Season 1

Flying High

(Premiere) Pam, Marcy and Lisa, three beautiful girls (Kathryn Witt, Pat Klous, Connie Selleca) learn what being a stewardess is really like. Three girls succeed in qualifying for airline stewardess training, become fast friends as they manage to complete the tough course and then star getting a taste of the rigors and fun of the real thing- Pat Klous, Connie Sellecca, Kathryn Witt, Marcia Wallace, Howard Platt and Jim Hutton star in the 1978 TV movie pilot for a new fall series. The adventures of three stewardesses and her affairs with passengers and crew. Pam, Marcy and Lisa work for Sun West Airlines based in Los Angeles. Their pilot is the womanizer Captain Doug March. This was the telefilm that originated the series.
Guest Stars: Jim Hutton as Paul Mitchell | Val Bisoglio as Papa Bagranditello | Marcia Wallace as Connie Martin | Carmen Zapata as Mrs. Bellagio | Casey Biggs as Dale | Lilyan Chauvin as Miss Simmons | David Hayward as Burt Stahl | Lynn Marie Johnston as Sally
Director: Peter H. Hunt

1 :01x01 - Fear of Cheesecake

The cockpit crew is struck by gastric pangs after consuming poisoned cheesecake and the stewardesses must take control of the situation. Sunwest Airlines flight attendant Lisa Benton learns that the cheesecake she fed the plane's pilots was contaminated.
Guest Stars: Eileen Heckart as Ruthie | Bill Daily as Bob Griffen | Sam Jaffe as Dr. Alsdorf | Anne Francis as Susan Vale | Jerry Mathers as Chuck Wallace | John Hillerman as Herron | Spencer Milligan as Squires
Director: Peter H. Hunt

2 :01x02 - A Hairy Yak Plays Musical Chairs Eagerly

On her flight to Los Angeles Pam gets to know TV star Rod Hunter. Unlike the tough average policeman he plays on screen, Rod is in reality charming and courteous. When an airline passenger becomes increasingly aggressive and represents a danger for other passengers, nevertheless, Rod intervenes bravely. A pregnant woman begins to undergo labor pains .
Guest Stars: Paul Gryglas as Jed | Ty Hardin as Rod Hunter | Heather MacRae as Eve | Dorothy Malone as Jane | Denny Miller as Jimbo | Cameron Mitchell (1) as Peter | Stephen Parr as Mac Carabasi
Director: Dennis Donnelly

3 :01x03 - The Marcy Connection

Marcy's new friend Greg turns out to be a drug smuggler. He tries to convince the shattered Marcy to become his accomplice. She should carry for him a package of opium from Mexico into the USA. Marcy tells her friends Lisa and Pam about it. They advise her to inform of the affair to the police. In order to get that Greg can be caught, the girls should pretend to be involved in the deal.
Guest Stars: Tige Andrews as Blakely | Michael Cole as Greg | Freddy Fender as Kellner | Alejandro Rey as Cortez | Bobby Van as Meltzer | Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez as Gang leader | Jorge Moreno as Pablo | Stephen Parr as Mac Carabasi
Director: Nicholas Sgarro
Writer: Terry Ryan

4 :01x04 - The Great Escape

A prisoner, taken in custody, sets himself free from his guard and takes Marcy as a hostage on her flight; Pam and Lisa must bear a noisy bunch of conventioneers on a stay at a San Francisco hotel.
Guest Stars: George Gobel as Beamis | James Gregory as Harry | Michael Parks as Travis | Rosey Grier as Tarkanian | Severn Darden as Dorfman | Stubby Kaye as George | Wynn Irwin as Bill | Bibi Osterwald as Mrs. Gaynes | Bill Meadows as Cop | Jack O'Leary as The Man
Director: Nicholas Sgarro

5 :01x05 - In the Still of the Night

Pam and Marcy are assigned on the flight to Miami. Due to bad weather conditions the jet is deviated to Macon and they both must spend a cold Halloween night in a dilapidated motel. In Connecticut Lisa amuses herself meanwhile on a ball of the High Society. She falls in love with a substantially older, rich playboy.
Guest Stars: John Carradine as Eston | Anne Jeffreys as Mrs. Benton | Mercedes McCambridge as Claire | Craig Stevens (1) as Martin | Ray Walston as Desk Clerk | Sam Freed as Howard Kent | Stephen Parr as Mac Carabasi
Director: Peter H. Hunt

