Season 3

53 :03x01 - The Prophecies (1)

Jack tracks a cursed book, the Devil's Bible, to a French town where a priest of Satan, Asteroth, plans to use it to fulfill a series of prophecies resulting in the arrival of Satan on Earth.
Guest Stars: Fritz Weaver as Asteroth | Marie-France Lambert as Sister Adele | Jean Brousseau as TBD | Steve Monarque as Johnny Ventura (as Steven Monarque) |
Co-Guest Stars: Tara Meyer as Christina | Madeleine Pageau as Sister Francis | Lee J. Campbell as Burt Davis | Nathaniel Moreau as Young Ryan | Robert Des Roches as Mr. Thorez | Jacques Tourangeau as Lieutenant Marceau | Jill Frappier as Mrs. Dallion | Guy Provencher as Blind Man | Joshua Labelle as Jimmy | Huguette Oligny as Housekeeper
Director: Tom McLoughlin

54 :03x02 - The Prophecies (2)

Micki, Ryan, and Johnny travel to France to help Jack after his injuries battling Asteroth, and find themselves trying to stop the final prophecies.
Guest Stars: Fritz Weaver as Asteroth | Marie-France Lambert as Sister Adele | Jean Brousseau as TBD | Steve Monarque as Johnny Ventura (as Steven Monarque) |
Co-Guest Stars: Tara Meyer as Christina | Madeleine Pageau as Sister Francis | Lee J. Campbell as Burt Davis | Nathaniel Moreau as Young Ryan | Robert Des Roches as Mr. Thorez | Jacques Tourangeau as Lieutenant Marceau | Guy Provencher as Blind Man | Joshua Labelle as Jimmy | Huguette Oligny as Housekeeper | Jill Frappier as Mrs. Dallion
Director: Tom McLoughlin

55 :03x03 - Demon Hunter

A family of demon hunters are seeking the cult that kidnapped their daughter, and the demon that the cult summoned. The demon comes to Curious Goods and the secret caverns beneath, and the the demon hunters clash with the trio.
Guest Stars: Dale Wilson as Faron Cassidy |
Co-Guest Stars: Allison Mang as Bonnie Cassidy | David Orth as Vance Cassidy | David Stratton as Travis Cassidy | Jacques Fortier as Ahriman
Writer: Jim Henshaw

56 :03x04 - Crippled Inside

A girl crippled escaping from an attempted gang rape is given a second chance to walk thanks to a cursed wheelchair... and the opportunity to kill the men who attacked her.
Guest Stars: Stephanie Morgenstern as Rachel Horn | Greg Spottiswood as Marcus |
Co-Guest Stars: Diana Leblanc as Judith Horn | Richard Chevolleau as Scott | Dean McDermott as Peter | Andrew Simms as Ed | John Gilbert (1) as Old Man | Joyce Gordon as Phyllis | Sharon Bernbaum as Girl 1 | Joseph Scoren as Boy 1 (as Joseph Scorsiani) | Geneviève Appleton as Girl 2
Director: Timothy Bond

57 :03x05 - Stick It In Your Ear

An antique hearing aid provides down-and-out stage mentalist Adam Cole with the power to read minds for real... until the excess thoughts prove fatal. To survive, Adam must transfer the thoughts to someone else.
Guest Stars: Wayne Best as Adam Cole |
Co-Guest Stars: Chas Lawther as Phil | Elizabeth Edwards (1) as Randi | Gordon Jocelyn as Dr. Risbeck | Bill McDermott as Mr. Maxwell | Kimberly Miles as Cheryl | Chris Bondy as Stan Elliot (as Christopher Bondy) | Tim Burd as Andrew | Hal Johnson as Guy | Michael Caruana as Henry Feldman
Writer: Jon Ezrine

58 :03x06 - Bad Penny

Two crooked cops get hold of the Coin of Ziocles, which can raise the dead. Johnny recovers the coin... then uses it to resurrect his dead father. Meanwhile, Micki tries to deal with the trauma of her "death" brought on by the coin.
Guest Stars: Ed Setrakian as Gorman | Sean McCann as Vince Ventura |
Co-Guest Stars: John Bourgeois as Briggs | John Tench as Koslow | Katherine Ashby as Rita | Mark Melymick as Desk Sergeant | Dwight Bacquie as Driver | Raymond Hunt as Hard Hat | Mung-Ling Tsui as Anchor Woman
Director: William Fruet

59 :03x07 - Hate On Your Dial

Johnny inadvertently sells a cursed car radio that allows its owner to travel back in time.
Guest Stars: Michael Rhoades as Ray Pierce |
Co-Guest Stars: Vlasta Vrana as Sheriff | Robert A. Silverman as Archie Pierce | Melanie Miller as Margaret Pierce | Martin Doyle as Steve Pierce | Henry Czerny as Joe | Richard Mills (1) as Elliott | Marc Gomes as Henry Emmett | Gene Mack as Ben Wilten | Jackie Richardson as Frances | Jan Waterhouse as Waitress | Jamie Near as Young Archie
Director: Allan Eastman
Songs: The Chordettes -- Mr. Sandman

