement soon turns disappointment as he believes the poem isn't her own work.

9 :01x09 - Second Honeymoon

Jim and Margaret go away for the weekend, but are unsure of how the kids will react to being alone. But his emotions turn around when the kids are excited to hear they are leaving, making Jim suspicious of what they have planned. His fears are heightened when a phone call home goes unanswered.
Writer: Paul West

10 :01x10 - Typical Father

Betty begins to act strangely, and Jim assumes it means she's planning to elope with Armand.
Guest Stars: Chet Marshall as Armand
Story: Paul West | Screenplay: Dorothy Cooper Foote

11 :01x11 - Margaret Goes Dancing

Myrtle, a friend of the family, prompts Margaret to get Jim to take dancing lessons with her. Margaret knows that the only way he would agree is if he was tricked into doing so. The plan may have worked until Jim uncovers the scheme from Myrtle's husband.

12 :01x12 - The Christmas Story

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Guest Stars: Wallace Ford as Nick | William Traylor as Les Turner | Wallace Ford as Nick | William Traylor as Les Turner

13 :01x13 - Sparrow in the Window

A family argument has them all at odds. But Kathy brings them together when she finds an injured bird on a window sill and insists they all help nurse it back to health.

14 :01x14 - Boy's Week

The students are given an assignment of working in a real job for a day. Bud is made a traffic court judge and must face Jim, who has received a ticket.
Guest Stars: James Todd as Judge Frank Mitchell | Dick Wessel as Police Officer | James Todd as Judge Frank Mitchell | Dick Wessel as Police Officer
Story: Ed James | Screenplay: Dorothy Cooper Foote

15 :01x15 - A Friend of Old George's

Kathy's excitement over her birthday party wanes when George shows up with an uninvited guest, who seems to be ruining the day.
Guest Stars: Parley Baer as Lyle | Parley Baer as Lyle

16 :01x16 - Bud the Snob

The kids at school mistaken Bud's shyness of talking with girls as being an uppity snob. Jim tries helping him by suggesting he holds a costume party since he has no trouble speaking to the opposite sex when wearing a mask.
Guest Stars: Joyce Coates as Virginia | Jimmy Bates (1) as Claude | Joyce Coates as Virginia
Story: Paul West | Screenplay: Roswell Rogers

17 :01x17 - The Promised Playhouse

Kathy talks an unwilling Jim into spending a night in her playhouse.
Guest Stars: Robert Foulk as Ed Davis | Vivi Janiss as Myrtle Davis | Robert Foulk as Ed Davis | Vivi Janiss as Myrtle Davis

18 :01x18 - Jim the Farmer

Jim has had enough of the stressful life of working at the office and decides he will quit to become a farmer. But when he receives no calls from the office begging him back, he really becomes concerned.
Guest Stars: Mary Young as Grace | Sarah Selby as Miss Thomas

19 :01x19 - Father of the Year

The kids decide to nominate Jim for the 'Father of the Year' contest that the local newspaper is running.
Guest Stars: William Fawcett as Mr. Trumble | William Fawcett as Mr. Trumble

20 :01x20 - The Mink Coat

After having a family meeting to explain to the kids about the family not being able to afford luxuries, Jim sees a sale on mink coats that he could not pass up. But how will he explain this to the children?
Guest Stars: Lester Sharpe as Morrie | June Vincent as Leslie Morell | Vivi Janiss as Myrtle Davis | Lester Sharpe as Morrie | June Vincent as Leslie Morell | Vivi Janiss as Myrtle Davis

21 :01x21 - The Matchmaker

Margaret encourages her cousin and her boyfriend that married life is the way to go, but where will her butting in lead to?
Guest Stars: Lyn Guild as Louise | Lyn Guild as Louise
Story: Ed James | Screenplay: Dorothy Cooper Foote

22 :01x22 - Bud the Bridesmaid

Bud may be forced to stand in as a bridesmaid when the girl scheduled to for the role is a no show on the wedding day of Margaret's cousin.
Guest Stars: Lyn Guild as Louise | William Hudson (2) as Tom | Lyn Guild as Louise | William Hudson (2) as Tom
Story: Ed James | Screenplay: Dorothy Cooper Foote