6 :01x06 - The Vanishing Point

Pam, Lisa and Marcy's tasks are divided for a flight to Los Angeles. Their hands are full, because aboard there are some unusual travelers: a blind passenger, a naked man, a guest who nearly does not survive his fear of flying, a stowaway, and a former flame of Pam's who earns his money committing thefts.
Guest Stars: William Richert as Nick | Hermione Baddeley as Mrs. Edgar | Jack Kelly as Reynolds | Bill Bixby as Himself | Paul Sand as Willie Rush | Kyle Richards as Katie | Tom Poston as Zarky | Pat Carroll as Desk clerk | Jackie Coogan as Second man

7 :01x07 - Beautiful People

Pam is glad to have a few days off, until she is told she must attend to an upgrading course for stewardesses. There she meets the spoiled daughter of a Sun West Airline executive. A scandal will lead the two women to clash. Meanwhile, Marcy looks after a very peculiar young millionaire.
Guest Stars: Darleen Carr as Sofia | Dody Goodman as Midge | Bernie Kopell as Morgan | Natalie Schafer as Woman | Casey Biggs as Dale | Alan Napier as Arthur | Colette Bertrand as Young woman
Director: Alan Bergmann

8 :01x08 - High Rollers

On a special flight to Las Vegas an older man, a retired dentist (Lew Ayres), opens his hear out to Pam. He tells her that his son, a known psychiatrist from Beverly Hills, wants to know nothing more about him. Pam shows understanding for the grief of the old man. Therefore, after the landing she decides to express her opinion to the oldster's son. A comedian chases Lisa and Marcy in a casino.
Guest Stars: Jack Jones as Steve | David Hedison as Glen Dodson | Ann Sothern as Miss Kirkeby | Shelley Berman as Phil | Jack Carter as Harry | William Elliott as Bill | Dave Barry (1) as Jack | Lew Ayres as Wilbur | Joyce Brothers as Herself | Sharon Ullrick as Nita | Bobby Baum as Gilbert | Redd Foxx as Himself | Wayne Newton as Himself

9 :01x09 - Palm Springs Weekend

Captain March travels with his new conquest, Carmen, to Palm Springs to spend a romantic weekend. By chance Pam and Lisa arrive at the same hotel for staying some days so they can recover . Because Carmen's boyfriend is also in search of her, the short trip becomes a stressful hide-and-seek for everyone.
Lisa helps Captain March keep away from a jealous rival, while Pam tries to deal with a teenager's crush.
Guest Stars: Charo as Carmen | Alan Hale, Jr. as Steward | Guich Koock as Jack | Vincent Van Patten as Spencer | Gary Law as Attendant | Jack O'Halloran as Moose
Director: Peter H. Hunt

10 :01x10 - South of Southwest

Marcy and Pam leave by mistake with a foreign attaché case left in the airplane. In the baggage piece there are strictly confidential papers which belong to a newspaper reporter . Even the FBI is interested in the documents and kidnaps Marcy and Pam.
Guest Stars: Ross Martin (1) as Roberts | Big John Hamilton as Mac | Victor Buono as Smith | Broderick Crawford as Willard | Scatman Crothers as Crothers | John Gavin as Sinclair | William Bogert as Walter | Jan Stratton as Bernice Hansen | Barbara Bennett as Manager | William Tredge as Rudy Hansen
Director: Peter H. Hunt

11 :01x11 - Brides and Grooms

Captain March is glad about his high school reunion in San Francisco to which he'll go along with Pam, Lisa and Marcy . The toga party is organized by Reggie Weston, an old pal of Captain March's and now a tycoon. At the party March runs into his former flame Candy who has engaged, in the meantime, to his old friend Reggie. Promptly her love is aroused once more. Candy is insecure about whom she should marry now.
Guest Stars: Misty Rowe as Candy | Peter Brown (1) as Richard | Stephen Young (1) as Joe | Art Metrano as Harve Morman | Pat Klone as Mary Boners | Robert Goulet as Reggie Weston
Director: Peter H. Hunt
Writer: Jerry Ross

12 :01x12 - Swan Song for an Ugly Duckling

On a flight Lisa comes across Billy, an old friend of Marcy's. Marcy learns from Billy's wife, Essie May, that they both live separated and Billy has always dreamed only of Marcy. From now on Marcy and Lisa play marriage counselors and look after Essie May's appearance. And really she soon turns from "ugly duckling " into a desirable woman that Billy can't help but notice.
Guest Stars: Dennis Cole as Victor | Terry Lester as Billy | Melinda Naud as Essie May | Selma Diamond as Woman | Stephen Parr as Mac Carabasi | Debra Feuer as Gladys
Director: Dennis Donnelly
Writer: Terry Ryan

