Season 2

23 :02x01 - Dream Come True

A dream therapist comes to the aide of a boy who is haunted by Freddy. Unfortunately for the doctor, Freddy doesn't like anyone butting into his business.

A cameraman discovers evidence that links Freddy to a series of recent murders, but the trouble rests in trying to get someone to believe that a killer is drawing blood from beyond the grave.
Guest Stars: Charles Cyphers as Ben Ostoff (credited as Charles Syphers) | David Kaufman as Randy Jennings | Scott Marlowe as Brandon Kefler | Linda G. Miller as Cathy Jennings (credited as Linda G. Miller) | Gerard Prendergast as Garry Heath | Jay Thomas as Stan Brooks | Tiffany Helm as Waitress |
Co-Guest Stars: Bruce Marchiano as Rick | George C. Simms as Detective Jackson (credited as George Simms) |
Featuring: Martin Charles Warner as Wino | Jody Lee Olhava as Stage Manager | R. Leo Schreiber as Guard
Story: Tom Lazarus | Teleplay: Tom Blomquist

24 :02x02 - Heartbreak Hotel

A reporter for a trashy supermarket tabloid magazine finds that his headline ideas can come true.

A man who survives a crash awakens to find himself with amnesia. The only glimpse into his memory are nightmares of someone he doesn't want to be.
Guest Stars: Richard Cox (1) as Jerry | Stacy Keach, Sr. as Geroge Teller | Anne Lockhart as Rachel Kelly | Gloria Loring as Ellen Kramer | John Stinson as Roger Dittano | Owen Bush as Clerk |
Co-Guest Stars: Terri Semper as Dr. Coppage | Tammy Ames as Salley Kelly | Tiffany Helm as Waitress Mary | Jack Manning as Tom Gibson |
Featuring: Jay Boryea as Lou | Katsy Chappell (1) as Nurse #2 | Patty Toy as Nurse #1
Director: William Malone

25 :02x03 - Welcome to Springwood

Springwood sends its unique welcoming committee to a couple of new residents.

A married couple move into town, but the wife soon discovers that the movers have mixed up their things someone else's. The contents bring on fears, and her mental health doesn't help.

An archaeologist finds a career in a new place, but her desire for the past and look-out for love crosses paths and sets her up on a dangerous road.
Guest Stars: Todd Allen as Turk | Leah Ayres as Roxanne Wodehouse | Michael Horton (2) as Doug Wodehouse | Dey Young as Emily Jamison |
Co-Guest Stars: Camilla Ashland as Rose | Brenda Cooper as The Woman Jane | Webster Williams as Gregory |
Featuring: George Kmeck as The Man
Director: Ken Wiederhorn

26 :02x04 - Photo Finish

A photographer in a slump catches a break when she's hired for a Halloween shoot for a magazine. Freddy offers his services to add a level of authenticity.

Following a murder-suicide, FBI agents are sent to investigate. One investigator has a strange method of solving crimes, by stepping into the minds of the suspects. However, he gets in too far and won't like what he sees.
Guest Stars: Patricia McCormack as Estonia "Stoney" Adler (credited as Patty McCormack) | D. David Morin as Peterson | Kristina Loggia as Torrie Bodnar | Jason Wingreen as Jack |
Co-Guest Stars: Richard Speight, Jr. as Oliver
Director: Tom Desimone

27 :02x05 - Memory Overload

A worse for wear university professor takes in a former student who's running from his past, something he's all too familiar with.

