Galaxy Express 999

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Trader's Fork (Part ..
Nov 09, 1978
Season 1 episode 9

Graveyard of Gravity..
Nov 02, 1978
Season 1 episode 8

Graveyard of Gravity..
Oct 26, 1978
Season 1 episode 7

The Comet Library
Oct 19, 1978
Season 1 episode 6

Shadow of the Lost P..
Oct 12, 1978
Season 1 episode 5

Great Bandit Antares
Oct 05, 1978
Season 1 episode 4

Resting Warriors on ..
Sep 28, 1978
Season 1 episode 3

Masako IkedaMasako Ikeda
voiced Maetel
Masako NozawaMasako Nozawa
voiced Tetsuro Hoshino

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1x1: Ballad of Departure recap: A long narration explains the background for the story humans can exchange their bodies for mechanical ones in the city of Megalopolis. However, only the rich can afford this. The poor people who cannot afford this change are evicted from Megalopolis and live in poverty. Then a story develops where the poor people who’d like to have a mechanical body can board the Galaxy Express for a chance to have mechanical bodies for free. A mother and her son, Tetsurou are shown walking in the snow headed to the Express station. We see that they are being pursued by human hunters, cyborgs that like to kill humans for sport. Tetsurou trips and his mother picks him up. This slipup enables the cyborgs to take out a sniper rile and kill the mother. Tetsurou escapes as his mother’s last wishes is for him to live. The hunters arrive and take away the body of Tetsurou’s mother as a trophy. Tetsurou passes out in the snow but is saved by a woman named Maetel. Maetel tells him that she picked a transimission with he and his mother. Maetel also shows him that she has an unlimited pass for the Galaxy Express. Maetel tells him that they should board the Express together. Tetsurou agrees but then hears a transmission with the cyborgs that killed his mother. Tetsurou’s with Maetels information on Cyborg hunters goes and kills them all. He then burns their mansion down As soon as he does this, the Cyborg Police come out and try to kill him... read more.

Executive Producer: Masahisa Saeki
Music: Nozomi Aoki
Character Designer: Shigeru Kogawa, Shingo Araki
Based On The Works Of: Leiji Matsumoto

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Kumiko Kaori as Leryuzu (3 eps)

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