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Season 2

14 :02x01 - The Currency of Doubt

After the school's biggest Smoit stash is stolen, all of the evidence points to Toby, the Smoit co-owner. But is all as it seems?
Guest Stars: Jennifer Hale as Natasha | Aaron Fors as Paulie | Jason Fuchs as Johnny Nevada | Spencer Klein as Emcee | Clive Revill as Shop Owner | Sue Scott Davison as Larry's Mom | Chris Marquette as Toby | Michael Welch as Larry | Kyle Sullivan as Ken Himmelman | Rachel Crane as Tina | Aashna Patel as Seamstress
Director: Christian Roman

15 :02x02 - The Shreds Fell Like Snowflakes

All of the members of the Drama Club's projects are being shredded by a serial shredder. The Safety Patrol needs a profiler, so they seek out Frank Bishop, X Middle School's best and former profiler. After he joins, the evidence points to him, but Vallejo won't let the squad investigate it, since he's the reason Frank hasn't profiled since last year.
Guest Stars: Debi Derryberry as Cheri Shotwell, Nina | Mae Whitman as Francine Bishop | Theo Greenly as Frank Bishop | Rachel Crane as Bernice | Kyle Gass as Mr. Collingwood | Franco Velez as Lorenzo
Director: Christian Roman

16 :02x03 - Foes Don't Forgive

Linus Santiago refuses to tell the Safety Patrol how he made Dewey Hubble's robotic dog Barcode disappear because of the Magician's Code.
Guest Stars: Steven Weber as Talent Show Announcer | Aaron Fors as Kip/Otto | Michelle Horn as Claudia | Jack Johnson (1) as Moonbeam | Franco Velez as Linus Santiago | Will Hollis (2) as Dewey | Vanessa Elliot as Rita
Director: Christian Roman

17 :02x04 - South of Friendship, North of Honor

When Spring Break arrives, Fillmore visits his former partner, Wayne Liggett. In Wayne's new school, something about the Safety Patrol stinks. The prized pralines have gone missing and the prime suspect is Patrol Sheriff Thrift, who just so happens to be the son of their principal.
Guest Stars: Peter Newman as Patrol Sheriff Thrift | Luke Eberl as Jeeter, Henchman | Thomas Dekker as Crockett | Jeff Bennett as Mason | Renee Olstead as Lucille | R. Lee Ermey as Colonel Thrift | Lukas Behnken as Wayne Liggett | Chris Marquette as Tyler
Director: Christian Roman

18 :02x05 - Immune to All But Justice

Winston Kotter, the Canadian ambassador, is staying over and has brought his assistant Penny Madrid, who is an old friend of Fillmore's. But Fillmore suspect's something is up when a huge supply of counterfeit baseball cards appear.
Guest Stars: Sue Nelson as Overalls Wearing Kid | Phil LaMarr as Elderly Man, Snooty Student | Aaron Fors as Student #1, Thug #2 | Adam Wylie as Winston Kotter | Francesca Smith as Penny Madrid | Steven Weber as Tour Guide | Shaun Fleming as Kid, Thug #1
Director: Christian Roman

19 :02x06 - The Nineteenth Hole is a Shallow Grave

At the X Middle School Open, the professional golfers are failing at games, and foul play is suspected. Usually Fillmore is up for an undercover job, but Fillmore seems hesitate around the mini-golf tourney.
Guest Stars: Lukas Behnken as Simon | Shaun Fleming as Nervous Kid, Weasely Geek Kid, Unlucky Golfer | Thomas Dekker as Biggie | Adam Wylie as Geek Brute #1 | Luke Eberl as Cuzzy Shotwell | Sparky Mortimer as Chris Minnesota
Director: Christian Roman

20 :02x07 - Links in a Chain of Honor

Rookie Officer Peter Chestnut has a lot to live up to when he is the last of his four brothers to join the Safety Patrol. When a shipment of stolen X Middle School foam spirit lobster claws is traced back to Oscar Mabini.
Guest Stars: Daveigh Chase as Tracy Mabini | Thomas Dekker as James Heron | Spencer Klein as Robert Chestnut | Jack Salvatore, Jr. as Peter Chestnut | Luke Eberl as Oscar Mabini | Debi Derryberry as Anita
Director: Christian Roman

