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Firing Line

Season 34

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Season 34

1416 :34x01 - Is New York City Out from Under?

A debate on whether or not New York City has finally turned the corner and become a governable, livable, and managable city.
Guest Stars: Rudolph Giuliani as Himself

1417 :34x02 - What to Do About Pinochet?

A debate on whether or not former Chilean dictator Pinochet should be deported back to his home country to face numerous charges relating to his reign.
Guest Stars: Midge Decter as Herself | Kenneth Roth (2) as Himself

1418 :34x03 - What Does the Clinton Crisis Tell Us About the Mood of America?

A discussion of the Lewinsky scandal and subsequent impeachment of President Bill Clinton and what is says about America.
Guest Stars: Steve Forbes as Himself

1419 :34x04 - Can We Afford a Missile Defense?

A discussion of what should be the United States strategy towards missile defense.

1420 :34x05 - Israeli Logjam: What Now?

The recent collapse of the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks is the subject for discussion on Firing Line this time.
Guest Stars: Rita Hauser as Herself | Sidney Zion as Himself

1421 :34x06 - Tom Wolfe and His Critics

Buckley grills author Tom Wolfe about criticisms of his style of "journalism."
Guest Stars: Tom Wolfe as Himself

1422 :34x07 - What the Market Does Not Accomplish?

Buckley and guest Robert Frank discuss and debate the subject of a consumption tax to replace the income tax code.

1423 :34x08 - Legalize Pot?

Firing Line's umpteenth debate over the legalization of marijuana.

1424 :34x09 - Overturn Buckley v. Vallejo

Campaign finance reform is discussed with the main topic being whether or not candidates should be limited in the amount of money that they can spend.
Guest Stars: Ira Glasser as Himself

1425 :34x10 - Why Reject DNA Testing?

DNA testing is the subject for discussion in this episode.

1426 :34x11 - Was There a Right Wing Conspiracy?

Was there a vast right wing conspiracy, as some liberals claimed, that set out to get President Clinton impeached at any cost?

1427 :34x12 - Is Good Music Going Under?

Modern music is discussed in this episode of Firing Line.

1428 :34x13 - Kosovo: What Do We Do Now?

The continuing crisis in Kosovo is examined and United States options are discussed.

1429 :34x14 - Kissinger's Years of Renewal

Henry Kissinger sits down with host Buckley to discuss the latest volume of his memoirs entitled Years of Renewal which cover his tenure as Secretary of State during the Ford Administration.
Guest Stars: Henry Kissinger as Himself

1430 :34x15 - Do We Applaud the Conservative Movement?

Should the conservative movement be applauded or is it merely a house of cards? That's the subject for debate among host Buckley and others.
Guest Stars: Rev. Barry Lynn as Himself

1431 :34x16 - Professor Galbraith Names Names

Economist John Kenneth Galbraith makes his final appearance on Firing Line and reminisces with host Buckley.
Guest Stars: John Kenneth Galbraith as Himself

1432 :34x17 - The Teachers Union v. School Vouchers

Why are teachers unions so adamantly opposed to school vouchers? Host Buckley examines.

1433 :34x18 - Is There an Inbuilt Bias in Police Inspection?

A debate over police tactics between former NYPD commisioner William Bratton and ACLU head Ira Glasser.
Guest Stars: Ira Glasser as Himself

1434 :34x19 - Looking Back on Senator Joe McCarthy

Senator Joe McCarthy has long been portrayed as the epitome of evil by many liberals but was he? Host Buckley and others look back on this controversial figure in American history.

1435 :34x20 - Kosovo: a Pyrrhic Victory?

Was Serbian capitulation after being bombed by NATO forces a real victory or just a Pyrrhic one? Host Buckley and guest Richard Pipes discuss things.
Guest Stars: Richard Pipes as Himself

1436 :34x21 - On the Skills of Public Speaking

Host Buckley's baby brother, Reid, comes to Firing Line in order to discuss the topic of public speaking.
Guest Stars: Reid Buckley as Himself

1437 :34x22 - What I Will Do as Mayor of New York City

Potential mayoral candidate Mark Green discusses his platform should he run for the office.
Guest Stars: Mark Green (2) as Himself

1438 :34x23 - Should Parents Be Notified?

Should underage girls get parental permission before getting an abortion? That's the topic for debate on Firing Line this time.

1439 :34x24 - One Mayor's Experience with Public Education

Jersey City Mayor Bret Schundler, the first GOP mayor of that city since 1921, takes a seat on Firing Line to discuss his political career.

1440 :34x25 - What's Up in New Jersey on Abortion?

A controversial new abortion law being discussed and debated in the New Jersey Legislature is the topic of this week's installment.

1441 :34x26 - What Do We Do Now About Taiwan?

Yet another episode dealing with relations between the United States and Taiwan.

1442 :34x27 - Will Clinton Smother Tax Cuts?

Now that there's a budget surplus will there be a tax cut or should President Clinton veto any such initiative?
Guest Stars: Lawrence Kudlow as Himself

1443 :34x28 - An Ex-Mayor Examines His Successor

Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch analyzes and examines the tenure of the city's current mayor, Rudy Giuliani.
Guest Stars: Edward I. Koch as Himself

1444 :34x29 - Gary Bauer for President

Buckley examines whether or not Gary Bauer, head of the Christian Coalition, has a legitimate shot at the Republican nomination for president in 2000.
Guest Stars: Gary Bauer as Himself

1445 :34x30 - Should Governor Bush Reform the Drug Laws?

The state of Texas has some of the country's toughest drug laws. Should they be eased by Governor George W. Bush? Buckley and others examine the case for and against.
Guest Stars: Dick Morris (1) as Himself | Ira Glasser as Himself

1446 :34x31 - Philanthropy and the Conservative Movement

Private philanthropy and its relationship with government spending is discussed with former Treasury Secretary William Simon.

1447 :34x32 - Saving the Environment from the Environmentalists

Author Peter Huber discusses his recent book Hard Green: Saving the Environment from the Environmentalists.

1448 :34x33 - The Legislative Struggle, Long Term

Legislative proposals by the GOP in Congress and the efforts to get them passed are discussed.
Guest Stars: Henry Hyde as Himself

1449 :34x34 - The Conservative Search for a Foreign Policy

Henry Kissinger makes his final appearance on Firing Line for a discussion with host Buckley on foreign policy.
Guest Stars: Henry Kissinger as Himself

1450 :34x35 - William F. Buckley and Students at Ole Miss

Buckley and Firing Line take their show on the road to Oxford, MS where the host takes questions from students at the University of Mississippi.

1451 :34x36 - The End of Firing Line: Part I

Part 1 of 2. After 33 years and nearly 1,500 shows, Firing Line comes to an end with a retrospective.
Guest Stars: Rich Lowry as Himself | Bill Kristol as Himself | Mark Green (2) as Himself | Michael Kinsley as Himself

1452 :34x37 - The End of Firing Line: Part II

Conclusion. It's hail and farewell to Firing Line and long-time host William F. Buckley.
Guest Stars: Rich Lowry as Himself | Bill Kristol as Himself | Mark Green (2) as Himself | Michael Kinsley as Himself
Classification: Talk Shows
Genre: Current Events | Debate | Politics
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: PBS ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: April 04, 1966
Ended: December 15, 1999
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