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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1 1x01 17/Oct/1948 Years Ago
2 1x02 21/Nov/1948 Joy to the World
3 1x03 19/Dec/1948 Night Must Fall
4 1x04 16/Jan/1949 The Man Who Came to Dinner
5 1x05 02/Feb/1949 The Silver Cord
6 1x06 13/Mar/1949 Outward Bound
7 1x07 11/May/1949 Arsenic and Old Lace
8 1x08 16/May/1949 One Sunday Afternoon
9 1x09 13/Jun/1949 Light Up the Sky

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
10 2x01 07/Oct/1949 Twentieth Century
11 2x02 21/Oct/1949 On Borrowed Time
12 2x03 04/Nov/1949 She Loves Me Not
13 2x04 18/Nov/1949 Skylark
14 2x05 02/Dec/1949 Kind Lady
15 2x06 16/Dec/1949 Little Women
16 2x07 30/Dec/1949 The Farmer Takes a Wife
17 2x08 13/Jan/1950 The Barker
18 2x09 27/Jan/1950 Laburnum Grove
19 2x10 10/Feb/1950 The Royal Family
20 2x11 24/Feb/1950 Uncle Harry
21 2x12 10/Mar/1950 Room Service
22 2x13 24/Mar/1950 Dear Brutus
23 2x14 07/Apr/1950 The Little Minister
24 2x15 21/Apr/1950 The School for Scandal
25 2x16 05/May/1950 Father Malachy's Miracle
26 2x17 19/May/1950 Subway Express
27 2x18 02/Jun/1950 The Shining Hour
28 2x19 30/Jun/1950 On Borrowed Time (restaged)

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
29 3x01 08/Sep/1950 The Traitor
30 3x02 22/Sep/1950 The Married Look
31 3x03 06/Oct/1950 The Marble Faun
32 3x04 20/Oct/1950 Angel Street
33 3x05 03/Nov/1950 Heart of Darkness
34 3x06 17/Nov/1950 The Whiteheaded Boy
35 3x07 01/Dec/1950 Another Darling
36 3x08 15/Dec/1950 Alice in Wonderland
37 3x09 29/Dec/1950 Cause for Suspicion
38 3x10 12/Jan/1951 The Presentation of the Look Magazine TV Awards
39 3x11 26/Jan/1951 Final Copy
40 3x12 09/Feb/1951 Spring Again
41 3x13 23/Feb/1951 The Golden Mouth
42 3x14 09/Mar/1951 The Ghost Patrol
43 3x15 23/Mar/1951 Heart of Darkness (restaged)
44 3x16 06/Apr/1951 Ticket to Oblivion
45 3x17 20/Apr/1951 The Touchstone
46 3x18 04/May/1951 Dead on the Vine
47 3x19 18/May/1951 Peter Ibbetson
48 3x20 01/Jun/1951 Three in a Room
49 3x21 15/Jun/1951 Night Over London
50 3x22 29/Jun/1951 The Ghost Patrol (restaged)

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