21 :02x08 - The Unseen Reflection

Torrey and Terri start to build projects to win the auditions to star in the next issue of Vampirita, a series of novels about an astronaut vampire, but all of them get sabotaged. The two main suspects TQ, a mysterious riddling talking type guy and Trace, a girl who never seems to be happy with the color of her hair, don't connect with the evidence, so who could have sabotaged the projects?
Guest Stars: Olivia Hack as Trace | Brian George (1) as Librarian Lendrum | Steven Weber as Glass Expert, Manager, Adult Geek | Michelle Horn as Torrey | Rachel Crane as Terri | Tanya Roberts as Author | Timothy Mittel as TQ
Director: Christian Roman

22 :02x09 - Codename: Electric Haircut

Fillmore and Ingrid must investigate the disappearance of a girl named Alexis.
Guest Stars: Raven-Symone as Maryanne Greene | Lauren Storm as Gladys/Alexis | Hayden Panettiere as Yumi | Debi Derryberry as Cheri Shotwell, Ms. Frederica | Michael Welch as Wade, Kid #1, Cockney Kid | Vincent Pastore as Mr. Casteneda | Chris Marquette as Jonas Patrerro
Director: Christian Roman

23 :02x10 - Play On, Maestro, Play On

Fillmore and Ingrid track down a gaming mastermind who stops at nothing to get an Ultrabox, the hottest new game system on the market. Fillmore and Ingrid think they have him but the Ultrabox is stolen while in custody, so it looks like they have a copycat on the loose.
Guest Stars: Rachael MacFarlane as Luella Spear | Kiel Holmes as Arthur Stanley | Marcus Toji as Vern Natoma | Shaun Fleming as Haughty Drama Club Student, Vendor | Michael Welch as Student Ultra Box Rep | Mae Whitman as Glee Club Girl, Girl #1
Director: Christian Roman

24 :02x11 - A Dark Score Evened

The Safety Patrol are in a frenzy when four bullies - Rochelle, Bryan, Fiona and Horace, have been attacked and the four main suspects - Wilbur, Grover, Becca and Stella, who is bullied by each one, isn't proven to have had nothing to do with it.
Guest Stars: Noel Fisher as "Bri-Dog" | Shanie Calahan as Stella | Jack Johnson (1) as Grover | Emy Coligado as Rochelle | A.J. Trauth as Chet | Samm Levine as Horace | Alissa Magrill as Becca | Harley Adams as Wilbur
Director: Christian Roman

25 :02x12 - Field Trip of the Just

Fillmore is given a license to go out and track down Eric Orben, the main suspect in poisoning Guildenstern, the Science Department's tarantula mascot, who has escaped into the city.
Guest Stars: Mae Whitman as Kid with Salad Bowl Hat | Michael Welch as Dimitri, Young Artist, New Jersey | Shaun Fleming as Theldin Lombard, Texas | Jeff Bennett as Plant Manager, Cowboy, Man #1 | Candi Milo as Receptionist | Sean Marquette as Linwood | Steve Carell as Mr. Delancey | Ajay Naidu as Sanjay | Sean Whalen as Officer Langley Turk | Raven-Symone as Alexandria Quarry | Peter Newman as Eric Orben
Director: Christian Roman

26 :02x13 - This Savior, a Snitch

Fillmore faces expulsion under Principal Folsom's new "Three Strikes, You're Out" rule.
Guest Stars: Michael Welch as Scooter McAllister | Marcus Toji as Vern Natoma | Kiel Holmes as Augie Sansone | Chris Marquette as Jamie Townsend | Lukas Behnken as Frankie Polk, Cornwalis | Debi Derryberry as Cheri Shotwell
Director: Christian Roman
Classification: Animation
Genre: Animation General
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: DiSNEY XD ( USA)
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 03:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 14, 2002
Ended: January 30, 2004
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