Season 2

14 :02x01 - Crash

Epiphany is surprised when Toussaint shows up to be interviewed for an orderly's job. Dr. Ford is killed and Robin is knocked over when a car crashes into the hospital. Patrick is made the new temporary Chief of Staff following Dr. Ford's death. Jagger Cates returns to Port Charles. Some new interns at the hospital start work on the night shift.
Guest Stars: Laura Bottrell as Alice | Cameron Boyce as Stone Cates Jr. | Nick McCallum as Jerry | Richard Gant as Rusell Ford

15 :02x02 - Other People's Children

Robin pulls out all the stops as she tries to find a donor for a sick child. When a drunken patient makes a play for Claire she is more interested in his friend. Leo and Kyle attempt to sort the issues they have. Jagger clashes with Robin when they talk about Stone Jr.
Guest Stars: Cameron Boyce as Stone Cates Jr. | Amanda Carlin as Mrs. Hopkins | Rick Kelly (1) as Gary | Craig Gellis as Trent | Greg Siff as Bobby Duncan | Anne Marie Howard as Kayla's Mother
Writer: Tamar Laddy

16 :02x03 - Fallen from the Sky

Robin is surprised when her father shows up in the emergency room as a patient after he is involved in a plane crash. Toussaint and Epiphany wonder if a relationship between them would work. Leo and Saira both try and deny the attraction they feel for each other.
Guest Stars: Cheselka Leigh as Elisa | Valerie Dillman as Leah Walker | Jeffrey Stubblefield as Roger Walker | Joey Gray as Elisa's Roomate

17 :02x04 - We'll Always Have Paris

Patrick is attacked by a French lady called Danielle. Robert receives some upsetting news from his daughter. Toussaint and Epiphany enjoy their date together. Kyle has to teach sex education to some students.
Guest Stars: Cameron Boyce as Stone Cates Jr. | Annie Fitzgerald as Danielle's Sister | Merritt Hicks as Danielle Forrester | Bunny Levine as Estelle Lambert | Greg Lewis as Mr. Davis

18 :02x05 - Family Values

Robin isn't happy when Robert wont agree to the treatment he needs. Patrick, Leo, and Claire treat two female patients brought in who were trapped in a fire in a house. Leo's actions impress his brother. Saira is given consent by Jagger to treat Stone. Toussaint and Claire are shocked when somebody they thought was dead starts talking. Robin is happy when her father agrees to stay at the hospital.
Guest Stars: Cameron Boyce as Stone Cates Jr. | Reamy Hall as Alison | Greg Wayne as Alan Skinner | Gregory White as Dean Byron | Rachel Winfree as Mrs. Byron

19 :02x06 - Playing With Fire

Patrick sees Robin's HIV in a new way after dealing with a quarantined couple. Leo is jealous of how close Saira is becoming to Jagger. Kyle isn't impressed when Claire joins an Internet dating website so that she can find them both dates but it manages to find him a date. Robert's health takes a turn for the worse.
Guest Stars: Jeanette Brox as Moira Anderson | Jared Hillman as Cyrus
Writer: Tamar Laddy

20 :02x07 - Listen to My Heart

Mac pays a visit with his brother. Robin is forced to make a difficult decision about her father who needs immediate surgery. Claire is approached by a former school colleague called Ryan. Jagger attends a meeting for parents with autistic children. Leo and Saira put aside their personal problems to help a patient who is due to get married. It is discovered that Ryan has four kidneys and he then wants Claire to help him find a donor who is willing to pay to buy two of them. Claire tells Ryan that it is illegal to sell organs but Ryan is determined to auction them off.
Guest Stars: Ellen Bry as Maggie | John J. York as Mac Scorpio | Neill Barry as Will | Doug Debeech as Lorenzo Anthony Costa | Emily Liu as Grace | Joshua Snyder as Ryan McCormick | Christine Romeo as Mother In Support Group
Writer: Karen Harris

21 :02x08 - Pay It Forward

Jagger is asked by the FBI to investigate the organ selling racket happening at the hospital. Things continue to be difficult for Robert. Leo and Saira discuss their relationship. Robin is surprised to see Leo and Saira together. When Claire gets drunk Leo tries to comfort her and they end up sharing a kiss.
Guest Stars: Joshua Snyder as Ryan McCormick | Lew Temple as Interviewee
Writer: Emily Barden

22 :02x09 - About a Dad

Stone is taken to the hospital following a seizure. With Robin being preoccupied with her father and Jagger's problems, Patrick feels left out. Claire tells Leo that them sleeping together was a mistake and that they should keep it a secret. Leo and Saira share a kiss which Claire witnesses. Claire tells Leo that she cant believe he cheated on Saira with her and he tells her as long at they keep quiet everything will be fine. Robin gives Jagger to pay for a therapist for Stone.
Guest Stars: Candace Edwards as Doner
Director: Phideaux Xavier

23 :02x10 - Brothers & Sisters

Leo and Kyle are surprised by a visit from their mother. Kyle develops in an interest in a patient called Eric. Claire tells Kyle that she slept with Leo and Kyle punches his brother. Robert sees Robin in a new light. Patrick finds himself in a situation that he can't win.
Guest Stars: Kathleen Noone as Patricia Julian | Chad Allen as Eric Whitlow

24 :02x11 - Love/Hate

Robin finds her father passed out in his room. Claire tells Leo she was wrong to sleep with Leo. The hospital team find themselves having to deal with racial problems at the hospital. Kyle asks Leo if he has told Saira about sleeping with Claire yet. Anna Devane stops by to see her ex husband Robert after he requires more surgery. When Saira asks Claire if she slept with Leo she admits that she did.
Guest Stars: Finola Hughes as Anna Devane | Chad Allen as Eric Whitlow

25 :02x12 - Truth and Consequences

Anna attempts to find out more about her ex husband's condition. Saira tells Robin about Leo sleeping with Claire. Patrick is blamed after the hospital is put in danger after he threw a racist patient out. Kyle is forced to be honest with Eric's father about his chances of survival. Monica tries to help Patrick. Robert and Anna talk about their past adventures. Kyle and Eric grow closer. Saira clashes with Leo about him and Claire. Robert slips into a coma.
Guest Stars: Chad Allen as Eric Whitlow | Finola Hughes as Anna Devane | Leslie Charleson as Monica Quartermaine

26 :02x13 - Past and Presence 1

With Robert having slipped into a coma his former friends Luke, Sean and Tiffany appear in his dream. Claire makes a decision about her future at the hospital. Kyle is forced to say goodbye to Eric when he leaves for Portland to have treatment that could help him get better. