Friday the 13th: The Series

Friday the 13th: The Series

This show is about two distant cousins, Ryan Dallion and Micki Foster, who inherit an antique shop named Curious Goods from their Uncle Lewis Vendredi. They are unaware that Vendredi made a pact with the Devil to sell cursed antiques, and when he tried to back out the Devil came to claim his soul. The cousins sell the antiques to unsuspecting buyers, then realize too late what they've done. Now Ryan and Micki team up with their uncle's innocent partner Jack Marshak, an occultist who unwittingly purchased the antiques for Vendredi. Using Lewis' manifest, they track the sales and try to recover the antiques, each of which gives its owner special powers in return for some kind of sacrifice: typically human lives.

Late in the second season, the trio got involved with Johnny Ventura, whose father was killed by an antique wielder. He helped them in their investigations and when Ryan had to leave at the beginning of the third season, Johnny helped out Micki and Jack full-time. They occasionally ran into magical artifacts that weren't antiques, but for the most part they'd recover the indestructible antiques and store them in the vault below the antique store that they used as their base of operations.

Episode Info

Final: 3x20 -- The Charnel Pit (May/26/1990)

Micki runs afoul of a collector owning a two-sided painting which functions as a portal through time to the Marquis de Sade.
John D. LeMayJohn D. LeMay
As Ryan Dallion (S01-S02)
John D. LeMayJohn D. LeMay
As Ryan Dallion (S01-S02)
Louise RobeyLouise Robey
As Micki Foster (as Robey)
Louise RobeyLouise Robey
As Micki Foster (as Robey)
Steve MonarqueSteve Monarque
As Johnny Ventura (S03)
Steve MonarqueSteve Monarque
As Johnny Ventura (S03)
Chris WigginsChris Wiggins
As Jack Marshak
Chris WigginsChris Wiggins
As Jack Marshak

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2x24: The Shaman's Apprentice recap: At Riverview Hospital, Dr. Lamar is working on a patient while Dr. John White Cloud tries to advise. Lamar is offended and notes that he’s doing charity cases for White Cloud’s clinic. The patient starts bleeding in the chest and Lamar tries to clamp the bleeding. White Cloud warns that it will cause a stroke but Lamar ignores him and goes ahead. Afterward, Lamar tells White Cloud that he’s taking away all privileges, forcing his clinic to shut down... read more.

2x19: The Butcher recap: One Year Ago.. read more.

2x18: A Friend to the End recap: An elderly couple, Howard and Marjorie Harper, remove the corpse of Richard Wadwell, 1879-1891, from a mausoleum and take him home. They place the corpse in an antique child’s coffin and admire it for a moment. The doorbell rings and Marjorie goes to answer it. She brings in a Miss Ramsukha, a nanny they hired, and Marjorie informs her husband that she has no friends or family. They take Ramsukha into the room and lock the door behind her. Ramsukha looks inside the coffin and the corpse leaps up and grabs her. Outside, Howard and Marjorie says he’ll be all theirs. The door opens and a young boy, perfectly formed, comes out... read more.

1x21: Double Exposure recap: Newsman Winston Knight is at home and watches a VHS tape of himself doing the news. He checks his watch and then removes an old-fashioned camera from a case. He sets it up and takes a picture of himself, and then goes to his darkroom to develop it. The plate bubbles within the developing fluid, and then a human figure emerges from the tray as Winston smiles in triumph. Winston then has the figure dress and gives it very precise instructions, including his phone number. He tells the figure to call him at precisely 11:28 p.m, and has it put on gloves and arm itself with a machete... read more.

1x10: Tales of the Undead recap: Teenage comic book fan Cal is at the local store and buying his comics. He notices that the owner, Charlie Evans, has a copy of Tales of the Undead #1 on display. He approaches Charlie, who takes him for a fan of the superhero that premiered in that issue 40 years ago, Ferrus the Invincible. The copy is signed by the creator, Jay Star. Cal admits he'd killed for a copy of it, and Charlie figures it'll bring $25,000 at auction. Cal signs up for a contest for a free comic for a year and then walks over. Ryan comes in to pick up his weekly comics and Charlie shows Ryan the issue of Tales, and explains he picked it up at an estate sale. As Ryan leaves and stops outside to look at the display, Cal tries to open the cabinet. Charlie tries to yank him away but Cal breaks the case and grabs the comic. As Charlie goes to call the police, Cal concentrates and lightning flares as the room shakes. Seconds later, Cal is transformed the robot Ferrus the Invincible. He chokes Charlie to death and then casually tosses him away. Ryan hears the commotion and runs back inside, and Ferrus knocks him aside and leaves... read more.
Recurring Guests

R.G. Armstrong as Lewis Vendredi (8 eps)
Carolyn Dunn as Laurie Warren (8 eps)
Bill Vibert as Sleazy Hood (8 eps)
Kate Trotter as Effie Stokes (7 eps)
Jill Hennessy as Vampire Woman (7 eps)
Steve Monarque as Johnny (7 eps)
Colin Fox as Brother Le Croix (6 eps)
Denis Forest as Eddie Monroe (6 eps)
Wayne Best as Brad (6 eps)
George Buza as O'Connor's Neighbor (6 eps)

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Type: Scripted
Genres: Drama, Horror/Supernatural
Status: Canceled/Ended
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 03, 1987
Ended: May 26, 1990
• Friday's Curse (A&E repeats), (Used In USA)
• The 13th Hour (Working Title)
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