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Final: 1x18 -- Noshing and Moshing (Oct/17/2000)

The Weirs attend the Schweibers' annual dinner party where Neal rebels against his father and turns his attention to ventriloquism. Kim breaks up with Daniel, who tries to become a punk rocker.
Linda CardelliniLinda Cardellini
As Lindsay Weir
Linda CardelliniLinda Cardellini
As Lindsay Weir
John Francis DaleyJohn Francis Daley
As Sam Weir
John Francis DaleyJohn Francis Daley
As Sam Weir
James FrancoJames Franco
As Daniel Desario
James FrancoJames Franco
As Daniel Desario
Samm LevineSamm Levine
As Neil Schweiber
Samm LevineSamm Levine
As Neil Schweiber
Seth RogenSeth Rogen
As Ken Miller
Seth RogenSeth Rogen
As Ken Miller



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A Show Which Died Too YoungRating: 1 likes, 1 dislikes

This series, set in Michigan around the early 1980's features a realistic view of teenagers and their everyday struggles to be accepted. The main story is based on the Weir family, Lindsay and Sam, their parents and friends. Lindsay had been a real book worm in school and competed on the mathletes, a competition between schools featuring math problems. Having been shaken by her grandmother's recent death, Lindsay quit the team and began hanging around with the pot smoking, low-life's of the school. The leader of the"freaks" is Daniel Desario and his girlfriend, a tough girl named Kim Kelly. At first, Kim rejects Lindsay, seeing her as a competitor for Daniel. The often wasted, want-to-be drummer Nick Andopolis has his eyes set on Lindsay, and they get together for a few episodes. Then there is Ken. He is more of a lazy, hanger-oner in the group. Read more

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1x18: Noshing and Moshing recap: Neal wrestles with the dilemma of whether to tell his mother about his father's affair. His grades slip, and he gets into trouble with his teachers. He devotes all of his time to a ventriloquism act. Sam is embarrassed to be seen with Neal, while Bill freaks out because he once saw a movie about a dummy that came to life. Neal's brother Barry comes home from college for the weekend. He is aware of his father's philandering, but warns Neal to keep quiet for the good of the family. During the Schweibers' annual dinner party, Dr. Schweiber goads Neal into performing his act. He makes many cutting remarks about his father, and then runs out. When his mother comes to see him, Neal tearfully tells her about the affair. She says that she already knew, and assures Neal that he doesn't have to bear the burden of his parents' marital woes. Lindsay is given detention after coming to the aid of a girl being attacked by a large, stupid boy. She receives further punishment for complaining about a school policy that forbids students from doing homework during detention. She is cheered by Barry's arrival, and goes to the Schweibers' party to see him. Barry raves about college, and assures her that she will be able to forget high school and reinvent herself. Neal is distraught when Lindsay and Barry share a kiss. Daniel deals with pressures at home, where he is expected to help care for his disabled father. Kim breaks up with Daniel because she considers him unreliable. He escapes from his problems through punk music. A girl who dropped out of McKinley invites him to a club, so he tries to impress her by adopting a punk persona (even using raw eggs on his hair). After being physically abused in the mosh pit and discovering that Jenna has a boyfriend, a defeated Daniel seeks comfort in Kim's arms... read more.

1x17: Dead Dogs and Gym Teachers recap: Lindsay tries to convince Harold to let her join her friends at a Who concert. Kim insists that Lindsay cannot miss the show because she "heard this will be their last tour." As she drives down Lindsay's street at night, Kim accidentally hits something. Kim refuses to stop, as she believes that it was just a squirrel. The next day, she and Lindsay encounter a sobbing Millie and learn that her beloved dog was run over. A guilt-ridden Kim bonds with Millie over her own experience with a dead pet (her parents put her epileptic dog to sleep without telling her), and begins hanging out with her. When Millie neglects her studies, Lindsay worries that Kim and the freaks will lead Millie astray and ruin her life. Kim angrily retorts that Lindsay is afraid that she will no longer have Millie as a backup when she gets angry with her "bad friends." She threatens to kick her ass if she tells Millie the truth about her dog's death. The Weirs give Lindsay permission to attend the concert and keep an eye on Millie. Millie's mother shows up at Daniel's house, where the freaks are hanging out before leaving for the show, and gets into a screaming match with her daughter. Kim confesses the truth to keep Millie from drinking a beer. Millie storms off, but Lindsay follows and elects to skip the concert to spend the afternoon with her. Meanwhile, Nick teaches himself to play guitar and writes a love ballad for Lindsay. Ken, who has heard the song in question, stops Nick by smashing his guitar in the street. He assures Nick that he was doing him a huge favor. Mrs. Haverchuck stuns Bill with the news that she has been dating Coach Fredricks. Bill mouths off to him and walks out on gym class. Coach Fredricks tries to bond with Bill by taking the geeks to a go-cart track, but angers Bill after he challenges the guys to a race and causes Bill to spin out. Coach Fredricks insists that he really loves Mrs. Haverchuck, and wants to get to know Bill better. Bill later lets the coach join him for Dallas and explains the show's plot to him... read more.