23 :01x23 - Proud Father

Jim tries to instill confidence in his kids so that they can manage their problems on their own.
Guest Stars: John Gallaudet as Roger Garland | Tommy Mann as Beanie Brugendorfer | John Gallaudet as Roger Garland | Tommy Mann as Beanie Brugendorfer

24 :01x24 - Father Delivers the Papers

Jim gets a call from Bud's boss at the newspaper when they receive complaints about his work habits. Jim assures that Bud will be a more responsible worker from now on, but then comes home injured. Will Jim do Bud's work for him to keep his promise?
Guest Stars: Dabbs Greer as Mr. Collins | Cheerio Meredith as Old Lady | Jack Tesler as Husband | Dabbs Greer as Mr. Collins | Cheerio Meredith as Old Lady | Jack Tesler as Husband

25 :01x25 - No Partiality

Jim must intervene when Betty and Kathy both are attracted to the same fellow.
Guest Stars: Bobby Diamond as Jimmy Wood | Norman Ollestad as Howard Williams | Bobby Diamond as Jimmy Wood | Norman Ollestad as Howard Williams

26 :01x26 - Close Decision

Jim is torn between keeping up with Bud's punishment or letting him play in the baseball game. Having missed doing his chores and failed to learn a poem for church, Margaret believes the punishment is fitting.
Guest Stars: Robert Lynn as Rev. Swain | Gary Pagett as Joe Phillips | Diana Christian as Virginia Harris | Robert Lynn as Rev. Swain | Diana Christian as Virginia Harris

Season 2

27 :02x01 - Art of Salesmanship

Bud is taught a lesson of how to be a good salesman by Jim, after he decides that selling sauce boats is going to be much harder than he first thought.

28 :02x02 - Father's Private Life

Jim feels the only way the kids will learn how to cope with their problems is to have them work them out on their own. But his plan quickly backfires.

29 :02x03 - Lessons in Civics

Jim gets the family interested in helping him fight city hall in order to save an old building from being demolished, so a new highway can go through.

30 :02x04 - First Disillusionment

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Guest Stars: Hal Taggart as Mr. Stagg | Peter Heisser as Joe Phillips | Richard Miles (1) as Eddie Wardlow | Hal Taggart as Mr. Stagg | Peter Heisser as Joe Phillips

31 :02x05 - Woman in the House

Jim has an old friend coming for dinner, but learns that Margaret can't stand his wife.

32 :02x06 - New Girl at School

Bud falls in love with the new girl in school, but finds out that she is already dating his best friend.

33 :02x07 - Kathy Makes Magic

Kathy trades a pair of skates for a magic set, and after a bit of practice believes she had transformed a cat into a bird. She then believes she has placed a magical spell on Bud after he becomes sick from smoking a cigar.

34 :02x08 - Advantage to Betty

A mistake by the local newspaper places a picture of Betty in the sports page as the school's best player, knowing that her partner is a better player than she is. How will they fare in the playoffs when the teammates see the daily paper?

35 :02x09 - The Big Test

Bud's teacher accuses him of cheating on a test after getting the highest score, even though he worked extra hard studying for the exam.

36 :02x10 - Father Is a Dope

When a cold sends Jim to bed, he becomes aware of how families trick their fathers on TV sitcoms. This becomes especially shocking when a situation on the show resembles an event he has planned.

37 :02x11 - Spirit of Youth

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38 :02x12 - Bud, the Ladykiller

Bud insults a girl at school who he feels is an embarrassing geek. But when Jim hears what Bud has done, he makes him apologize to her, an apology she refuses to accept.

39 :02x13 - Margaret's Premonition

A number of correct predictions has the family believing that Margaret has psychic powers.

40 :02x14 - Stage to Yuma

A flashback sequence explains how Tate Idsen saved a stagecoach from savage Indians.

41 :02x15 - Bad Influence

Bud gets blamed when his new friend is caught stealing from a store.

42 :02x16 - Betty Hates Carter

Betty plans to make sure the blind date her father set up between herself and the son of a business associate named Carter fails. But the more time she spends with him, the more she likes what she sees.

