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The Sacrifice - Recap

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Point, his brother Lemmon, Diego, and Navarro are four criminals on the run after a crime. Navarro was wounded by the police and needs medical attention. As they’re driving down an isolated country road, suddenly the tires burst and they pull to the side. In the distance they spot a fort and they find a canoe and use it to pull Navarro to the shelter. A person with a rifle is watching them from the shadows.

The four men arrive at the fort ad find it seemingly inhabited but no one in sight. While Lemmon tends to Navarro, Point and Diego search the place and find a radio and sketches of people. They hear a yell and return to find Lemmon confronting a beautiful blond woman, Chelsea. She pulls a rifle on them but they force her to drop it and her sister Virginia comes in. The two sisters offer a shelter for the night and take Navarro to the barn. Another man, a Reverend Janos, is on a bed recovering from some injury.

Chelsea administers treatment to Navarro and Lemmon talks to her. It becomes clear that she has never left the fort in her entire life. She tells the men to go back to the main building while she takes care of Navarro. Once they leave, she sews up Navarro’s chest wound… and then stitches his lips together.

Diego follows Virginia to a nearby barn and hits on her. She flirts with him and has him lie down on a blanket… which is laid over an open pit. He falls through and lands badly on the bottom, and calls for help. She ignores him and seals the lid.

That night, Point and Lemmon have stew and meet Chelsea’s sister, Tara, a mute. Chelsea returns and tells them Navarro will recover but they shouldn’t disturb him. Point goes out and finds Navarro dead with a wooden stake through his heart. He hears a growling noise and backs away, where Janos tries to get him to put out his light. Point tries to get him to safety but sees he’s chained to the bed. He frees one manacle and tries to get Janos out, but the man is still fastened by a longer chain. Something behind them grabs the chain and yanks Janos back, slamming the door behind it.

Point goes back to the main house and tries to get Chelsea to answer his questions. She warns him that it’s too late and is shocked that Janos is dead. Point goes to find his brother, who has disappeared. Lemmon is looking for Diego when he sees Virginia go into a building. He talks to her and she comes up to him, then knocks him out. He wakes up to find himself tied up from the roof, upside-down, surrounded by animal carcasses similarly strung up. A pan is set beneath him to catch the blood dripping from his head wound.

Chelsea goes to find Janos’ corpse and apologizes, then says a prayer fro the dead. The corpse gets to its feet: unsurprised, Chelsea decapitates it with an ax.

Point looks for Lemmon and finds mobiles made out of license plates. Elsewhere, Diego tries to climb out of the pit but fails, then hears someone prowling up above. Something yanks open the lid and drops down on him, as Diego screams in mortal agony.

Tara comes to see Lemmon and shows him a sketch she’s made of him. He tries to get her to let him loose but she refuses. She hears the door open and backs away into the shadows. A few minutes later, Point arrives and finds a twisted human figure clinging to Lemmon’s body, draining his blood. Point shoots it and it jumps up into the rafters, seemingly unaffected. He tries to free his brother and Tara attacks him with an ax. He knocks her back and she is impaled on a metal spike, killing her.

Point takes Lemmon back to the main house where he finds Chelsea and Virginia. They explain that the creature is a vampire and Lemmon is now infected: he will turn into a vampire unless they decapitate him and burn the body. Point refuses, and they explain that the vampire came with their people from Rumania long ago, hiding among them. Now they have sacrificed their lives to keep it fed so that it will stay there rather than go into the outside world. Janos, their father, maintained himself as a sacrifice for the other times when they couldn’t lure outsiders in: outsiders like Point and the others.

Lemmon turns into a vampire and attacks his brother, and then Virginia, biting her. Point impales Lemmon through the chest, killing him. Virginia, realizing she’s infected, asks Chelsea to kill her before she can transform as well. The vampire starts pounding on the walls and they run to the barn. Chelsea lowers her remaining sister into the pit and then hides with Point. They wait as the vampire enters the barn, following the blood, and then Point knocks it into the pit. As it feeds on Virginia, they seal the lid and then pound holes in it and pour gasoline in. They set the gasoline on fire and get outside as the barn burns down around the vampire.

The next morning, the two of them prepare to leave the fort… but Point realizes that he was bitten. Chelsea looks at him for a moment, then realizes what she has to do and closes the gate.