Fear Itself

Billed as a fun-filled ride of terror, Fear Itself is an anthology series of mini-horror movies. Each episode will deliver a different story of suspense and thrills.

In the same vein as Showtime's "Masters of Horror" and last summer's ABC anthology series "Masters of Science Fiction," this new show from NBC, Lionsgate, and Industry Entertainment has the Emmy-winning duo of Keith Addis and Andrew Deane to executive producer Fear Itself. 13 episodes, that promise to deliver memorable and horrifying moments, have been planned, each sporting an all-star lineup of directors and writers.

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Prev: 1x08 -- Skin & Bones (Jul/31/2008)

After being lost in the woods for days, a rancher returns home to his family. It doesn't take long for them to realize something is wrong. Now a mortal struggle between the man and the terrifying monster possessing him begins.


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1x13: The Circle recap: Two young girls are out trick-and-treating and knock at the door of a house. They get no answer until the owner, Miss Turner, comes up behind them and jokingly startles them. Miss Turner invites them inside. The girls find three witches performing an occult ceremony in the living room. When the girls try to back out, Miss Turner holds them in place with a spell and begins chanting as well. The lead witch, Robbie Collins, writes in a book in her own blood and tells Miss Turner that her former boyfriend, Brian, chose a life with another woman. Now she plans to even the score and make Brian and his friends rot in hell. The girls step forward and Robbie marks their foreheads with blood. She gives them a book with the circle on the cover and tells them that it won’t hurt a bit. However, the girls scream as black tendrils grow out of the floor and surround them... read more.

1x12: Echoes recap: A woman, Karen, goes into the new house of her friend, college student Stephan . She’s surprised at how large it is and Stephan invites her to unpack. As they work, Karen asks him why he chose the house and Stephan says that he just felt at home there. He suggests that there should be an Art Deco chair and an Oriental rug in a particular spot, and then has flashes of other people in the house, which is decorated like in the 1920s, and someone walking down the hall with a knife. When Stephan snaps out of it, he discovers that he’s unpacked everything on his own except for one box. When Karen offers to unpack it, he says that it’s his dissertation research and he’ll deal with it later... read more.

recap: On Halloween in Springville, two high school students, Shelby Johnson and Becca, are at Shelby’s home trying to review for their first aid test. When Shelby worries about passing, Becca points out that their teacher, Mr. Drake, has the hots for her. Shelby doesn’t believe it and notes that it’s their last Halloween before Becca goes to Taiwan. She notes that Halloween is the most important date in the Wiccan calendar, and Becca suggests that they have a séance in honor of the holiday. Shelby warns that it could be dangerous and Becca admits it’s a lame idea. They discuss the idea of spirits and Becca asks if Shelby believes that her mother is looking down on her. Shelby suggests that they make a spirit box to contact spirits and Becca agrees... read more.

1x7: Community recap: Five Months Ago:.. read more.

recap: At a church, the caterers are preparing for the service while the wedding party gathers. In the dressing room, bride-to-be Samantha is preparing with her bridesmaids. Samantha wonders where her groom Carlos is. She thanks her friends for being there with her and they say they think Carlos is wonderful for her. Samantha thinks no one wants her to get married and everyone thinks it’s a mistake, that it’s too soon. Her friend Kelly notes that her older brother Steven hasn’t arrived, which is kind of odd, and that Samantha’s previous boyfriends have given up and disappeared. Her other friend, Ruthie, comes in and gives Samantha a note she says some woman gave it to the priest to give to Ruthie to give to Sam. As she goes to the restroom, Samantha reads the note, which says that the person she’s marrying is a serial killer... read more.

Creator: Mick Garris
Executive Producer: Andrew Deane
Co-Executive Producer: Peter Block
Supervising Producer: Grant Rosenberg
Associate Producer: Randy S. Nelson
Editor: Lynne Willingham, Randy Jon Morgan
Casting: Lindsey Hayes Kroeger, David Rapaport, Shannon Ball
Line Producer: Wanda Chaffey

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Recurring Guests

Margherita Donato as Unknown (6 eps)
Valerie Womack as Partygoer (4 eps)
William B. Davis as Father Chris (2 eps)
Terence Kelly as Reverend (2 eps)
Gerard Plunkett as Dr. Wolfram (2 eps)
Colin Campbell as Geoff Matthews (2 eps)
Molly Hagan as Elena Edlund (2 eps)
Campbell Lane as Thug (2 eps)
Stephen Lee (1) as Marty Steinwitz (2 eps)
Barbara Tyson as Candace (2 eps)

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