44 :02x18 - Betty's Brother

Bud feels lost in school trying to find his own identity after having followed Betty in the school system. Soon he is causing trouble and starting fights, all which is unexpected from Betty Anderson's brother.
Writer: Paul West

45 :02x19 - Betty Earns a Formal

Betty gets a job to earn money for a formal gown to attend a school dance, after Jim tells her that she must buy the dress with her own money. But where she's working, no one seems to know?
Writer: Paul West

47 :02x21 - Bud, the Wallflower

Bud plans a camping trip when no one invites him to attend the Sadie Hawkins dance.
Writer: Paul West

48 :02x22 - The Bus to Nowhere

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49 :02x23 - Kathy, the Indian Giver

Kathy makes a trade with a friend for a baby sister so that she has a real, live person to play with instead of her inanimate dolls.
Writer: Kay Lenard

52 :02x26 - The Persistent Guest

One of Bud's new friend's doesn't seem to want to leave after a weekend sleepover ends. The Anderson's soon find out that the boy is homeless.
Writer: Paul West

53 :02x27 - Family Reunion

Each member of the family is making an excuse to miss the family reunion that Margaret is planning.

54 :02x28 - Family Dines Out

A problem arises when Jim make a promise to both Bud and Betty that one will miss out on. Betty asks that the family attend the opening of the country club so that she can impress her new high class friend. And Bud was promised that the family would eat at the restaurant that he just got hired at when he guaranteed he could bring in more people if he was hired. But both outings are scheduled for the same evening.

55 :02x29 - Bud, the Boxer

Jim encourages Bud to join the boxing club after being beat up by the school bully. After becoming a quick study a match is made...his opponent is the school bully. But Margaret and Betty are disappointed that Bud has now become the bully which he once detested.
Writer: Paul West

56 :02x30 - Betty, Girl Engineer

Betty is drawn to the vocation of engineer, a male dominated occupation. But she feels resistance not only from her friends at school, but from her male boss at her practical work experience job.

57 :02x31 - The Martins and the Coys

Jim has an argument with the father of Betty's boyfriend which suddenly causes him to break up with her.
Writer: Paul West

58 :02x32 - Dilemma for Margaret

When Margaret makes candid comments at the PTA meeting, the group believes that she is having trouble controlling her own children.

59 :02x33 - Hero Father

Bud becomes a hero in his classmates eyes after Jim manages to get baseball superstar Duke Snider to make an appearance in town.
Guest Stars: Duke Snider as Himself | Duke Snider as Himself

60 :02x34 - Father, the Naturalist

Jim takes Kathy to the woods to help find the final items for her nature badge and can be promoted to a tribe princess. But when she arrives home, she discovers she has left her folder back in the woods.

61 :02x35 - The Ten Dollar Question

In order to stop the constant tattling on each other, Jim has offered $10 to the child who can last a week without telling on their sibling.

62 :02x36 - Adopted Daughter

While cleaning up the house, Kathy runs across a receipt for $25 from an adoption agency, making her believe that she is adopted and tries to get Jim and Margaret to tell the truth.

63 :02x37 - Betty's Graduation

Betty fears that her best days are passed her and doesn't want to graduate.
Guest Stars: Barbara Woodell as Mrs. Tyler | Eilene Janssen as Evelyn | Eilene Janssen as Evelyn | Sam Flint as Mr. Armstead | Sam Flint as Mr. Armstead
Writer: Kay Lenard

Season 3

64 :03x01 - No Apron Strings

Bud's new girlfriend, Georgia, is jealous of his family since her mom has died and lives with her father in a small apartment. To prove he is not a mommas boy, Georgia wants Bud to skip his mom's birthday celebration and go out with her instead.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

65 :03x02 - Never in Twain

Betty becomes heartbroken after falling in love with cowboy while visiting a dude ranch, a relationship which could never last.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

66 :03x03 - Betty Goes to College

Jim and Margaret have been planning Betty's college experience for a long time now, but may be discouraged when she announces she wants to stay home and attend a junior college with her friends.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

