Season 1

1 :01x01 - The Sacrifice

After hitting a spike in the road, four criminals seek refuge in what appears to be an old, abandoned, snow-covered fort. They soon discover this place is home to a trio of seductive sirens guarding an old secret. The men on the run quickly learn of their deadly intentions.
Guest Stars: Jeffrey Pierce as Point | Jesse Plemons as Lemmon | Rachel Miner as Chelsea | Mircea Monroe as Virginia | Stephen Martines as Diego |
Co-Guest Stars: Reamonn Joshee as Navarro | Michelle Molineux as Tara | Bill Baksa as Reverend Janos | Walter Phelan as The Creature
Director: Breck Eisner
Writer: Mick Garris

2 :01x02 - Spooked

A private eye stakes out a haunted house and must confront the ghosts of his past.
Guest Stars: Eric Roberts as Harry Bender / Harry Siegal | Cynthia Watros as Meredith Kane | Jack Noseworthy as Rory Bemell | Larry Gilliard, Jr. as James |
Co-Guest Stars: Liam James as Young Harry | Jake Church as Max | Tom Edwards as Father | Matthew Kloster as Unknown | Pete Seadon as Senior Officer | Blake Dickson as Unknown | Liana Shannon as Unknown | Brendan Prost as Unknown | Robert Feagan as Unknown | Melissa Milley as Unknown | Brad Kelly as Unknown
Director: Brad Anderson
Writer: Matt Venne

3 :01x03 - Family Man

After a near-death experience, family man Dennis Mahoney switches bodies with a serial killer in this psychological thriller. When he finds himself behind bars and the murderer with his family, he must stop them from becoming the next victims.
Guest Stars: Clifton Collins, Jr. as Richard Brautigan | Colin Ferguson as Dennis Mahoney | Josie Davis as Kathy Mahoney (as Josie Rebecca Davis) | Stephen Lobo as John Amir | Brent Stait as Toomey |
Co-Guest Stars: Nicole Leduc as Courtney Mahoney | Gig Morton as Sean Mahoney | Michael St. John Smith as Sheriff Weller | Terence Kelly as Reverend | Tyler Playford as Unknown | Roberta Maura Phillips as Unknown | Mieko Ouchi as Unknown | Chris Aanderson as Unknown | Jodi Stecyk as Unknown | Patricia Darbasie as EMS Tech
Director: Ronny Yu
Writer: Daniel Knauf

4 :01x04 - In Sickness and in Health

A bride's world is turned upside down when, on her wedding day, she receives a mysterious note. Written on it is the sentence "The person you are marrying is a serial killer."
Guest Stars: Maggie Lawson as Samantha | James Roday as Carlos | Marshall Bell as Uncle Bob | Sonja Bennett as Ruthie | William B. Davis as Father Chris |
Co-Guest Stars: Christie Laing as Kelly | Tommy Lim as Alan | Emersen Vekved as Flower Girl | Brendan Hunter as Steven | Mitchell Verenka as Ring Bearer
Director: John Landis
Writer: Victor Salva

5 :01x05 - Eater

Rookie cop Danny Bannerman is one of three officers on duty when a captured serial killer, the Eater, is brought to the station. However, soon her fellow cops start acting strangely, leaving her with no one to turn to.
Guest Stars: Elisabeth Moss as Danny Bannerman | Russell Hornsby as Sergeant Williams | Stephen Lee (1) as Marty Steinwitz | Stephen Hart as Duane Mellor | Pablo Schreiber as Mattingley |
Co-Guest Stars: Joe Desmond as Cop | Franco Imbrogno as Cop | Andrew Krivanek as Cop | Troy O'donnell as Taylor | Marie Zydek as Tortured Woman | Kieran Martin Murphy as Cop
Director: Stuart Gordon

6 :01x06 - New Year's Day

When a young woman wakes up surrounded by zombies in a post-apocalyptic nightmare, she has to quickly come to terms with this new horrifying world.
Guest Stars: Briana Evigan as Helen | Zulay Henao as Christie | Niall Matter as Eddie | Cory Monteith as James |
Co-Guest Stars: Shelene Yung as Unknown | J. LaRose as Unknown | Campbell Lane as Thug | Kirk Heuser as Unknown | Pauline Repond as Unknown | Reese Schoeppe as Unknown | Consuelo Van Doorn as Unknown | Cliff Likness as Unknown | Jesse Frichette as Unknown | Paula Humby as Teen #2 | Kirklin Maclise as Teen #3 | Margherita Donato as Unknown | Fareed Abdelhak as Fareed Abdelhak

7 :01x07 - Community

The lives of a young married couple seems perfect. They live in a beautiful house in a beautiful neighborhood. But things become dark and twisted when the couple realizes that their neighbors will do anything to make them comply with their idea of conformity, even if it involves murder.
Guest Stars: Brandon Routh as Bobby | Shiri Appleby as Tracey | Barbara Tyson as Candace | John Billingsley as Phil Fabre | Charlie Hofheimer as Scott | Brooklyn Sudano as Arlene |
Co-Guest Stars: Peter Strand Rumpel as Ron | Tom Carey (1) as Simmons | James D. Hopkin as Andrew | Meredith Bailey as Heather | Alex Fatovich as Meryl | Emily Talia as Unknown | Jordan Schartner as Ken | Janice Ryan as Unknown | Joel Duncan as Male Onlooker | Tim Hamaguchi as New Arrival Husband | Ecko Goffic as Unknown | Graham Laschuk as Unknown | Amelia Rose Kohan as Unknown |
Uncredited: Bonita Friedericy as Debra Fabre
Director: Mary Harron

