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Message Posted On Saturday, April 22nd 2006 at 10:36 pm
This was an old comprehensive article I wrote. I like to write these up in my spare time; I can’t say if anybody will read it, though I thought I’d post it here for the sake of discussion. I would post this in the Kim Possible board, though board traffic on this site is unfortunately not too high. Anyway, if anybody here is a fan of Kim Possible, feel free to read this and reply, or just reply if you don’t feel like reading all of it. Perhaps we could discuss the show, or something along those lines.

The Article Is Below

While I admit that I haven’t seen every episode of Kim Possible, I’ve decided that I, for the sake of tradition, would write up an article regarding my thoughts on the series and its character; I hope that this document can spawn some conversation and while its true intent is on permitting me to understand more about the characters, I hope that it can suffice to help other individuals understand their thoughts about the characters as well. My comprehension articles such as this are typically a blend of my thoughts on the characters and my interpretation of the series, though I’ll do what I can to explain the characters personality and why they appeal to me and so forth. Regardless, I’m just hoping that this document will help people understand why I am a fan of Kim Possible; though it has potential to suffice as several other uses as well.

Overall Thoughts

Kim Possible is a complicating series; while it is dealing with cliché aspects and many of the episodes rely on traditional deus ex machina and the overall plot of Kim’s near-perfect persona has caused some people to dislike the series, I believe that these flaws typically generate more good than bad because the plots work in and of themselves. For example, while Kim’s character may be unrealistic in the grand scheme of things, many of the episodes do permit the viewers to gain insight to realize that she is more human than most people realize at first glance. While I know some people like simple cartoons, but Kim Possible manages to do what most Disney cartoons fail to do: Kim Possible has character development and I’ve really enjoyed watching episodes that deal with the personal struggles of characters and so forth. I admit that the overall plot of the series is in regards to Kim fighting off that bad folk, but I really enjoy the scenes that deal with personal struggles the most and I really am impressed with the level of finesse that went into the creation of this series.

While I know that the villains aren’t particularly serious and this series thrives on that fact because it pays homage to the glory days of zany villainous schemes and false traditions of old, but I believe that some of the plots do work very well and the overall quality of most episodes is somewhat interesting. While I believe that villains such as Dr. Drakken are the best because he develops over the course of the story and we learn that he has a complicating history and so much potential to develop, other villains such as Lord Monkey Fist just don’t appeal to me because they don’t seem to develop in the same manner. It is that inconsistency that is one of my biggest problems with Kim Possible; some episodes have great villains that have a lot of potential though other villains are merely there for the sake of furthering the plot. While I admit that even Lord Monkey Fist has been involved in some great plots, I just feel that the series really should have ensured that every villain had the same capability as a character to really determine their full value, but I believe that the villains are still great in my personal opinion.

With that fact out of the way, I still believe that the series is still remarkable because of the nature in which it is typically handled. I admit that the cliché aspect of the characters and the deus ex machina that is Rufus often do cause complications but watching the characters interact with the plots and one another is just a very rare occurrence in most animated programs and I really believe its that consistent plot that really determines that the series is capable of being a success. I believe that more animated programs should follow the precedent set by this series because I believe that the times are changing and programs such as Kim Possible and a few other similar shows have been successful because children want to watch a series that handles its affairs in such a manner. The characters do develop quite well over the course of the series and while most of the characters never manage to break free from their cliché infrastructure, I believe that a majority of the characters in the series are remarkable and I really do enjoy all of them; though I cannot deny the fact that the series could have been better if it would have had managed to break lose from the cemented starting ground, and the fact that characters such as Bonnie still remain completely cruel to Kim even after they supposedly bonded in Bonding <i>(in more ways than one)</i>, it did very little in the grand scheme of things, but I digress.

While I loved So the Drama, I cannot help but feel that some things throughout that episode were rushed; I believe that it’s a shame that Dr. Drakken’s greatest scheme was foiled through a deus ex machina, though as I said, Rufus is a deus ex machina and that seems to be the main point of his character, which was unfortunate. While I wasn’t a particular fan of the Kim and Ron pairing, mostly because it was obviously inevitable since the series was created, I believe that it was still handled magnificently and I believe that So the Drama really was the ultimate example of what Kim Possible was capable of as a series. The plot was magnificent, the character development was remarkable and I really saw very few flaws throughout the entire episode; though the episode wasn’t perfect. While I also liked A Sitch In Time, I really believe that So the Drama was the pivotal point of the series and I believe that it will serve as the biggest testament to the series’ overall success.

