Season 8

46 :08x01 - Taking on the Mafia

Season 8 begins with the story of an Italian restaurant owner who refused to pay the required monthly "tax" from the Mafia, under the backing of the anti-crime activists and law enforcement. Also included is a story of Chinese Muslims who are being detained at Guatanamo Bay, Cuba; and a Brazilian politician who legally changed his name to Barack Obama.

47 :08x02 - Children of the Taliban

An examination by Sharmeen Obaid of the Taliban's increasing power and influence over Pakistan. Also, South Korea's possible newest public health crisis: Internet addiction.

48 :08x03 - Pakistan Under Siege

An exploration of Pakistan's struggles against the Taliban. Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy unveils the attempt to sway the hearts and minds of the citizens of Karachi and treks across the country. David Montero investigates the death of a friend/journalist against the Taliban during an Army Swat Valley campaign.

49 :08x04 - Digital Dumping Ground

An investigation concerning the dumping of electronic junk worldwide, including China and Ghana, and what dangers it presents to the scavengers who seek precious metals from the devices to melt down. Also included is a report on criminals who seek information from old computers and cell phones. Another story is about the efforts put forth to create an affordable wheelchair for developing countries; plus, entrepreneurial competition which is taking place in the Middle East.