13 :01x13 - Great Expectations

March has got injured while practicing a sport. The girls offer to help him recover. The three spoil him very much, but soon he bothers them with his demands. When they discover that he is only simulating, they exact revenge on him. Moreover, Marcy must face pilot Bill who wants to blackmail them because of her unauthorized moonlighting for a night of love.
Guest Stars: Dick Gautier as Bill Wilson | Arthur Godfrey as Red Greene | Hoyt Axton as Himself | Bill Dana as Doctor | Yuliis Ruval as Inga | Stubby Kaye as Lorne | Patti Jerome as Nurse
Director: Dennis Donnelly

14 :01x14 - Ladies of the Night

Lisa and Mercy are mistakenly arrested as call girls,
while Captain March discovers that an old buddy is now a girl.
A stopover in San Francisco becomes disaster for captain March and his stewardesses. Since he has failed to confirm the hotel reservations, they must spend the night with a friend of March's. However, the old pal of March's has undergone a sex change and now is an attractive woman. The three women land with Lisa's friend. They are wrongly taken for prostitutes and get arrested.
Sunwest Airlines flight attendants Lisa and Marcy are mistakenly arrested as call girls in San Francisco. Meanwhile Captain March, after locating an old Air Force buddy with the object of staying overnight with him, panics at the discovery that he is now a she.
Guest Stars: Brooke Bundy as Cher | Dan Frazer as Mr. Charles | John Hillerman as Richter | Harvey Lembeck as Clerk | Kay Medford as Mrs. Charles | Susan Tyrrell as Sam | Richard Foronjy as Martin | Marvin Kaplan as Cutler | Roger Kern as Lewis | Aldine King as Annie | Peter Greene as Policeman | Arsenio "Sonny" Trinidad as Court usher | Leigh Christian as Claudia
Writer: Laura Levine

15 :01x15 - Eye Opener

Captain March collides at the airport with a woman who proceeds to sue him promptly for two million dollars. Their argument: she has become frigid since the accident. The covetous accuser turns out to be Pam's friend, Carol. March as well as Pam soon start to suspect that Carol's frigidity is rather triggered by her fiancée, Joe. To prove this, captain March resorts to use all of his charms.
Guest Stars: Denise DuBarry as Tyler | Tom Ewell as Williams | John Fiedler as Potamkin | Roddy McDowall as Joe | Mary Ann Mobley as Carol | Greg Mullavy as Gorman | Bibi Osterwald as Halop | Patti Pivaar as Trainer | Gene Tyburn as Mason | John Anthony Sarno as Novello
Director: Dennis Donnelly

16 :01x16 - The Challenges

Marcy, Pam and Lisa find out independently of each other that they have complexes. Absolutely determined to confront their weaknesses and to stand to them, the three ladies choose the same training place: a nudist's camp. There they find themselves embroiled in all kinds of embarrassing situations.
Guest Stars: Perry Lang as Roberts | Barbi Benton as Joan | Marty Allen as Aubrey | Andrew Prine as Marshall | Nipsey Russell as Man | Ina Gould as Passenger | Roxanna Bonilla- Giannini as Carmen | Julie Dalton as Stewardess

17 :01x17 - It Was Just One of Those Days

Lisa and Pam must cooperate with a new chief stewardess. Wedgie is close to her retirement and has a rather red tone on the body. When, nevertheless, she pleads for Anatoli, a Russian soldier who wants to defect to the USA, the page turns. In the interim Marcy tries out as a coach of a baseball team. Coach of the opposing team is captain March.
Guest Stars: Eve Arden as Wedgie | Rick Jason as Captain Bob Stacy | Robert Lewis (1) as Man | Rose Marie as Blonde Lady | Jackie Mason as Rabbie Goldman | Charles Knox Robinson as Anatoli | M.G. Kelly as Luke Dodd | Ted Hamilton as Captain Arnold Rudd | Marc Gilpin as Bobby Stacy | Leo Durocher as The Umpire
Director: Alan Myerson

18 :01x18 - Fun Flight

The first suggestion of the new public relations expert of the Sun west Airlines Immediately provokes a fuss: To represent better the image of the airline, the stewardesses should wear jauntier uniforms. They fit so tightly and sexily that Marcy, Pam and Lisa reject her new occupational clothes. In their opinion they look no more serious enough.
Guest Stars: Jim Backus as Man | Nancy Dussault as Coral | Dave Madden as Reception clerk | Charlotte Rae as Woman | Bobby Sherman as David | Lyle Waggoner as Gavin | Stephen Parr as Mac Carabasi | Richard Karron as Baggage salesman
Director: James Sheldon
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 29, 1978
Ended: December 29, 1978
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