While the animation style and the music of the series isn’t often discussed, I believe both points were very well done, from the opening theme song to the final episode, I really believe that this series had an excellent animation style and the music was also very well done. I admit, I’m not fond of the style of music and I would never want to listen to it on the radio or buy a CD, but I believe that, for the sake of the series, it was pivotal and I believe that it did provide many excellent additions to the overall quality of many of the episodes. While the animation throughout the series was great, the TV Movies, and more specifically, So the Drama, really had some outstanding animation and I believe that Kim Possible was really one of the best animated programs in recent times and I personally believe this proves that standard animation is still alive and kicking, despite the fact that theatrical animation no longer follows standard animation principles, but I digress. I believe that all of these aspects worked together to ensure that so much of Kim Possible would be entertaining to watch and I really was impressed with the level of finesse that was put into ensuring this series would be entertaining.

Regardless, I believe that Kim Possible was definitely a superb animated program and it certainly is one of my favorite programs on television. While it’s plagued with unfortunate clichés and many episodes end in a predictable method through deus ex machina and last minute wins, I believe that a majority of the series is definitely spectacular and I believe that Disney really had a hit with this series. While it’s a shame that so many people bash Kim Possible because of the initial concepts of Kim’s perfect life and the bizarre villains, I believe that this series is one of the finer moments in Disney’s recent animation attempts and I wish that more animated programs would follow the precedent that this series has set. While I’m still not certain if Kim Possible will be renewed or officially put to an end, I really did enjoy watching this series and I am proud to consider myself a fan of Kim Possible; while I only started watching the series less than four months ago, I’ve seen a majority of the episodes and I really do believe that so much of this series was magnificent, but its problems really have prevented many people from enjoying the experience on their first attempts, which is a real shame.

Character Thoughts

Kim Possible: Kim’s entire existence seems to be quite unrealistic at first glance, a girl living the perfect life who has everything she ever wanted. Her parents have a lot of money considering their professions and she is the cheerleading captain, straight A student and pretty much one of the more important figures in her school and to top it all off, she can save the world without getting much of a scratch on her. However, there is much more to Kim’s character than most people bother to understand and it’s really interesting attempting to gaze into the mind of such a character, and while I know such is really impossible, I just believe that attempting to understand the base concepts of such characters is important. While she does do everything she can to help people, she’s not afraid to hold grudges and she has treated characters such as Bonnie quite unfairly and while Bonnie may have deserved such treatment, I believe its important because it helps us understand the true nature of Kim’s existence. Kim is hyperconscious about her social standings and she refuses to be seen in anything that could make her lose popularity, as was indicated through the episode Low Budget, and I believe that fact proves that she really isn’t as high and mighty as her initial appearance may cause some to believe.

Kim does her best to make her friends and family happy about what she does but she never really lives her life to her own accord, it seems. While she does enjoy saving the world and she does like helping people out, she lacks the confidence to ask someone to the dance and it really seems like she’s afraid of being judged and so forth. While I do believe it’s a shame that Kim saves the world and she doesn’t really get much credit in the sense that Bonnie openly mocks her and that most guys are freaked out by what she does, which she has said on several occasions. She is prone to jealousy and all the other natural, human emotions and I really believe that they did an outstanding job in making Kim more human than most of the other characters in the series; this brings me back to the point that despite her cliché standings that most would assume when they first see the series, upon further viewing she is actually much more complex than most people would ever bother attempting to understand. It is for this reason that I absolutely love Kim’s character, I really believe that she is one of the better Disney animated characters ever created in recent times because her character is one of intense confliction and I really believe that episodes that focused on Kim dealing with her own issues were the best; though Kim’s character is usually handled in a magnificent manner in most episodes, regardless of if the plot heavily involves her.

Ron Stoppable: While I really didn’t care much for Ron’s character when I started watching the series, he grew on me and I really believe he is certainly pivotal for the series. Not only does he provide some balance to the series, I believe that he was an outstanding friend to Kim throughout the series and his developed love interest in Kim as the series progressed really permitted the series to gain some fans that it traditionally wouldn’t have. While I do believe that some of the plots about Ron are boring and I believe some episodes, such as Ron Millionaire, just really display some poor behavior in his character, I believe that most Ron based episodes are handled properly and I really enjoyed watching a vast majority of his scenes throughout the series. Ron also provides a majority of the comic relief through the series, but such really diminishes the quality of his character and I believe the fact that he loses his pants in a good number of episodes is just irrelevant towards the series and it really did hurt his character in my opinion. While Ron isn’t really that great of a character, I believe he’s certainly earned his right to be on the series and I really did believe his performance in So the Drama was outstanding, which served as a testament to his character in and of itself. His behavior is more realistic than Kim’s and I believe he’s a character that people can relate to, though I still believe that he is plagued by his own clichés and I feel that if he were at least somewhat more competent, then his character would have provided more benefit towards the series.

