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Season 1

1 :01x01 - Mud Gator Attacks

In the premiere of this reality series about a Florida duo who remove alligators and other dangerous animals from residential areas, Paul and Jimmy try to capture an eight-toed alligator before a rival trapper kills it; and a volunteer's lack of experience could spell trouble for the crew.

Source: Animal Planet

2 :01x02 - Mama Gator Mayhem

A hunt for hatchlings is enlivened by a very protective mother alligator. Meanwhile, a team member's attitude becomes a distraction.

Source: Animal Planet

3 :01x03 - Alligator Rampage

A volunteer is in danger in the gator pit, which may be the result of inadequate training; stormy weather makes the crew's work even more perilous than it already is.

Source: Animal Planet

4 :01x04 - Stormin' Gators

Jimmy mulls taking an alligator-wrestling show on the road as a way of expanding the business, but Paul won't hear of it, and the rift between the owners spreads to the company's volunteers, threatening to undermine the entire operation.

Source: Animal Planet

5 :01x05 - Gators Gone Rogue

Jimmy goes on the road with the best volunteers, but is attacked by a tarantula and has a run-in with the police. Meanwhile, Paul tries to keep the business afloat despite being left shorthanded.

Source: Animal Planet

6 :01x06 - Horse-Devouring Gator

Paul and Jimmy capture gators on a playground, a garage and a housing development, but are interrupted as volunteers ask Paul to solve their problems. After Paul and Tre are bitten, he forces the volunteers to streamline and create a workflow or hit the road.

Source: Animal Planet

Season 2

7 :02x01 - Gators Gone Wild

A gig with swimsuit models and alligators makes Paul and Jimmy worry about the company's reputation; Paul attempts to save a gator from another trapper.

Source: Animal Planet

8 :02x02 - Alligator Face-Off

Catching gators bare-handed is always risky, but after capturing a six-hundred pound monster gator, the threat-factor increases when the Gator Boys are given just three minutes to take blood samples from aggressive gators for a critical research project.

Source: Animal Planet

9 :02x03 - Warrior Gator

Paul gives a triple-amputee the chance to fulfill his dream of wrestling an alligator, but he soon realizes the gift could prove deadly. The Gator Boys capture a 12-foot aggressive gator at a farm and one that's been stalking people in neighborhood pond.

Source: Animal Planet

10 :02x04 - Love at First Bite

Paul pulls a prank on Ashley and Chris; the crew have their hands full with four large gators, a venomous water moccasin and a 6-foot rattlesnake.

Source: Animal Planet

11 :02x05 - No Time for Gators

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12 :02x06 - See You Later, Alligators

The guys could lose their headquarters when the future of the Everglades Holiday Park is in doubt in the Season 1 finale, which also finds Jimmy and Paul dispatched to deal with a large pregnant alligator.

Source: Animal Planet

Season 3

Xtra Bites: Gators Gone Rogue

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Xtra Bites: Horse-Devouring Gator

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Xtra Bites: Love at First Bite

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Xtra Bites: Warrior Gator

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Xtra Bites: Gators Gone Wild

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14 :03x01 - Mississippi or Bust

In the Season 2 premiere, renovations to their Florida location mean Jimmy and Paul must find a new home, but when the former learns of a gator ranch in Mississippi, the latter isn't sure if he wants to move or go out of business.

Source: Animal Planet

15 :03x02 - Knee Deep in Mississippi

Early setbacks in Mississippi for Paul and Jimmy include a flat tire and not knowing their way around, and the heat and humidity make it difficult to construct a gator pit before the wrestling shows can begin.

Source: Animal Planet

16 :03x03 - Attack of the Zombie Gator

The rescue of an aggressive alligator reveals a problem with the animal's eyes, so it's brought to the gator ranch for rehabilitation. Meanwhile, Jimmy has a dangerous encounter with a canebrake rattlesnake; and Ashley adjusts to her new job as marketing director for the Gulf Coast Gator Ranch.

Source: Animal Planet

17 :03x04 - Gatorzilla

The guys hunt for a legendary alligator reported to be at least 15-foot long, but when they think they've found the beast, the job might be too big for just the two of them. Back at the ranch, Chris and Paul test the accuracy of knives and bullwhips.

Source: Animal Planet

18 :03x05 - Scared Snakeless

Scott helps Ashley with her PR stunt until he realizes he has to wear an alligator costume; Paul must act quickly when a boy jumps in a pool with a gator.

Source: Animal Planet

19 :03x06 - Gator Smackdown

A clash between Mississippi alligators and ones from Florida starts a debate over which state's animals are superior, so Paul calls on an expert to settle the issue. Meanwhile, Jimmy's busy schedule leaves little time for his girlfriend.