60 :03x08 - Night Prey

A man uses a cursed cross to hunt down the vampires who stole his fiance years ago, and will go to any lengths to find her.
Guest Stars: Michael Burgess (1) as Kurt Blackman |
Co-Guest Stars: Eric Murphy as Evan Van Hellier | Genevieve Langlois as Michele | Vincent Dale as Baker | Jill Hennessy as Vampire Woman | Donald Carrier as Father Foy | Dan MacDonald (1) as Father McKinnon | Tamara Gorski as Hooker | Kirk Austensen as Young Preppie | Matt Birman as Doorman | Helen Sofos as Women with Michele | Wally Bolland as Security Guard
Writer: Peter Mohan

61 :03x09 - Femme Fatale

A director married to an aging actress discovers that he can temporarily bring her younger on-screen persona into the real world by forcing young women to take her place in the cursed film reel... and die in the final act.
Guest Stars: Gordon Pinsent as Desmond Williams | Kate Reid as Lili Lita | Chris Moore (1) as Glenda |
Co-Guest Stars: Jed Dixon as Eddie Dugan | Louise Kidney as Tina Larson | Lorretta Bailey as Krissy (as Loretta Bailey) | Kim Huffman (1) as Erin (as Kymberly Huffman) | John Tench as Gunsel 1 | Matt Birman as Harmon | Brian Furlong as Cop | David Eldan as Film Nerd | Sandi Stahlbrand as News Reporter
Director: Francis Delia

62 :03x10 - Mightier Than the Sword

A writer of real-life serial killers uses an antique pen to create his own subject matter: he can force innocent victims to act out whatever he writes, then become rich by transcribing their activities.
Guest Stars: Colm Feore as Alex Dent |
Co-Guest Stars: Roxanne Hill as Dusty Dawn | Markus Parilo as Clint Fletcher | Thomas Hauff as Prison Chaplain | James Kee as Jerry Fletcher | Michael Caruana as Harold Bradley | James O'Regan as Detective Adams | Donna Goodhand as Marion Frazier | Anthony DeSantis as Bar Patron (as Tony De Santis) | Emmanuel Mark as Interviewer (as Emanual Mark)

63 :03x11 - Year of the Monkey

A rich Japanese businessmen uses three magical monkey statues of "See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil," to test their worthiness to inherit his fortune.
Guest Stars: Robert Ito as Tanaka | Tia Carrere as Michiko Tanaka | John Fujioka as Musashi |
Co-Guest Stars: Lawrence Nakamura as Shohei | Leonard Chow as Koji | Von Flores as Hito | Jill Hennessy as Secretary | Robert Lee (2) as Engineer | Janet Lo as Ministry Woman | Ed Heeley as Harmon (as Edward Heeley) | Futoshi Kimura as Young Mushashi | David Gow as Associate
Director: Rodney Charters

64 :03x12 - Epitaph For a Lonely Soul

A lonely embalmer discovers that an antique aspirator allows him to bring back the dead by killing someone else. He uses it on an attractive young woman, who soon wonders why he confines her to the mortuary and insists she can never leave.
Guest Stars: Neil Munro as Eli Leonard | Monika Schnarre as Lisa Caldwell | Barclay Hope as Steve Wells |
Co-Guest Stars: Sam Malkin as Max | James Mainprize as Hank | Gerry Salsberg as Father of Teenager | Joan Karasevich as Mother of Teenager | Antony Desmond as Teenager | Jackie McLeod as Melanie | Claire Cellucci as Linda Curry
Director: Allan Kroeker
Writer: Carl Binder

65 :03x13 - Midnight Riders

On the tenth anniversary of their deaths, a gang of ghostly bikers return to the small town where Jack grew up, seeking revenge for the fact they were falsely accused of rape. Jack's father also returns after a ten-year disappearance at sea, and has the chance to reunite with his son.
Starring Roles: Fiona Reid as Cynthia Galen |
Guest Stars: Dennis Thatcher as Cawley Marshak | Lawrence King (1) as Trevor | George Buza as Biker #2 |
Co-Guest Stars: Andrea Roth as Penny Galen | David Orth as Tommy Betz | John Friesen as Sheriff Graydon | John Bayliss as Reverend Betz | Jamie Jones as The Dragon
Director: Allan Eastman
Writer: Jim Henshaw