Rufus: While Rufus is a character that you’ll either love or hate, I believe that Rufus’ character was essential for the plot but in a bad manner. He usually serves to save Ron and Kim or stop the villains right before something bad happens and that really hurt the overall quality of the series because it just became so predictable. However, Rufus was still an interesting character because he was loyal to both Ron and Kim and he’s usually always there to help them out in a bind. While I know some people dislike the way he looks or they think that the fact that he has some English speaking lines and does things a normal animal wouldn’t be capable of doing, I believe that Rufus is just as pivotal towards the series as Ron is and, despite the fact that he is used to miraculously save the day, I feel that I did enjoy Rufus as a character in the series.

Wade: Wade is an interesting character as well; though I really believe that the constant joke that he never leaves his room was overplayed throughout the course of the series and the fact that he did come out of his room in Team Impossible was upsetting because it just seemed like they wanted to force it to occur sometime before they 65th episode. However, despite that, I believe that he is definitely a valuable member of the team and he has done much more for Kim than even Ron has, in terms of usefulness in missions, but I believe that he’s somewhat too smart. Some of the things he does just seemed unrealistic and I believe that his existence in the series is yet another cliché aspect of the series and it’s certainly one of the reasons some people dislike Kim Possible, but I really did enjoy Wade as a character and he had some great lines and roles in some episodes of the series.

Kim’s Family: Knowing that I wouldn’t have much to write about each member of Kim’s family, I decided that I would write them together. While Kim’s mom and dad do seem to care about her, I’ve always found it foolish that they would let their daughter go out and save the world, considering the fact that she was almost killed in many episodes and they know that the circumstances wouldn’t really be safe. Still, I really believe that Mr. Possible provides some of the best humour in most episodes, though Mrs. Possible’s character really doesn’t provide that much importance towards the series and even in Mother’s Day, I just didn’t feel her character was that great. Jim and Tim’s characters are even worse, however, they provide little merit towards the overall plot of the series and even the episodes that involve them a lot really have flaws and I believe their characters are some of the worst in the entire series.

Bonnie: Bonnie’s character is magnificent, despite her extreme cliché and her complete lack of character development throughout the series. I’m not really sure why I enjoy her character considering the circumstances, but she’s the one person who can get to Kim much more than any villain could, and I believe that the rivalry between Kim and Bonnie just really permitted the series to have something great that it could rely on in order to ensure that things would be interesting. Unfortunately, while I loved Bonding, the complete lack of affect on the rest of the series was a very poor move and I believe that’s one of the biggest flaws the series contained in the grand scheme of things and even in So the Drama, Bonnie’s last line was yet again attempting to humiliate Kim, but I believe that her character was still a great addition to the series and I was quite impressed with the quality of her character.

While there are other characters in the series such as Monique and so forth, I’m going to go ahead and talk about two of the villains since I’m running out of space.

Dr. Drakken: Dr. Drakken is my favorite villain in the series and I believe he has some of the best lines in the script and episodes in relation to him are often the best. While I know that some people may dislike his character because of his bumbling demeanor and the fact that he isn’t really successful in his attempts to stop Kim Possible, I believe that he is still an excellent villain and some of his schemes were marvelous. I acknowledge the fact that he wouldn’t be anything without Shego, I believe that he was quite competent in his own right. I really believe that what happened to Dr. Drakken in college was highly unfortunate and I really feel bad for him in the grand scheme of things; though Kim never really bothered to acknowledge that fact and even when Dr. Drakken tried to explain that not every villain is evil and that there are shades of gray, Kim just dismissed his statement and got ready to attack him. While I do know that Drakken is, of course, evil; I believe that his character is definitely then most complex of the villains and I personally believe he was pivotal for the series and a majority of the fans of Kim Possible that I’ve talked to believe Drakken was a great villain, which says a lot about his characters appeal. Dr. Drakken was an excellent villain and out of all the things on Kim Possible, I’ll likely remember his character the most and I was definitely quite impressed with the level of detail that went into forging his complex nature. His back-story is marvelous, I love his evil plans and I believe that his role in the episodes he appears in is typically incredible; Dr. Drakken is a one of a kind villain and I cannot stress how much I enjoyed his character and the way he developed throughout the series.