recap: Sam inadvertently runs afoul of Kim's bitchy friend Karen, who writes "geek" on his locker with lipstick. After he removes the message, she writes "pygmy geek" in permanent marker. Mr. Kowchevski sees Sam trying to cover the graffiti and orders him to complete an anti-vandalism essay. Neal finds Sam's plight very amusing. They argue over which of them is the bigger geek, and Sam ends up pounding Neal. Nick tries to convince Kim to be nicer to Lindsay. Kim suddenly acts very friendly toward Lindsay, reasoning that they should make an effort to get along if they are going to hang out with the same group. Sam is disgusted by Lindsay's friendship with Kim, whom he considers a "psycho." Kim invites Lindsay to dinner, explaining that she needs to introduce a nice friend to her parents so they will stop hassling her to sell her car. She reveals that she has been using sleepovers at Lindsay's house and weekend trips to the Weirs' fictional cabin as her alibi when she stays out with Daniel. Kim's mother quickly exposes her lies and starts screaming at her. She concludes that Kim should not have a car because she uses it to "whore around town." Kim's mother and stepfather physically attack her and try to take her car keys. Lindsay and Kim flee for the car, which Kim's parents attempt to flip over while the girls are inside of it. They escape, only to find Daniel fooling around with Karen in the park. Kim tries to run them over, and then breaks down in tears. She explains that she acts tough to keep other girls away from Daniel because she fears losing him. Although her demeanor frightens them, the Weirs allow Kim to stay over for dinner. Daniel shows up and insists that he did not sleep with Karen, as he only cares about Kim. Lindsay's parents are pleased to see the couple make up, until they start a make-out session in the middle of the kitchen. The next day, Karen arrives at school to find that Kim has painted "slut" on her locker in giant letters. Kim threatens to beat up Karen, thereby becoming Sam's new hero... read more.

1x15: Discos and Dragons recap: The freaks are baffled when Nick takes up disco dancing at the behest of his perky new girlfriend, Sara. Ken is certain that Nick is only dating Sara in an attempt to make Lindsay jealous. Nick continually dismisses this theory, and insists that he has never been happier. Lindsay seems heartbroken by this news, particularly when Nick declares that he has given up pot smoking for Sara. Nick tries to hide the fact that he is still obviously hung up on Lindsay. Daniel is sentenced to audio/visual squad duty as punishment for pulling a fire alarm in an attempt to postpone his math final. The other geeks are terrified by the prospect of having Daniel invade their territory, while Sam insists that he isn't a bad guy. Daniel agrees to join the guys for an evening game of Dungeons and Dragons. He really enjoys it, and asks to play again the next night. Sam, Neal and Bill decide that this doesn't make Daniel a geek, but rather signifies their evolution into "cool guys." Lindsay is accepted to a two-week academic summit at the University of Michigan as one of the top one percent of students in the state. She is not sure that she wants to spend her summer this way, while Kim expresses envy at the fact that Lindsay gets to leave town. Jeff loans Lindsay a copy of the Grateful Dead's American Beauty album to help ease her stress. Neal, Bill and the Weirs see Lindsay off as she leaves for the summit. She gets off the bus in Ann Arbor to find Kim waiting for her. They board a van with two Deadhead classmates and depart to follow the group on its tour... read more.

1x14: The Little Things recap: Sam discovers that life as Cindy's boyfriend is not nearly as exciting as he had imagined. They do not have any common interests, and Cindy seems incredibly bossy and shallow. After she expresses disgust for the movie "The Jerk" and refuses to wear the heirloom necklace he had given her, Sam decides to break up with Cindy. Neal and Bill believe that he is crazy to throw away a chance at popularity, but eventually realize that he made the right decision. Ken's girlfriend Amy confesses a shocking secret: at the time of her birth, she had both male and female genitalia. Ken has a difficult time coming to grips with this news. He considers breaking up with her, even though he might be in love with her. Ken misinterprets Daniel's innocent greeting "Hey guys" as a joke about Amy, and punches him out. Amy is horrified that Ken has revealed her secret to Daniel and Nick, and refuses to speak to him. A talk with Sam about his problems with Cindy forces Ken to realize how lucky he is to have a good relationship. He tracks down Amy to apologize. Vice President George Bush plans a public appearance at McKinley. Jeff convinces an unenthusiastic Lindsay to ask the Vice President a question, but advisers reject her topics and give her a pre-written question about restaurant preferences. After the Secret Service bars Jeff from the event because of his history of political activism, Lindsay decides to fight back. She asks Vice President Bush why he rejected her issue-oriented questions... read more.

Creator: Paul Feig
Executive Producer: Judd Apatow
Supervising Producer: Paul Feig, Bob Nickman, Gabe Sachs, Mike White (3)
Producer: J. Elvis Weinstein
Consulting Producer: Jake Kasdan
Associate Producer: Terri Potts
Production Designer: Jefferson Sage
Editor: Sean K. Lambert

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Recurring Guests

Steve Bannos as Mr. Kowchevski (19 eps)
Jerry Messing as Gordon Crisp (18 eps)
Natasha Melnick as Cindy Sanders (17 eps)
Dave Allen as Jeff Rosso (17 eps)
Stephen Lea Sheppard as Harris (17 eps)
Chauncey Leopardi as Alan White (16 eps)
Sarah Hagan as Millie Kentner (16 eps)
Michael Beardsley as Humphries (16 eps)
Shawn Soong as Stroker (15 eps)
Mark Allan Staubach as Mark (10 eps)

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Network: NBC ( USA)
Type: Scripted
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Teens
Status: Canceled/Ended
Airs: Saturdays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 25, 1999
Ended: October 17, 2000
Bad Reputation by Joan Jett  
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