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In Sickness and in Health - Recap

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At a church, the caterers are preparing for the service while the wedding party gathers. In the dressing room, bride-to-be Samantha is preparing with her bridesmaids. Samantha wonders where her groom Carlos is. She thanks her friends for being there with her and they say they think Carlos is wonderful for her. Samantha thinks no one wants her to get married and everyone thinks it’s a mistake, that it’s too soon. Her friend Kelly notes that her older brother Steven hasn’t arrived, which is kind of odd, and that Samantha’s previous boyfriends have given up and disappeared. Her other friend, Ruthie, comes in and gives Samantha a note she says some woman gave it to the priest to give to Ruthie to give to Sam. As she goes to the restroom, Samantha reads the note, which says that the person she’s marrying is a serial killer.

Sam goes to see Carlos who apologizes for being late, and suggests they get married right then and there. Samantha is nervous about the “’til death do you part” section of their wedding vows, and doesn’t kiss Carlos back. He notices the sealed note but she refuses to let him see it and leaves.

Sam goes to find Ruthie and have her point out who gave her the note. They spot the woman outside but she leaves in a taxi before they can catch up to her. Sam wonders if Ruthie read the note but her friend assures her she didn’t, and Sam sets aside her jitters.

The service begins and the couple goes through with their vows, although Sam imagines Carlos with a skull face. As they get to the “if anyone has any objections” part, a man starts coughing in the back but doesn’t raise objection. The priest pronounces them man and wife and everyone applauds. The photographer takes the pictures afterward and the coughing man’s twin brother Uncle Bob proposes a toast. Afterward, Sam kicks her friends out of her dressing room and considers the note. There’s a knock on the door but no one comes in or responds. When she goes into the hallway she doesn’t see anyone but a shadowy figure turns off the lights. A gust of wind blows the note out of her hand and when she goes to get it, she runs into the priest, Father Chris. As they talk, she hears someone walking up the nearby stairs. As they go to the reception, Father Chris mentions that something happened with he married Carlos’ parents but says it’s a wedding he’ll never forget. When Sam asks, he says that she’d have to ask Carlos. Sam hears more noises outside the church and as she goes to the reception, she’s unaware that Carlos is watching her from the shadows.

She gets to the reception and finds Carlos’ Uncle Bob drinking. He says that Carlos’ parents would have approved of the wedding but they disappeared when Carlos was 16 and nobody knows how or why. Carlos arrives and isn’t happy with Uncle Bob, telling him not to tell stories. He then asks Sam to act like his wife and be happy, and wants to know why Ruthie and Kelly have been glaring at him all night.

Sam goes back to the church and tries to call her brother Steven, saying she’s starting to have doubts. Ruthie and Kelly approach her and Ruthie goes to confront Carlos, and Sam chases after her. Ruthie tells Carlos that Sam got a note but Sam tells her to go back inside. Carlos tells Sam that some people will say anything to keep them apart. She wants to know what he thinks people are saying about him, and admits he’s scaring her. Carlos snaps at Ruthie and Kelly and then walks off, furious.

Sam follows Carlos into the church and finds him sitting in a pew. He knows about the anonymous note and starts chuckling, but tells Sam he would never hurt her. When he moves toward her, she runs to the door but finds it locked. He cuts off her escape but when she grabs a candle lighter and turns around, she finds he’s disappeared. She takes refuge in a confessional and Carlos pounds on the locked door and demands to talk to her. He jams her door shut and sits in the priest’s booth, and starts talking about how the girl meant nothing to him. He had a dinner with a woman while Sam was away, but the woman refused to drop it and kept calling him. He figures the woman tried to ruin their wedding.

The woman who gave the note returns home to an apartment filled with heads in vats, corpses wrapped in cellophane, and dead animals. She checks the phone and gets Sam’s message to her brother Steven. The “woman” removes her wig… to reveal he’s Sam’s brother Steven.

In the confessional, Sam considers the note while Carlos asks if they can forget the entire thing. Sam says the problem is that the note exists at all: she says that Father Chris misheard and the note was meant for Carlos.