68 :03x05 - The Homing Pigeon

Bud gives his homing pigeon a test by taking him 500 miles away to see if he will return. At the same time, Jim and Margaret worry that if Betty goes away to stay with her friends, she too may not return. It's a long weekend when both are late in arriving home.
Director: Peter Tewksbury
Writer: Paul West

69 :03x06 - Spaghetti for Margaret

When an old pal of Jim's, Harper Emes, comes for a visit, Margaret worries that his stories will influence Kathy. Harper was once a school teacher who quit to follow his dream of being a published writer. Since he quit he has had little success, but makes his life seem glamorous to Kathy.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

70 :03x07 - Betty's Birthday

Betty believes that she has outgrown birthday celebrations and has announced she no longer wants a party or gifts.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

71 :03x08 - Bud, the Millionaire

Jim has decided to teach Bud a lesson about finances by giving him a $10 a week allowance, with the only stipulation being that he can only spend this money on himself.
Director: Peter Tewksbury
Writer: Paul West

72 :03x09 - The Old Days

The PTA fund raising dance has been decided to hold a costume ball this year. The family have chosen their outfits as Jim and Margaret will wear modern clothes that the kids are wearing today and Bud and Betty will wear the clothing their parents were wearing when they met.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

73 :03x10 - Whistle Bait

Betty is depressed when a new girl in school is getting all the attention from the boys that she used to receive.
Director: Peter Tewksbury
Writer: Paul West

74 :03x11 - The Great Guy

Bud and Kippy get jobs at a publishing firm. Problem is, they cannot stand their boss and would like to quit. But how can they and not lose face with Jim?
Director: Peter Tewksbury

75 :03x12 - The Family Goes to New York

Jim and Margaret are horrified when they see Betty and a young man they don't know listed in a New York gossip column as the newest couple. It all started when Betty attended a wedding for her rich friend as a bridesmaid, and is shown around by Tony, the brother of the groom.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

76 :03x13 - Betty Goes Steady

Bud has an adviser try to help Betty understand that there is more to life than being a rich, social climber. He tries to show her that she has given away her free thought by siding with a group. He will need to be convincing since none of the Anderson's have been able to get through to her.
Guest Stars: Robert Vaughn as Mr. Beekman | Ken Clayton as Roger | Robert Vaughn as Mr. Beekman | Yvonne Lime as Dotty Snow | Ken Clayton as Roger
Director: Peter Tewksbury

77 :03x14 - The Good Prospect

Aldus Lydum, a smooth talking old man has convinced each of the Anderson's that he is a successful businessman who can help them with their financial ventures. Jim is interested in making stock investments, Bud needs sponsors for a bowling team and Kathy wants to bake and sell donuts. But is this guy for real or just a sham?
Director: Peter Tewksbury

78 :03x15 - The Angel's Sweater

• No Summary (Add Here)
Director: Peter Tewksbury

79 :03x16 - The Promising Young Man

The vice president of Jim's company asks him to help teach his son how to become a good insurance salesman. The problem is the kid would rather be an entertainer.
Director: Peter Tewksbury
Writer: Paul West

80 :03x17 - Margaret Hires a Gardener

A problem arises when Margaret hires a gardener to work in the lawn and the final bill is more than Jim had agreed upon.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

81 :03x18 - Swiss Family Anderson

A boating excursion ends with the Anderson's trapped on a deserted island.
Writer: Paul West

82 :03x19 - Brief Holiday

Bored and tired of housework, Margaret takes a day off to shop and eat lunch at a restaurant. On her way home she comes by an artist who sketches her portrait. When Jim discovers the picture, he believes that she maybe having an affair with the artist.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

83 :03x20 - The Lawn Party

Bud wants to throw a lawn party at his home, but failed to inform his parents until one day before the party is scheduled. Now it's a rush to get the party going on time.