Source: Animal Planet

20 :03x07 - Gator Boy Knockout

Paul rushes back to Florida to deal with a threat to alligators at the Everglades Holiday Park. In Mississippi, an alligator rescue along the Gulf Coast goes awry when Tre is attacked and Scott must get him out of the swamp and to a hospital.

Source: Animal Planet

21 :03x08 - Swamp Monster Attack

Tales of a legendary creature send the crew into the Mississippi swamps, but Tre gets distracted on the mission to find it.

Source: Animal Planet

22 :03x09 - Deathgrip

Paul takes another trip to Florida to negotiate terms of a possible return to the Everglades Holiday Park. Meanwhile, a photo shoot in the Mississippi swamps turns into a dangerous distraction.

Source: Animal Planet

Season 4

Xtra Bites: Alligator Face-Off

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Xtra Bites: Gatorzilla

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Xtra Bites: No Time for Gators

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Xtra Bites: Mississippi or Bust

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23 :04x01 - Gator Girl Smackdown

The Florida crew teach the Mississippi crew how to wrestle a larger alligator. Paul gets stuck underwater as he tries pulling a 9 foot gator to the surface.

24 :04x02 - Jimmy Do-Riffle

The Gator Boys are under pressure to get the park in shape for the wrestling shows, but nuisance gator calls still need to be handled. Meanwhile, Ashley is convinced that everybody is trying to squeeze her out so that the new gator girl, Kayla, can take over her job. And having previous gator experience, Kayla is off to a quick start as she helps Paul capture a massive gator and discovers it has a bullet wound and must be handled with care.

It’s all hands on deck with Gator Boys getting back into full swing, so Jimmy must rely on his girlfriend, Sara, to help take inventory of his deadly venomous snake collection. Lucky for her, Sara is scared to death of snakes and must face her biggest fear in order to keep Jimmy’s permits current and legal.

Source: Animal Planet

25 :04x03 - Errorboat Captain

Rebuilding old enclosures is of utmost importance or the guys will have to turn away gators. Meanwhile, Tre's attempt to impress the airboat boss goes awry; and Jimmy and Paul search for a feisty alligator in murky water.

Source: Animal Planet

26 :04x04 - Raiders of the Lost Park

Tre's use of a metal detector begins to distract Scott and the other volunteers, so Paul hatches a plan to stop his treasure-hunting hobby.

Source: Animal Planet

27 :04x05 - Scott’s Revenge

An alligator on a golf course must be captured; a boy who lost an arm to an alligator is counseled by Paul and Jimmy to overcome his fear of the animal.

Source: Animal Planet

28 :04x06 - Bitten and Blue

A gator-wrestling reunion at the wildlife sanctuary where the guys got their start reacquaints Paul with a giant alligator that took a bite out of his arm, while Jimmy is reminded of Skeet, his friend and former mentor who passed away in 2005.

Source: Animal Planet

29 :04x07 - One Man Wrecking Crew

In one of Gator Boys’ more bizarre gator rescues, Paul and Jimmy remove a nuisance gator from under an Elvis Impersonator’s 1959 Cadillac. Tre crashes Paul’s truck and destroys his only means of transportation, forcing Paul to ride in Jimmy’s truck.

Source: Animal Planet

30 :04x08 - Paint You Later, Alligator

A gator at a renaissance fair requires the guys to wear medieval costumes to get the job done. Meanwhile, Ashley's decision to sell her artwork inspires Tre to become an artist.

Source: Animal Planet

31 :04x09 - Monster Croc Rescue

Jimmy goes to Tampa with a group of volunteers to help a new park with its grand opening, but a 17-foot crocodile doesn't make their job an easy one. Meanwhile, Paul and Ashley teach Kayla the finer points of gator wrestling.

Source: Animal Planet

32 :04x10 - Lone Star Gators

The Gator Boys tackle nuisance calls and donate gators to a wildlife preserve. Jimmy meets his biggest fan: a 3-year-old girl with a life-threatening disease. While on the road, the boys remove an aggressive alligator from a muddy Mississippi ditch.

Source: Animal Planet

Season 5

Xtra Bites: Scared Snakeless

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Xtra Bites: Gator Smackdown

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Xtra Bites: Swamp Monster Attack

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Xtra Bites: Deathgrip

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Deadliest Catches

This action-packed special offers a rare glimpse behind the curtain of the Gator Boys’ fast-paced lives, as they revisit their closest and deadliest encounters with ferocious alligators and determine their greatest catches ever.

Source: HGTV

33 :05x01 - Gator Getaway

When Jimmy buys a restaurant, it creates major friction with Paul. Stretched thin by road shows and a new juke joint, they struggle to keep the rescue going. Jimmy and Scott tackle a gator in a tight spot; Paul and Ashley deal with a major threat.