Barbara is a cold-hearted credit rating agent who has no qualms about breaking the rules for her own gain. She soon finds herself set in a trap of her own making.
Guest Stars: Joseph Cali as Joe | Kyle Chandler as Chuck | Alex Cord as The General | Karen Landry as Barbara | Andrew Prine as Professor Charles Windom | Eileen Seeley as Millie |
Co-Guest Stars: Bill Baker as Investigator | Winifred Freedman as Jane | Vince Trankina as Phil | Sharon Mahoney as Jeanie |
Featuring: Lauren Cole as Mary Whittaker | Dean Denton as M.P. #1
Director: Don Weis

28 :02x06 - Lucky Stiff

A widow is guilt-striken, as she fears her husband's heart attack was brought on by her affair. Life with her new husband isn't better, but winning the lottery brings on even more problems.
Guest Stars: Mary Crosby as Greta Nordhoff-Roscoe | Richard Eden (1) as Hank Roscoe | David L. Lander as Lenny Nordhoff | Tracey Walter as The Gravedigger |
Co-Guest Stars: Frank Birney as Herman Glimpsure | Perri Lister as Lucy | Glen Vernon as The Minister
Director: William Malone
Writer: David Braff

29 :02x07 - Silence is Golden

A radio DJ has been putting on an insulting act for the sake of his show. He tries to turn away from this persona, but an altercation with a mime has his on-air personality bleed into his personal life.

Kip is a part-time mime who spends his nightlife as a serial thief. He suddenly finds the stakes raised as he dodges getting caught after he learns that his last targets were murdered.
Guest Stars: Bart Braverman as Trader Tom | Steve Franken as Mr. Sexton | Kim Morgan Greene as Andi | Sherry Hursey as Shelia Rake | Albie Selznick as The Mime Kip | Jeff Yagher as Rick Rake |
Co-Guest Stars: Joe Di Reda as Policeman #1 (credited as Joseph di Reda) | Michael Gregory as Policeman #2 | Gretchen Palmer as Tracy Maller |
Featuring: Kendall Carly Browne as Mrs. Chesteron (credited as Kendall Carly Brown) | Phil Eposito as Delivery Man | Craig Peters as Man in the Street

30 :02x08 - Bloodlines

An escaped convict returns home to retrieve the money that got him locked away in the first place. Unfortunately for him, the son he didn't want isn't going to just hand it over.

When a couple adopt a daughter, the mother is increasingly worried about the origins and possible true nature of her child.
Guest Stars: Marc Alaimo as Woody Burton | Ruth de Sosa as Maggie Burton | Chris Nash as Jack Burton | Sheree North as Joyce Burton |
Co-Guest Stars: Walter Addison as Officer Webb | Irina Cashen as Patty Burton |
Featuring: Eb Lottimer as Young Woody | Melanie Tomlin as Young Joyce Burton
Director: James Quinn (2)

31 :02x09 - Monkey Dreams

Joe hopes a potential interception of extraterrestrial transmissions is the thing that will finally pay off his gambling debt.

Dr. Lynch's cancer research on lab animals causes him to fear his work will be sabotaged by animal rights activists, as his assistant begins to develop moral objections to the work.
Guest Stars: Joseph Cali as Joe (credited as Joe Cali) | Richard Dano as Bob Catlin | Sherman Howard as Dr. Lynch | Sharon Mahoney as Jeannie | Eileen Seeley as Millie |
Co-Guest Stars: Alan Berger as Hawk | Charles Champion as Police Officer | Rick Zumwalt as Barney the Shiv
Director: Robert Englund

32 :02x10 - Do You Know Where Your Kids Are?

Lisa takes over a babysitting gig for a friend where learns that the family has their daughter locked in the basement.

When Lisa disappears, her mother's mind begins slipping and sees a girl she takes in as her daughter.
Guest Stars: Sharon Farrell as Mrs. Wax | Courtney Gebhart as Patty Burton | Chris Nash as Jack Burton | Julie St. Claire as Heidi | Suzanne Tara as Lisa Wax |
Co-Guest Stars: Chris Finefrock as Will Burton |
Featuring: Brad Hunt as Kurt | Jeannine Lewis as Jill Burton
Director: Bill Froehlich

33 :02x11 - Dreams That Kill

The current host of Springwood Confidential prepares to do a show on a series of sleep related deaths. That is until Freddy persuades him to cancel the topic.