Shego: Shego’s character is just as pivotal for the series as Dr. Drakken is; Shego often is responsible for Dr. Drakken’s successes and, in a sense, failures as well. Despite how often Kim and Shego fight and despite the fact that Shego has an advantage in the form of her powers, she can never seem to defeat Kim and I believe that is really something that has bothered Shego throughout the series. The fact that she has stayed with Dr. Drakken through all of his failures is also interesting and I really believe that she could have been more successful on her own; though a part of me feels that Shego really just sticks with Dr. Drakken because she knows Kim will come around eventually and I believe she really wants to try to defeat her, but I’m just speculating. While I suppose I may never know the true reason she sticks with Dr. Drakken despite his failures, I do believe that Shego’s character is quite complex and I really did enjoy her roles throughout the series; Shego is one of my favorite characters and I believe that her involvement in the series really permitted the show to excel as much as it did because she’s quite a fan favorite.


Unfortunately, I’m out of space since I’m trying to write this and keep it under 20,000 characters but I really believe that Kim Possible was an excellent series and I really believe that the characters were quite interesting in the grand scheme of things. While I still am disappointed in the cliché elements of the series, I believe that a majority of the series was handled properly and I believe Kim Possible is one of Disney’s best animated programs in recent times and I highly encourage people to watch this superb series.

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Message Posted On Saturday, April 22nd 2006 at 10:43 pm
I've heard about this show, but it's a bit too kiddy for my taste. I mean you no offense. I'm just saying that your taste in quality television is different from mine.

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Message Posted On Saturday, April 22nd 2006 at 11:03 pm
Another great job done here.

I've heard of Kim Possible. I use to watch it on Tv but then it got boring.

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Message Posted On Sunday, April 23rd 2006 at 7:40 am
KP is ok.

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Message Posted On Sunday, April 23rd 2006 at 12:18 pm
Although I don't like the shows you review, I do like this idea. lol, it's kinda weird, because this is TVRage, but the only shows I watch on a regular basis are 24, Prison Break, and South Park. Along with some other shows from time to time. When I get a chance, I'll probably do one of these on a show I like. Good idea Huntsman.

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Message Posted On Sunday, April 23rd 2006 at 1:50 pm
I was'nt a fan of this when it premiered, or for the second season. I considered it overrated and generally not very funny, there were a few episodes in the early seasons I did like above others, one of them being the "Stich In Time" movie. Then something happened in the third season...they started developing characters more and more, not just in a minor sense, but in ways tht were clearly heading for something bigger. That was "So The Drama", and it was one of the best, and at that point one of the rarest finales for a Disney cartoon. Many series don't have a finale if there produced by Disney, the exceptions are Duck Tales, Gummi Bears, Lizzlie Macguire, and Lilo and Stitch. (Rescue Rangers' finale was supposed to be a theatrical movie, but that never happened)

The film brought the subplots of Kim and Ron developing their relationship to a head...some fans began lamenting on what could happen next, people like me were satisifed it had ended with something Disney rarly do, and on a touching note. then Disney did something that they also rarly do. They will be renewing it for another season.

The fourth season ties KP with other ongoing Disney shows and one of the few to surpass 65 episodes, (Disney's seasons of Power Rangers count also because they've gone past 65 without being associated with the show's earlier Saban 1990's run), the season will develop the characters in ways that they hav'nt before. Kim and Ron discover love is torture at times, rivals attempt to break them up, and the more murderous rivals will attempt to break them in two. It may suceed or fail, but what KP will do for it's next season is endure

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Message Posted On Sunday, April 23rd 2006 at 5:38 pm
interesting artical. i kinda like shego, because deep deep DEEP down, she DOES have a heart (she was worried about fish when drakken was draining the great lakes for a weather machine) and she DOES have a sense of loyalty to family, as much as she loaths her brothers.

ron is kinda funny, i kinda like how he (and rufus) have munkey kung foo power (cant spell its proper name) and its like HE's the only one who has the power to fight Monkey fist.

out of the lilo ans stitch crossovers, the kim possible one is my least favorite. the best part of that one is learning of another experiment, but with a stupid power description. (if that experiment that lookslike rufus had THAT much poer, then why continue on to create more experiments?)

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Message Posted On Monday, April 24th 2006 at 10:46 pm
kp is the only cartoon than on disney/nick/cn that I like

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Message Posted On Tuesday, April 25th 2006 at 1:42 pm
Probably the only standable series on that evil channel. >.>

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Message Posted On Tuesday, April 25th 2006 at 4:55 pm
The show's kinda dull.

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Message Posted On Tuesday, May 2nd 2006 at 4:28 pm
Yeah, I agree with you quite a bit. But I just watched it the first season and then it got boring to me. But my fave characters were Rufus and Dr. Drakken. They freakin rock. &)