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Message Posted On Sunday, April 5th 2009 at 11:15 pm
The books really aren't about the action. In the first book, most of the action takes place during the climax, which is at the end of the book. The second book has little action, and is more about the internal mind, and develops the relationship between Bella and Jacob, and the story revolves around that. That also doesn't really have action, until the end. The third book is more of the triangle of Bella/Jacob/Edward and Bella wanting to become part of Edward's world, but him not wanting her. Again, the action doesn't take place until the end.

The fourth book, however, has action (well, it depends on what your idea of action is) throughout the book. It's a longer book and is the resolution of the whole series.

But the story is nowhere near over half-way throughout Twilight. If you ever taken an English course, you'll find out that 80% of books/films/whatever is nothing but fluff to lead up to the action. That's why most of the stuff in movies and stuff happen in like..20 minutes or so, when the other hour was just things to build the characters and introduce everything.

The book is hardly about Edward's "hotness" (although in the first two books, Bella constantly goes on about how she is so attracted to him and how she doesn't compare, or whatever). They are more about the choices you make and decisions in life.

But don't read Twilight, which is basically a fantasy/thriller with romance mixed in, if you want to read about action.

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Message Posted On Sunday, February 26th 2012 at 3:42 pm
I personally prefer the books than the films!
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