A motorcycle crash victim recovers thanks to an experimental procedure that involves brain matter transplantation. Unfortunately, he soon takes on many of his donor's traits, including nightmarish hauntings by Freddy.
Guest Stars: Christine Belford as Dr. Weiss | Christian Bocher as Mark Lindstrom | Nicholas Cascone as Dr. Erwin | Dick Gautier as Charlie Nichels | Deborah Rennard as Britt |
Co-Guest Stars: Phyllis Franklin as Enid | Bobbie Ferguson as Mom Lindstrom | Nicholas Gunn as Monkey Puke | Brian Sheehan as Evan |
Featuring: Marcia Ann Burrs as Nurse #2 (credited as Marsha Burrs) | Delores Mitchell as Nurse #1 | Don Perry as Scotty
Director: Tom Desimone

34 :02x12 - It's My Party and You'll Die If I Want You To

Freddy uses a fake medium to have some real fun.

He then decides to crash his high school class reunion.
Guest Stars: Fran├žois Giroday as Larry Delson | Greg Monaghan as Barry Dean | Barbara Treutelaar as Denise Charlotte |
Co-Guest Stars: Joy Baggish as Cindy Schibe | Gwen Banta as Mara Ruleen | LaReine Chabut as Jodi Lancer | John Fujioka as Harry Lee | Russel Lunday as Det. Pete Ortega | Nicholas Shaffer as Howard Nehamkin | Richard Speight, Jr. as Oliver Michaels (credited as Richard Speight) | Vivien Straus as Mary Johnson | Patrick Waddell as John Johnson
Director: Tom Desimone

35 :02x13 - What You Don't Know Can Kill You

A hypnotherapist uses a technique to seduce his female patients. Fearing that he'll be turned in, he uses his abilities to carry out a murder plot to cover his tracks.

A man wanted for murder undergoes surgery to change his appearance, unaware that his new face already has a bullseye on it courtesy of the mob.
Guest Stars: Rachelle Carson as Dr. Helen Veneer | Rosalind Allen as Mrs. Lowe (credited as Rosalind Ingledew) | Fran Montano as Derby Brown I | Phil Proctor as Dr. Crowley (credited as Phillip Proctor) | Paul Regina as Vinnie/Derby Brown II
Director: Ken Wiederhorn

36 :02x14 - Easy Come, Easy Go

Greta is still married to gravedigger Eugene Moss, but sees a way out when she is visited by her second husband's twin brother.

Just when all is looking for up for Greta, she faces a potential comeuppance when an ex-boyfriend shows up with every reason for payback.
Guest Stars: Mary Crosby as Greta Moss | Richard Eden (1) as Hank & Wes Roscoe | Wings Hauser as Sonny | Jill Jacobson as Peggy | Tracey Walter as Eugene Moss |
Co-Guest Stars: Frank Birney as Herman Glimpsure
Director: William Malone
Writer: David Braff

37 :02x15 - Prime Cut

Three friends go on a camping trip with an alluring female guide, who just happens to be a bloodthirsty vampire. In the second part of the episode, two survivors of a plane crash have to eat the crash victims to stay alive. However, a serial killer is on the loose in the woods nearby...will they survive long enough for help to arrive, die from hunger, or be slaughtered by the vicious killer?
Guest Stars: Sandahl Bergman as Ginger "Tracker" Morgan | Tony Dow (1) as Johnny Travers | Amy Lyndon as Mary Beth | Donovan Scott as Jake Hopchik | Christopher Stanley as Todd Lawrence (credited as Chris Stanley)

38 :02x16 - Interior Loft

Kim and David hope to make extra money by starting a sex line. To their horror, they find that they've aroused the bloodlust in someone who is killing based on details in the conversations.

The effects cause Kim to loose the distinction between reality and the book she's writing.
Guest Stars: John DiSanti as Tony Ross (credited as John Di Santi) | Kip Gilman as David Lewis/Michael (credited as Kenneth David Gilman) | Elizabeth Keifer as Kim Lewis/Tania | Ron Max as Dr. Ira Richards
Director: Ken Wiederhorn
Writer: David Braff

39 :02x17 - Interior Loft Later

A struggling artist fakes his death to boost sales of his work.