84 :03x21 - Short Wave

Bud's new hobby of listening to a short waved radio causes excitement when he overhears a distress signal from a boater.
Director: Peter Tewksbury
Writer: Paul West

85 :03x22 - Carnival

Bud is given money to pick up some items from a tailor. While on his way he stops at a carnival and loses the money. He takes up a job at the carnival in hopes of earning some cash.
Director: Peter Tewksbury
Writer: Paul West

87 :03x24 - Trip to Hillsborough

Bud is allowed by Jim and Margaret to take a trip into Hillsborough as long as he goes with Kippy. But when Kippy tells Bud he can't go, he decides to go on with the trip as planned, without telling his parents.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

88 :03x25 - An Evening to Remember

Actor Cornell WIlde makes a stop at Jim's insurance company after having a car accident in Springfield, believe he will be targeted for a lawsuit because of his fame.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

89 :03x26 - Bud Buys a Car

Bud buys his first automobile, the best he can find for $10. His aim is to impress a new girl. But when she sees the jalopy, she is repulsed and he is stuck with a broken down piece of junk.
Director: Peter Tewksbury
Writer: Paul West

90 :03x27 - Safety First

Bud is made a crossing guard as a punishment after being given a ticket.
Guest Stars: Jimmy Bates (1) as Claude | Dee Pollock as Tracey | Ethel May Halls as Mrs. Brian
Writer: Paul West

91 :03x28 - Bud, the Hero

Bud becomes a hero after inadvertently stopping a bank robbery.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

92 :03x29 - Betty, the Track Star

It's a big day for Betty when she wins a running event at a track meet and later that night is named the 'Flower Queen.'
Guest Stars: Fintan Meyler as Gloria | Tamar Cooper as Eliva Horsen | Fintan Meyler as Gloria
Director: Peter Tewksbury
Writer: Paul West

93 :03x30 - The Spelling Bee

Kathy is terrified when she qualifies for the county spelling bee contest. In hopes of calming her fears, Betty gives her a lucky penny. But when the day of the contest arrives, the penny has disappeared.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

94 :03x31 - Bud, the Philanthropist

Bud hopes to get even with Kippy when he discovers that he claimed the money Bud added to the church collection plate was his own.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

96 :03x33 - Class Prophecy

Jim and Margaret get a knock on the door from a salesman, Henry Pruett, a guy they knew in their college days who was preparing to be a doctor. Not only is he not a doctor, but he is also not a great salesman.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

97 :03x34 - The Art of Romance

Bud asks Jim for advice on how to gain the attention of a new girl in town, Judy. Meanwhile, Judy decides that Margaret would be the best person to help her get noticed by Bud.
Director: Peter Tewksbury
Writer: Paul West

98 :03x35 - Margaret Disowns Her Family

Margaret attempts to help a young woman who is afraid of what life would be with a baby around.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

99 :03x36 - Grandpa Retires

Margaret's father feels his health is in jeopardy because of his printing press company and that it is time he quits the business. But when Jim and Margaret help him get his retirement in order, they discover what is really causing his bad health.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

100 :03x37 - Shoot for the Moon

The Anderson's are each given a boost of confidence with the help of Sageman.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

Season 4

101 :04x01 - Follow the Leader

Bud is faced with a decision of joining his class in a revolt against an unpopular teacher.
Director: Peter Tewksbury
Writer: Paul West

102 :04x02 - The Awkward Hero

Betty's payment for helping a football player with his academics--he's to be her escort to a big dance.
Director: Peter Tewksbury
Writer: Paul West

103 :04x03 - The Good Neighbor

Margaret decides to rent out a house which she just inherited.
Director: Peter Tewksbury
Writer: Andy White

104 :04x04 - Bud, the Executive

Bud is put in charge of planning the school picnic of his high school class.
Director: Peter Tewksbury
Writer: Paul West

105 :04x05 - Sentenced to Happiness

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: Natividad Vacio as Frank | Natividad Vacio as Frank
Director: Peter Tewksbury

106 :04x06 - Mother Goes to School

Margaret decides to tak a college English course and finds herself sharing the class with daughter Betty.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

107 :04x07 - The Indispensable Man

Bud gets himself suspended from a big football game because he stayed up too late.
Guest Stars: Charles Tannen as Martin | William Leslie as Coach | Jimmy Bates (1) as Claude | William Leslie as Coach | Jimmy Bates (1) as Claude
Director: Peter Tewksbury

108 :04x08 - Kathy's Big Chance

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: Greer Garson as Herself | Greer Garson as Herself
Director: Peter Tewksbury

