Fist of the North Star 2

Fist of the North Star 2

Kenshiro is back from the dead now fighting a new enemy now known as the Tenti Army. Ken isn't alone in his quest as Rin and Batto have formed the Hokuto troops to stop the tyranny of the Tenti empire.

Arisa AndoArisa Ando
As Airi
Banjou GingaBanjou Ginga
As Buzori
Daisuke GouriDaisuke Gouri
As Hazu Harn / Akashachi
Hideyuki TanakaHideyuki Tanaka
As Falco
Keiichi NanbaKeiichi Nanba
As Bat/Bart
Kouji TotaniKouji Totani
As Han / Ryûken / Ren / Zebra
Masaru IkedaMasaru Ikeda
As Bask
Shigeru Chiba (1)Shigeru Chiba (1)
As Jakô / Kuroyasha / Narrator
Toyoo AshidaToyoo Ashida
As Director

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0x7: The ghost of South Star is burning Strong Han Brothers recap: Ken arrives in time to save Rin and Batto from death. Ken fights with Faruko for the bulk of the episode while Ayin, Rin and Batto head to the Tenti Temple. It seems that Rin is hearing someone call her telepathically so they head to the temple... read more.

0x6: Tenti is angry Faruko will eradicate Hokuto recap:
A couple of deserters from the Tenti army are killed by the golden warrior known as Faruko. An elder for the North Star receives the news of the Tenti Army. He reveals that long in the past The First of The North Star Army and Gento Kouken army actually worked side by side to protect the Tenti army... read more.

0x5: Another Assassination Ken called GenKo Koukenha recap: General Shikang frustrated with Ken’s destruction of his Tenti troops plans an alternate strategy to get him. He plans to attack Ken’s friends namely Mamiya and Rei’s sister Airi.. Ken, Rin and Batto are going to the west to rescue another area from attack from Tenti troops. They pass Mamiya’s village and see fire buring... read more.

0x4: The Mysterious Reward Hunter-Ayin I wanna get Kenshiro’s head recap: The episode begins with clips from the last episode with the reunion with Rin, Batto and Ken. Back at Hokuto Headquarters Rin asks what happened to Yuria. Ken reveals that Yuria fell ill and died. He then gives her Yuria’s necklace... read more.

0x3: The Savior comes from the North recap: Kenshiro visits his own grave and is attacked by a couple of lowlife grim reapers. Kenshiro still in disguise takes them out and then takes out a Tenti Base in Desert Area G... read more.