I'm with the Band - Recap

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Nick's father threatens to force him to join the Army unless he can maintain a C+ grade average. Lindsay encourages him to pursue a music career, then discovers that the band he has organized with the other freaks is really, really horrible. She suggests that they spend more time rehearsing; Nick agrees, but Daniel feels that rock and roll should be spontaneous (probably because he is too lazy to make an effort at anything). The other band members accuse Nick of being a tyrant and decide to quit, and everyone blames Lindsay. Lindsay urges Nick to try out for drummer of a local band; but, as the audition proves, his enthusiasm for drumming does not necessarily mean he has any talent. As he laments his seemingly dreary future, Lindsay consoles him with a kiss. Nick is excited, while Lindsay seems ambivalent the next day. Bill, Neal and Sam are mortified when a new district policy requires them to shower after gym class. Bill and Neal decide to endure the taunts of the bullies and go through with it, while Sam goes to great lengths to avoid his fate. When he finally decides to shower, a confrontation with Alan leaves him in the hallway without clothes or a the end-of-class bell rings.