109 :04x09 - Margaret Learns to Drive

Margaret talks Jim into teaching her how to drive a motor vehicle.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

110 :04x10 - The Way of a Dictator

After Bud criticizes their methods of raising Kathy, Jim and Margaret give him the honor of rearing his younger sister.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

111 :04x11 - Mr. Beal Meets His Match

Betty's nightmare about a contest suddenly begins coming true.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

112 :04x12 - Kathy Makes a Wish

Kathy finds a horseshoe and wishes for a pony for herself. Amazingly, the wish appears to come true.
Director: Peter Tewksbury
Writer: Paul West

113 :04x13 - Man With a Plan

A girl at school mistakenly believes that Bud is going into the Army so she decides to throw him a going away party.
Writer: Andy White

115 :04x15 - Calypso Kid

Bud buys a set of bongo drums in order to impress his new galpal and proceeds to drive the rest of the family crazy.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

116 :04x16 - Father's Biography

Jim's dilemma--an important business meeting is scheduled to be held at the same time as Kathy's recital at a PTA meeting.
Guest Stars: Robert Warwick as St. Peter | Robert Warwick as St. Peter
Director: Peter Tewksbury

117 :04x17 - The Rivals

Betty finds herself with two dates on the same night and works out a plan to keep them both.
Guest Stars: Barbara Eden as Marge Corbett | Barbara Eden as Marge Corbett
Director: Peter Tewksbury
Writer: Paul West

118 :04x18 - Bud, the Mind Reader

Convinced he has psychic abilities, Bud practices being a mind reader and nearly drives everyone crazy.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

119 :04x19 - Margaret's Other Family

Margaret keeps helping out a furniture makes and his wife so much that it takes time away from her own family.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

120 :04x20 - The Trial

A neighbor accuses Bud of causing damage to his property.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

121 :04x21 - Revenge is Sweet

Betty tries to spruce up sloppy Bud when she learns that some important individuals will be visiting the Anderson home.
Director: Peter Tewksbury
Writer: Paul West

122 :04x22 - Country Cousin

Cousin Millie arrives for a visit with the Andersons and a tour of the college.
Guest Stars: Susan Oliver (1) as Millie | Susan Oliver (1) as Millie
Director: Peter Tewksbury
Writer: Paul West

123 :04x23 - Poor Old Dad

Bud believes that Jim has become a henpecked hubby.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

124 :04x24 - Betty's Crusade

Betty tries to help an old man facing eviction by Jim's company.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

125 :04x25 - Young Love

Bud develops a crush on an older woman who happens to be married.
Director: Peter Tewksbury
Writer: Paul West

126 :04x26 - Tell It to Mom

Betty causes all sorts of problems when she hides a pair of skates for a friend.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

127 :04x27 - A Friend in Need

A dog show's up on the Andersons' doorstep and then refuses to leave.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

128 :04x28 - A Medal for Margaret

Margaret decides to win herself a medal to put in a trophy case which Jim is building.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

129 :04x29 - The Weaker Sex

• No Summary (Add Here)
Writer: Paul West

130 :04x30 - Jim, the Answer Man

Jim is constantly interrupted by his children when he sets out to complete several important office tasks.
Guest Stars: Kathleen Mulqueen as Mrs. Avery | Kathleen Mulqueen as Mrs. Avery
Director: Peter Tewksbury
Writer: Paul West

131 :04x31 - Bud Quits School

Bud decides to quit school after meeting a successful businessman who did the same thing.
Guest Stars: Paul Wallace as Kippy | Stephen Chase as Bernard
Director: Peter Tewksbury
Writer: Paul West

132 :04x32 - A Matter of Pride

Much to his surprise, Bud gets chosen as most popular male at his high school.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

133 :04x33 - Betty Finds a Cause

A man's hedge blocks the view on a road so Betty tries to get him to remove it.
Director: Peter Tewksbury
Writer: Paul West

Season 5

134 :05x01 - Vine Covered Cottage

Betty and her boyfriend are discussing the possibility of getting married but Jim and Margaret make her see that matrimony may not be as romantic as she thinks.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