Source: Animal Planet

34 :05x02 - Bad to the Bone

An eager 12-year-old volunteer wants to help but may slow things down; Paul needs to get a gator immediate surgery; Jimmy and Tre go after a gator in a muddy pool.

Source: Animal Planet

35 :05x03 - Tricked Out Tre

The Gator Boys must remove nuisance gators from a water pump station so divers can safely go in and make repairs. When Tre creates a shocking new trick to wow the audience at Jimmy’s most important road show, it may be his last stunt ever.

Source: Animal Planet

36 :05x04 - Cat Scratch Fever

Ashley leaves Gator Boys to work with tigers, and Jimmy takes time off to work in his restaurant. Paul struggles to keep up with nuisance gator calls, and must figure out a way to bring order to the chaos that is engulfing the Gator Boys.

Source: Animal Planet

37 :05x05 - Passing the Torch

A 12-year-old volunteer wants to help but doesn't have the experience to deal with the frantic pace of calls; Tre befriends an old gator wrestler.

Source: Animal Planet

38 :05x06 - Mississippi Mayhem

The Gator Boys leave no stone unturned as they look back at the wildest catches and outrageous characters they met in the swamps and bayous of Mississippi’s gulf coast while working to establish the state’s first no-kill alligator rescue.

Source: Animal Planet

39 :05x07 - Mission to Mexico

The Gator Boys head south to establish Mexico’s first no-kill croc rescue. The aggressive crocodiles and foreign terrain are tough, but with a monster-crocodile, El Diablo, terrorizing the villages, Paul vows not to leave until the beast is captured.

Source: Animal Planet

40 :05x08 - Mayhem in Mazatlan

Paul and Jimmy capture nuisance crocs and giant tropical snakes in Mazatlan, Mexico. They experience hospitality and culture shock as they tour the city. All bets are off when Paul goes into the water for a final face-off with the monster croc, El Diablo.

Source: Animal Planet

41 :05x09 - Lost in the Glades

When Scott and Tre get lost deep in the swamp, it's up to Paul and Jimmy to rescue them.

Source: Animal Planet

42 :05x10 - Identity Crisis

Paul and Jimmy go after some of the biggest and nastiest gators; Eric has an identify crisis that leads him to strange behavior.

Source: Animal Planet

43 :05x11 - Croc and a Hard Place

Paul and Jimmy capture nuisance crocs and giant tropical snakes in Mazatlan, Mexico. They experience hospitality and culture shock as they tour the city. All bets are off when Paul goes into the water for a final face-off with the monster croc, El Diablo.

Source: Animal Planet

Season 6

44 :06x01 - Stretched Too Thin

The gators are bigger and meaner than ever, but everybody is stretched thin since Jimmy quit the Gator Boys. As the nuisance gator calls stack up, Paul realizes Jimmy won’t return and decides it’s time to find a replacement.

Source: Animal Planet

45 :06x02 - A Twist of Fate

A combination of bad volunteers and dangerous gators convince the Gator Boys they desperately need Jimmy back. A gator rescue turns deadly when Ashley twists her ankle and becomes unable to help Paul capture a nasty gator.

Source: Animal Planet

46 :06x03 - Under the Knife

A veterinarian is in need who can perform an operation on a gator's broken ribs.

47 :06x04 - The Legend of Moby Dick

The Gator Boys return to Mississippi to save a supersized gator before hunting season. After a week of treacherous Mississippi mud, Paul and Jimmy return to Florida but leave some Gator Boys behind to search for "Moby Dick."

Source: Animal Planet

48 :06x05 - Thrash and Snap

A woman who calls about a gator in her backyard, soon ends up volunteering for Gator Boys Alligator Rescue, but when Tre starts to teach her the ins and outs, the experience goes to his head and decides to open a gator wrestling class.

Source: Animal Planet

49 :06x06 - The Fast Track

Paul has his hands full juggling nuisance gator catches and training new volunteer Caroline; Jimmy, Tre and Scott try to save a gator that swallowed a flip-flop.

Source: Animal Planet

50 :06x07 - Road Warrior

Jimmy leaves town with Ashley and Andy to do his road show, while Paul has only newbie Caroline to help with gator calls.

Source: Animal Planet

51 :06x08 - Scariest Catches

Reviewing the Gator Boys' most polarizing moments and closest calls.

Source: Animal Planet
Classification: Reality
Genre: Family | Talent | Outdoors/Wildlife
Status: Returning Series
Network: Animal Planet ( USA)
Airs: Wednesdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January 08, 2012
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