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Message Posted On Thursday, February 2nd 2012 at 12:43 am
In the search options, I would like to see a sorting option listing shows in the order they were added to TVrage. By that I mean, the show that was just added is listed first, then the show that was added before that one, etc.

I would imagine it should be easy to implement, given that date added must be a field in your database.


Edit: I ask this so that we can keep up with new shows. Its pretty crazy now shows are killed after a few episodes and new shows are rotated in the blink of an eye. TVrage is among the very elite sites that handle TV on a world wide level.

You can go to futon critic to see what new shows are aired for the US, however TV is international. There is currently only one place, the TVDB, to go where you can see what new shows are being aired in the world. I would like to see that functionality added to TVrage as well. While I am a big fan of the TVDB, TVrage keeps more complete and up to date information.


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