135 :05x02 - Be Kind to Bud Week

Bud wonders what's going on when Betty suddenly starts being extra nice to him.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

136 :05x03 - Kathy's Romance

Kathy gets herself a boyfriend but he seems to be more interested in Jim than her.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

137 :05x04 - Voice From the Past

Bud prepares to escort his school's homecoming queen.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

138 :05x05 - Frank's Family Trees

When Betty begins wondering about her new beau's family, he tells her they are entertainers.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

139 :05x06 - Always Plan Ahead

Jim decides to teach the Anderson children a lesson to always plan ahead.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

140 :05x07 - Second Wedding

• No Summary (Add Here)
Director: Peter Tewksbury

143 :05x10 - Fair Exchange

• No Summary (Add Here)
Director: Peter Tewksbury

144 :05x11 - Bud, the Snob

Jim and Margaret worry that Bud is turning into a snob when he begins hanging with an elite clique.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

145 :05x12 - Margaret Wins a Car

Margaret wins a car in a raffle and uses it to help out an orphanage.

146 :05x13 - The Great Experiment

Things don't exactly work out as planned when Jim attempts to get family members to expand their horizons.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

147 :05x14 - The Christmas Story

While putting up their Christmas tree, the Anderson family recalls how they acquired it.
Guest Stars: Wallace Ford as Nick
Director: Peter Tewksbury

148 :05x15 - The Basketball Coach

Jim gets named coach of Bud's recreation league basketball team.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

149 :05x16 - Kathy, Girl Executive

The family puts Kathy in charge of Bud's lawn mowing company.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

150 :05x17 - The Good Samaritan

As part of a school assignment, Bud must do a good deed. The experience turns him into a cynic.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

151 :05x18 - The Ideal Father

The Anderson children all forget Jim's birthday.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

152 :05x19 - Big Shot Bud

Bud wants to buy Margaret a bottle of expensive perfume for her birthday but ends up getting himself into trouble yet again.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

153 :05x20 - Hard Luck Leo

A visitor to the Anderson home begins taking advantage of the family.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

154 :05x21 - Bud, the Campus Romeo

Bud finds himself blacklisted by the girls at his school.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

155 :05x22 - Crisis Over a Kiss

Bud tries to save Betty after she makes a date with a notorious campus hound.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

156 :05x23 - Kathy Grows Up

Tired of being treated like a child, Kathy demands to be treated like an adult.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

157 :05x24 - A Man of Merit

Jim learns that he's been nominated for an important award by the Springfield Chamber of Commerce.
Guest Stars: Oliver McGowan as Kramer | Oliver McGowan as Kramer
Director: Peter Tewksbury

158 :05x25 - Betty Makes a Choice

Betty gets overconfident of winning the lead in her junior class college basketball because she got it the year before.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

159 :05x26 - It's a Small World

Margaret's dilemma: attend a luncheon with her women's group or go on an important business trip with Jim.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

160 :05x27 - Two Loves Has Bud

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Director: Peter Tewksbury

161 :05x28 - An Extraordinary Woman

An author on African culture is the latest visitor to the Anderson home.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

162 :05x29 - The Art of Romance

Betty finds romance in her college art class.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

163 :05x30 - Formula for Happiness

Jim's dreams amazingly begin coming true.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

165 :05x32 - The Promised Playhouse

Flashback to an earlier episode about Jim building a playhouse for Kathy.

166 :05x33 - The Meanest Professor

Bud writes an ucomplimentary article about a professor for his school newspaper.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

167 :05x34 - Live My Own Life

Another flashback episode about Bud going out and trying to make good on his own.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

168 :05x35 - Bud Has A Problem

Bud is doing poorly in physics and blames his academic woes on the class professor.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

169 :05x36 - The Great Anderson Mystery

The Andersons decide to act out a detective story themselves when their television set goes on the fritz.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

171 :05x38 - The Gold Turnip

Bud comes to the conclusion that the only good tradition is no tradition at all.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

Season 6

The Father Knows Best Reunion

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Father Knows Best: Home for Christmas

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Writer: Paul West

172 :06x01 - A Day in the Country

The Andersons decide to take a weekend family drive in the country only to have their car break down.

