Season 3

15 :03x01 - Shark Tank

The team have to try and install a 5000-gallon shark tank on the second floor of an office building in Florida.

16 :03x02 - Secret Crystal Cave Fish Palace

South Florida's PB Catch restaurant was built on the cutting edge of contemporary design but it's still missing one element to tie the décor to the cuisine—a fish tank. With a reputation for pushing the envelope of aquarium design, Living Color is tasked with building a tank that is unlike any of their previous projects. Owner Thierry Beaud doesn't want coral, he wants crystals; doesn't want intricacy; he wants simplicity. By requesting such foreign elements, this job is going to require endless amounts of trial and error for the Living Color team and if they can't pull through the result will be a permanent blemish on the company.


17 :03x03 - The Fish Whisperer

Cesar Millan wants Matt and Jose to create a massive koi pond for a rehabilitation center in Los Angeles.

18 :03x04 - Empire Tank Building

Mat meets a hotel architect who wants a unique tank in the middle of a luxurious New York City hotel. Not only does this tank have to be one-of-a-kind, but it must also seamlessly conceal a structural column. The idea is simple but the size and shape is a recipe for a technical disaster. Meanwhile, a pub in Fort Lauderdale wants an Irish-themed aquarium. Living Color is faced with a non-negotiable challenge: The tank must include an eel.

Source: National Geographic Wild

19 :03x05 - Jellyfish Jackpot

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20 :03x06 - Go Fish!

Living Color is on a mission to change the lives of hundreds of Galaxy Elementary students by donating an educational exhibit to the school. They hope these wide-eyed youngsters will become interested in biology with the help of their innovative "touch tank" that will allow the kids to physically interact with the specimens inside. But with a trailblazing tank comes many complicating factors.

Source: National Geographic Wild

22 :03x07 - Pufferfish Palace

Mat is stunned to find himself literally standing on top of one of the most unique aquariums he's ever encountered when he arrives at a home in Key West, Fla. Below him is a 25,000-gallon saltwater lagoon that has fallen deeply out of care. What once resembled a vibrant reef is now a murky puddle with algae-caked corals and brown water. The tank requires lots of labor to reclaim the beauty it once boasted.

Source: National Geographic Wild

23 :03x08 - Sweetest Tank on Earth

The team bids to build an exciting tank for a confectionery company, but as they come up against a tight deadline they worry that their plans are too ambitious.