A man moves into a loft with two women whom he seduces with tall tales.
Guest Stars: Leslie Bega as Stacy | Dean Fortunato as Art | Robert F. Lyons as Alex McFain | Craig Richard Nelson as Garrett Marx | Tory Polone as Gina | Margot Rose as Mollie Roads | Fabiana Udenio as Fabina McFain
Director: Ken Wiederhorn

40 :02x18 - Funhouse

After a couple moves into an allegedly haunted house, the wife's history of infidelity becomes the real ghost that comes back in their lives.

A paraplegic man allows his wife to sleep with a moving man, but soon becomes uneasy with the role he plays in their relationship.
Guest Stars: Todd Allen as Turk | Laura Austin as Jillian | Joseph Brutsman as Colin | Robin Greer as Emma Palmer | Clayton Landey as Robert Palmer | Valerie Wildman as Evelyn Hall |
Co-Guest Stars: Robert Dowdell as Victor Hall |
Featuring: Bill Froehlich as The Ghost | A.L. Katz as The Milkman
Director: Gilbert Adler

41 :02x19 - A Family Affair

A successful family man tries to cut off his mistress, but her refusal to go away will cost him dearly. His son, a high school basketball player with serious potential, is effected most severely by his father's bad decisions.
Guest Stars: Gina Gallego as Isabel | Kim Morgan Greene as Claire | Leonard O. Turner as Paul Woodman | Marlene Warfield as Helen Woodman
Director: Keith Samples
Writer: David Braff

42 :02x20 - Dust To Dust

Ginger, Johnny, and Mary Beth are recovering from their cannibalism, but cave in to temptation. Unfortunately, the man they kill and eat was carrying a virus.

Once quarantined, they are studied but one scientist suffers from a troubled conscious and wants to walks away, but may not get the chance.
Guest Stars: Sandahl Bergman as Ginger "Tracker" Morgan | Richard Brestoff as Dr. Clayton Van Der Straten | Tony Dow (1) as Johnny Travers | Amy Lyndon as Mary Beth | Tim Russ as Dr. Henry Picard | Martha Smith as Dr. Katherine Rostinskya |
Co-Guest Stars: Greg Wrangler as Lt. Col. John Garret |
Featuring: Oliver Bodnar as Oliver | Janet Keyser as Janet | Zippy The Chimp as Captain R.D. Thomas
Director: Bill Froehlich

43 :02x21 - Prisoner of Love

A priest gives into temptation when he begins a sexual relationship with a female prisoner.

He is then given the option of redemption or damnation by trying to get another prisoner to forgive a transgressor.
Guest Stars: Vincent Baggetta as Father Jarvis | Tara Buckman as Brenda Vincent | John Milford as Warden Hendler | Maria Richwine as Violet Rodriguez

44 :02x22 - Life Sentence

A violent bank robber is about to get parole. However, a family member of one of his victims plots a revenge that will make him wish he was still behind bars.

The prison warden is running for sheriff, but lagging in the polls. He hopes to use the whereabouts of money from a robbery to boost his numbers. The only way to get to this is by using an experimental drug on one of the prisoners.
Guest Stars: George De La Pena as Andy Claufield | Penny Johnson Jerald as Elaine Alamo (credited as Penny Johnson) | John Milford as Warden Hendler | Glynn Turman as Dr. Redman |
Co-Guest Stars: Otto Coelho as Guard Brock | Raymond Cruz as Johnny "Mac" McFarland (credited as Ray Cruz) | Jolina Collins as Monica Haberlin (credited as Jolina Mitchell) | Ron Troncatty as Bruno Gaines
Classification: Scripted
Genre: | Anthology | Drama | Horror/Supernatural | Thriller
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Syndicated ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 09, 1988
Ended: May 11, 1990
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