173 :06x02 - Bud Branches Out

Bud develops a crush on his attractive French professor.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

175 :06x04 - The Imposter

Betty gets involved with a young lawyer who's posing as the owner of a radio store.
Guest Stars: John Daly (1) as Ebert
Director: Peter Tewksbury

176 :06x05 - Bud Plays It Safe

• No Summary (Add Here)
Director: Peter Tewksbury

177 :06x06 - Bicycle Trip for Two

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Director: Peter Tewksbury

178 :06x07 - First Disillusionment

Bud recounts to Kathy about the time he lost a job due to an applicant's faked credentials.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

179 :06x08 - Margaret's Old Flame

Jim and Margaret recall the people they once dated as they prepare for their college reunion.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

180 :06x09 - Kathy Becomes a Girl

The rest of the family tries to feminize tomboy Kathy.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

181 :06x10 - Bud, the Willing Worker

In order to buy a boat, Bud takes a job pumping gas at a service station.
Director: Peter Tewksbury
Writer: Paul West

182 :06x11 - Turn the Other Cheek

Jim and Kathy both feel like their friends doublecrossed them.
Guest Stars: James Franciscus as guest star
Director: Peter Tewksbury
Writer: Paul West

183 :06x12 - Good Joke on Mom

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Director: Peter Tewksbury

184 :06x13 - Betty's Double

Betty wins a lookalike contest due to her close resemblance to an actress. The prize is a trip to Hollywood.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

186 :06x15 - Bud Hides Behind a Skirt

Betty leads a campaign for safe driving only to have brother Bud accused of reckless driving.

187 :06x16 - Togetherness

The Andersons are paid a visit by a newspaper reporter who's doing an article on family togetherness.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

188 :06x17 - Second Best

Betty decides to compete in the previously all-male college fencing tournament.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

189 :06x18 - Kathy's Big Deception

• No Summary (Add Here)
Director: Peter Tewksbury
Writer: Paul West

190 :06x19 - Cupid Knows Best

• No Summary (Add Here)
Director: Peter Tewksbury
Writer: Paul West

191 :06x20 - The Big Test

Betty tries her hand at matchmaking for family gardener Frank and a gal who works in a flower shop.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

192 :06x21 - Jim's Big Surprise

Jim announces that he has a big surprise for the Anderson clan.
Guest Stars: Marion Ross as guest star | Marion Ross as guest star
Director: Peter Tewksbury
Writer: Paul West

193 :06x22 - Time to Retire

Bud's actions re-affirm an old man's belief in life and lead to an employment opportunity.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

194 :06x23 - Bud, the Speculator

Never the sharpest tool in the shed, Bud loses $50 in a phony stock scheme.
Director: Peter Tewksbury
Writer: Paul West

195 :06x24 - The $500 Letter

When the Andersons receive a $500 check in the mail from a secret admirer, they try to discover the identity of the donor.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

196 :06x25 - Adopted Daughter

In this flashback episode, Kathy recalls the time she mistakenly thought she was an adopted child.

197 :06x26 - Family Contest

Kathy enters her family in a photo contest.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

198 :06x27 - Love and Learn

Needing help in English because he's not the brightest bulb in the box, Bud is assigned an attractive tutor and soon falls for her.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

199 :06x28 - Blind Date

Betty dates a boy whom her galpals regard as a loser.
Guest Stars: Robert Vaughn as guest star | Robert Vaughn as guest star
Director: Peter Tewksbury
Writer: Paul West

200 :06x29 - Betty's Career Problem

Betty finds herself competing against (and losing to) a boy in several collegiate contests. Now they're competing against each other for a job.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

201 :06x30 - Bud Lives It Up

In order to impress a girl, Bud starts spending money beyond his means.

202 :06x31 - Not His Type

Betty gets caught up in the middle of a lover's quarrel between two of her friends who plan to marry.
Director: Peter Tewksbury

203 :06x32 - Betty's Graduation

This flashback episode recalls Betty and her reluctance to graduate from high school.
Guest Stars: Yvonne Lime as Dotty Snow | Yvonne Lime as Dotty Snow
Director: Peter Tewksbury