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Message Posted On Saturday, July 18th 2009 at 1:30 am

Walter Cronkite began his journalist work in the American midwest in 1937. This was right at the start of the Baha’i teaching Plan, the Seven Year Plan of 1937-1944, a Plan I came to be associated with in one of its many extensions in the years 1953-1963. Walter’s soothing voice became one of the most familiar sounds on television, first in the 1950s and then beginning in April 1962 when he became the anchorman for the CBS Evening News until 1981, the year of his retirement. By 1962 I was on my way, my travelling-way to so many towns I lost count. But Walter was always there at the core providing the feeling that the world was all well and in its place. He was like a goalie in hockey. He was like an early warning-system telling me that something was coming my way.

Fortunately for readers, since his retirement he was able to extend his career in journalism and combine it with a lifetime of sailing adventures. The result was his book1 which he so generously shared with us two decades after that retirement. -Ron Price with thanks to 1Walter Cronite, Around America: A Tour of Our Magnificent Coastline, Author Norton, 2001.

You’d just become the CBS anchorman, Walter,
when I took another anchor to the next town in
my first pioneering move in what seem now like
the halcyon years of that Ten Year Crusade, then.

My anchor, lifted from time to time, and I was off
on a great sailing adventure, on an unknown sea in
a tempest difficult to define and understand, one of
unprecedented and such unpredictable magnitude.

We pressed on, you and I, you in the public eye,
Walter, and me in a smaller, much smaller eye.
Life, reported on or lived, dangerous bridegroom
and to survive we need to see each day going-out
to war and, at the same time, give ourselves up to
intense enjoyment or what is the point, eh Walter?

We must travel light, keep our spirit up, find some
philosophy, some method, some attitude-humorous
kindness and affection, feel some reverence, some
resolute persistence with a chart to sail through those
stormy seas, eh? Eh Walter? Eh? Best wishes, Walter!


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Message Posted On Saturday, July 18th 2009 at 1:31 am

And that’s the way it is.
-Walter Cronkite, CBS News, For 19 Years: 1962-1981.

The religion here is slick and fast
and so polished as to have no name,
soaked-up, subliminal and not-so-
subliminal, night after night, a ritual
aesthetic, fills the spaces, tele-grazing
vidiots, coccooning, periscopes up,
retreating, hermetically sealed in a
sensual immediacy and intensity,
perceptions rendered into many
languages, structured, amusing
ourselves to death in an endless
round of entertainment and some
disturbing shallowness, glamour,
exoticism and chicness with our
perceptions structured, in an eider-
down of unreality and a smorgasbord
of ephemeral, light-weight, engineered
appearances with revolution coming to
be closer to sheer impulse-a narcotizing
dysfunction and truth running along behind
an implosion of playful trivia..knowledge’s
vast explosion everywhere in evidence.......

Ron Price

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Message Posted On Saturday, July 18th 2009 at 1:55 pm
I preferred the Huntley-Brinkley Report myself. As a newscaster and journalist, Cronkite couldn't carry David Brinkley's jockstrap.