66 :03x14 - Repetition

A cursed locket forces the owner to bring back the dead by sacrificing a victim... but the locket brings back the victim's ghost to haunt the owner into bringing them back...
Guest Stars: David Ferry as Walter Cromwell | Kate Trotter as Anne Holloway |
Co-Guest Stars: Vicki Wauchope as Heather Stevens | Kay Tremblay as Mrs. Cromwell | Sharry Flett as Ruth Stevens | Stephen Hunter as Martin Lentz | Dan MacDonald (1) as Doctor | Aaron Ross Fraser as Bill | R.D. Reid as Bart | Brent Titcomb as Jimmy | Paul Bettis as Undertaker
Director: William Fruet

67 :03x15 - The Long Road Home

Johnny and Micki are on the trail of a Yin-Yang amulet that allows the possessor to switch bodies with someone else. However, it ends up in the hands of two brothers who don't want to give it up.
Guest Stars: Geza Kovacs as Eddie Hegley | Angelo Rizacos as Mike Hegley |
Co-Guest Stars: Michael Philip as Jerry | Eric Coates as Don | Barbara Radecki as Carol (as Barbara Von Radecki) | Jack Zimmerman as Gas Attendant | Beverly Murray as Waitress
Director: Allan Kroeker
Writer: Carl Binder

68 :03x16 - My Wife as a Dog

A fireman with a shrewish wife obtains a cursed dog leash that allows him to... housebreak her.
Guest Stars: Denis Forest as Aubrey Ross |
Co-Guest Stars: Kim Nelles as Lea Ross | Jayne Eastwood as Joni | Ken James (1) as Captain Channing | Layne Coleman as Baldwin | Vincent Dale as Keith Steele | Charles Kerr as Dr. McGibbon | Alan Powell as Mitchell | Diana Rowland as Delia Cox | Jennifer Griffin as Tricia
Writer: Jim Henshaw

69 :03x17 - Jack-in-the-Box

A wife mourns the death of her husband... unaware that her daughter has found a cursed jack-in-the-box that allows her to summon her father's spirit by killing the men responsible for his death.
Guest Stars: Wayne Best as Brock Garrett | Marsha Moreau as Megan Garrett |
Co-Guest Stars: Lori Hallier as Helen Garrett | Alan C. Peterson as Mike | Bonnie Beck as Sandra Baker | Jill Hennessy as Lifeguard | Earl Pastko as Merv | Ron Byrd as Rick
Director: David Winning
Writer: Dennis Foon

70 :03x18 - The Spirit of Television

A phony spiritualist uses a cursed television to temporarily cure her illness by putting people in contact with the spirits of their friends and relatives... and then sending the spirits out to kill them later.
Guest Stars: Marj Dusay as Ilsa Van Zandt |
Co-Guest Stars: Paul Humphrey as William | Belinda Metz as Jessica | Paul Bettis as Robert Jandini | Nancy Cser as Genevieve | Susan E. Cox as Katia | Hamish McEwan as Vinnie | Elliot Smith as Bruce (as Elliott Smith) | Jed Dixon as Robert Sebastian | Brian Rainey as Newsman | Ida Carnevali as Mama Jardini | Leslie Yeo as Papa Jandini | Bill Vibert as Bartender
Director: Jorge Montesi

71 :03x19 - The Tree of Life

An obstetrician uses a cursed Druid statue to provide infertile women with children. The women give birth to mixed-sex twins, but the husband is sacrificed. The woman is unaware she has twins, and is given the male child while the girl child is taken away and trained as a priestess for the Druid's cult.
Guest Stars: Gale Garnett as Dr. Sybil Oakwood | Brenda Bazinet as Jennifer Eng |
Co-Guest Stars: John Innes as Mr. Sanderson | Tedde Moore as Nurse Dana | Barbara Gordon as Nurse Morgan | Robert Bidaman as Michael Eng | Ashleigh Ann Wood as Shelagh (as Ashley Wood) | Carole Galloway as Mrs. Sanderson | Graham McPherson as Dr. Cornwall | Martin Donlevy as Newsie
Director: William Fruet

72 :03x20 - The Charnel Pit

Micki runs afoul of a collector owning a two-sided painting which functions as a portal through time to the Marquis de Sade.
Guest Stars: Neil Munro as Marquis de Sade | Vlasta Vrana as Webster Eby |
Co-Guest Stars: Cynthia Preston as Stephanie (as Cyndy Prestno) | Paul Coeur as Latour (as Paul Jolicoeur) | Genevieve Langlois as Catherine | Andrew Jackson (1) as General Lafayette | Christa Daniel as Larissa | Gerard Parkes as Lafontaine | Nancy Cser as Contessa | Robert Nicholson as Innkeeper | Louise Kidney as Peasant Girl
Writer: Jim Henshaw
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Horror/Supernatural
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Syndicated ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 03, 1987
Ended: May 26, 1990
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