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Message Posted On Thursday, May 4th 2006 at 9:41 am
What is the proper way to handle specials?

These are episodes that are not in the main numbering (Lost recaps specifically).

First question what episode number to give them? (i.e. the running total episode number) In some cases I've seen them have a duplicate number. Should it just be a proper number, in order, including all episodes? If I do that it makes "holes" in the episode list. Should I give them a duplicate number?

Second question: What season episode number? (I.e. S02 E??) If the special is before any other shows it can get E00, but what about the rest? Season episode number can't be duplicates. I don't want to give a "real" number to them because it messes up the list, should they get like E100 or just guess the number of eps in a season and give a number after that?
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Message Posted On Thursday, May 4th 2006 at 11:31 am
Well, the Editor of Lost has already added 3 specials to season 2 and 1 to season 1. They were given episode #00, but they don't appear anywhere in the regular order but at the bottom of the page.

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Message Posted On Friday, May 5th 2006 at 8:10 pm
For now, just give them any number you want (something like 0 or 100 will do). In the new version, specials will completely stand apart from the regular numbering, and get an id à la epguides, "S-1" "S-2" or so.