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Freaks and Geeks: Dead Dogs and Gym Teachers

Lindsay tries to convince her dad to let her attend the Who's concert. Bill's mother shocks him with the news she is dating Mr. Fredricks, which causes him to rebel in gym class. Kim feels horrible after running over Millie's dog.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x17
Airdate: Tuesday October 10th, 2000
Network: FOX Family

Guest Stars
Thomas F. WilsonThomas F. Wilson
As Coach Ben Fredricks
Claudia ChristianClaudia Christian
As Gloria Haverchuck
Chauncey LeopardiChauncey Leopardi
As Alan White
Meagen FayMeagen Fay
As Mrs. Kentner

Co-Guest Stars
Sarah HaganSarah Hagan
As Millie Kentner
Steve BannosSteve Bannos
As Mr. Kowchevski (Frank)
Mark Allan StaubachMark Allan Staubach
As Mark
Jerry MessingJerry Messing
As Gordon Crisp
Jason LansingJason Lansing
As Ernie (Ernie Hahuth)
Matthew McKaneMatthew McKane
As Mike Stevens

Michael BeardsleyMichael Beardsley
As Humphries
Shawn SoongShawn Soong
As Stroker
Main Cast
Linda CardelliniLinda Cardellini
As Lindsay Weir
James FrancoJames Franco
As Daniel Desario
Samm LevineSamm Levine
As Neil Schweiber
Seth RogenSeth Rogen
As Ken Miller
Jason SegelJason Segel
As Nick Andopolis
Martin StarrMartin Starr
As Bill Haverchuck
Becky Ann BakerBecky Ann Baker
As Jean Weir
Joe FlahertyJoe Flaherty
As Harold Weir
Busy PhilippsBusy Philipps
As Kim Kelly


Lindsay tries to convince Harold to let her join her friends at a Who concert. Kim insists that Lindsay cannot miss the show because she "heard this will be their last tour." As she drives down Lindsay's street at night, Kim accidentally hits something. Kim refuses to stop, as she believes that it was just a squirrel. The next day, she and Lindsay encounter a sobbing Millie and learn that her beloved dog was run over. A guilt-ridden Kim bonds with Millie over her own experience with a dead pet (her parents put her epileptic dog to sleep without telling her), and begins hanging out with her. When Millie neglects her studies, Lindsay worries that Kim and the freaks will lead Millie astray and ruin her life. Kim angrily retorts that Lindsay is afraid that she will no longer have Millie as a backup when she gets angry with her "bad friends." She threatens to kick her ass if she tells Millie the truth about her dog's death. The Weirs give Lindsay permission to attend the concert and keep an eye on Millie. Millie's mother shows up at Daniel's house, where the freaks are hanging out before leaving for the show, and gets into a screaming match with her daughter. Kim confesses the truth to keep Millie from drinking a beer. Millie storms off, but Lindsay follows and elects to skip the concert to spend the afternoon with her. Meanwhile, Nick teaches himself to play guitar and writes a love ballad for Lindsay. Ken, who has heard the song in question, stops Nick by smashing his guitar in the street. He assures Nick that he was doing him a huge favor. Mrs. Haverchuck stuns Bill with the news that she has been dating Coach Fredricks. Bill mouths off to him and walks out on gym class. Coach Fredricks tries to bond with Bill by taking the geeks to a go-cart track, but angers Bill after he challenges the guys to a race and causes Bill to spin out. Coach Fredricks insists that he really loves Mrs. Haverchuck, and wants to get to know Bill better. Bill later lets the coach join him for Dallas and explains the show's plot to him...

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Episode Notes
Bill watches the Dinah Shore show and comedian Garry Shandling appears as a guest.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Jason SegelLady LNick plays the song for Ken
Seals & CroftsSummer BreezeLindsey & Millie after they don't go to the concer
The WhoBoris the SpiderLindsey and Kim get into Kim's car, talk about Fle
The WhoDrownedThe guys at their "Who" bus as Lindsey arrives.
The WhoGoing MobileSam, Neal Bill and Coach Ben race go-carts.
The WhoI'm FreePlaying basketball in the gym, start of episode.
The WhoI'm OneBill makes himself dinner
The WhoLove Reign O'er MeBill eats breakfast, Coach Ben enters
The WhoSqueeze BoxHarold and Jean listen to The Who album.

Episode Quotes
Neil: I'm telling you guys, MASH is not funny.
Sam: You know I heard that the guy who plays Radar O'reilly doesn't have any fingers, that's why he always carries a clipboard around and stuff.

Bill: Mr. Fredricks?
Coach Ben Fredricks: Yes Bill.
Bill: I can't run
Coach Ben Fredricks: Why?
Bill: I have better things to do.
Coach Ben Fredricks: Excuse me?
Bill I have better things to do than run around a gym, and shoot a stupid ball in a hoop.
class snickers
Coach Ben Fredricks: Oh really Bill, what better things do you have to do?
Bill It could be anything...pick my nose and eat it...or read the comics or go to the bathroom...ehh all those things are better than gym class.
class murmers
Alan White: He is so dead...kill him Mr. Fredricks
Coach Ben Fredricks:points at Allen Shut up Allen...for once in your life shut your big stinking trap ok?
Alan White: He was the one who was...
Coach Ben Fredricks: I'm talking to you, shut your mouth. I've had it with the constant comments and excessive cackling. You got me?
Alan White: Okay.
Coach Ben Fredricks: Now Bill , your going to run the laps...and your gonna do the drills , you know why? Cause this is my gym. I'm the teacher , your the student....okay?
Bill gets up, walks away
Coach Ben Fredricks: Sit ..sit down.
Bill: You can't tell me what to do.
Coach Ben Fredricks: You keep walking and your in big trouble Mr. Haverchuck.
Bill: What are you gonna do, call my mom?
Coach Ben Fredricks: Hey Bill?
Bill Leave me alone.
class mumbles
Alan White:leans over and whispers I never thought I'd say this but Haverchucks the king. chuckles

(starts analyzing the Who album, plays Squeeze Box)
Harold: It's kind of catchy.
Jean Ya... I like the banjo.
Harold: What? What did he say...squeeze box?
Jean I...
Harold: Is it just me, or does that sound filthy?
Jean Honey (chuckles) I think it's about an accordian.
Harold: (listens closely to hear lyrics)Hmm... what?
Jean It's nice (mimics playing an accordian)
Harold: In and out, in and out?
Jean The instrument.
Harold: Jean, that is not an accordian, that is....in and out .
Jean (mimics playing an accordian) Yeah its 'in and out.
Harold: In and out...in and off is what it's going.

Harold: No, absolutely not. That record was pure pornographic.
Lindsay: Oh dad, come on don't be a prude.
Harold: If I was such a prude you wouldn't exist.

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