8 :01x08 - Skin & Bones

After being lost in the woods for days, a rancher returns home to his family. It doesn't take long for them to realize something is wrong. Now a mortal struggle between the man and the terrifying monster possessing him begins.
Guest Stars: John Pyper-Ferguson as Rowdy Edlund | Molly Hagan as Elena Edlund | Doug Jones (1) as Grady Edlund/Wendigo | Brett Dier as Derek Edlund | Gordon Tootoosis as Eddie Bear | Cole Heppell as Tim Edlund |
Co-Guest Stars: Julian D. Christopher as Dr. Morgan (as Julian D. Christopher)
Director: Larry Fessenden

9 :01x09 - Something With Bite

A man must deal with the consequences of his transformation into a werewolf.
Guest Stars: Wendell Pierce as Wilbur Orwell | Paula Jai Parker as Patty Orwell (as Paula Jai Parker-Martin) | Kailin See as Mikayla Kumpula | Gillian Barber as Moonflower Dougdale | Fulvio Cecere as Detective Marvin Deane | George Buza as Crane Dougdale |
Co-Guest Stars: Meshach Peters as Oliver Orwell | Colin Campbell as Geoff Matthews | Christopher Redman as Forest J. Caldwell | Richard Meen as TBD | Seanna Collins as Newscaster | Rob Hislop as Trucker | Margherita Donato as Screaming Woman | Mark McCracken as Michael | Nathaniel Arcand as Parking Garage Victim | Norman Cabrera as Wilbur Werewolf Double | Jake McKinnon as Wilbur Werewolf Double
Writer: Max Landis

10 :01x10 - Chance

Chance Miller, a loser conned by an antique dealer, ponders what to do. He's surprised when his doppelganger appears and advises Chance to kill the dealer and take what is rightfully his.
Guest Stars: Ethan Embry as Chance Miller | Vondie Curtis-Hall as Walter Markham (as Vondie Curtis Hall) |
Co-Guest Stars: Christine Chatelain as Jackie | Sean Hoy as Geaghan | Ellen Ewusie as Walter's Wife | Ricardo Betancourt as Officer Smith | Allison Cullen as Female Officer | Tina Lameman as Neighbor Woman | David Vincent as Neighbor Man
Director: John Dahl
Story: Lem Dobbs | Teleplay: Lem Dobbs, Rick Dahl

11 :01x11 - The Spirit Box

A dead schoolgirl, believed to have committed suicide, contacts two students via a spirit box and asks their help to bring her murderer to justice.
Guest Stars: Anna Kendrick as Shelby Johnson | Martin Donovan (2) as Officer Dan Johnson | Jessica Parker Kennedy as Becca | Mark Pellegrino as Mr. Drake |
Co-Guest Stars: Samantha Hill (2) as Emily D'Angelo | Teresa Hung as Mrs. Chen
Writer: Joe Gangemi

12 :01x12 - Echoes

A mild-mannered man must deal with a murderous previous reincarnation who plans to usurp his host's present life.
Guest Stars: Aaron Stanford as Stephan | Eric Balfour as Maxie | Camille Guaty as Karen / Zelda Flemming | Gerard Plunkett as Dr. Wolfram |
Co-Guest Stars: Ryan Michael as Butler | Mitchell Verigin as Partygoer | Scott Roberts as Partygoer | Ryan Anderson (2) as Partygoer | Heidi Towey as Partygoer | Valerie White as Partygoer | Valerie Womack as Partygoer | Meghan Leigh as Partygoer | Aimee Beaudoin as Partygoer | Amber Bissonnette as Partygoer | Bailey Kjeldgaard as Partygoer | Gino Akbari as Partygoer | Adam Blocka as Partygoer | Evan Westfal as Partygoer
Director: Rob Bowman
Writer: Sean Hood

13 :01x13 - The Circle

A writer's wife summons his editor, publisher, and agent to his isolated cabin in Maine so that the circle of friends can help him get over his writer's block. However, two tricker-or-treaters deliver a mysterious novel that seems to describe what the circle is going through... including an all-encompassing wall of darkness that transform people into crazed monsters.
Guest Stars: Johnathon Schaech as Brian | Ashley Scott as Lisa | Victoria Pratt as Robbie Collins | Melanie Nicholls-King as Anita | Sarah Deakins as Kate | Eric Keenleyside as George Clayton |
Co-Guest Stars: Mikenna Ritchie as Trick-or-Treat Girl | Alyssa Herring as Trick-or-Treat Girl | Carrie Colak as Miss Turner | Margherita Donato as Witch | Shannon McKinley as Witch | Valerie Womack as Witch (as Valerie White) | Holly Anne Emmerson as Witch (as Holly Emmerson) | Jade Davis as Witch
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Anthology | Horror/Supernatural | Thriller
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Thursdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: June 05, 2008
Ended: July 31, 2008
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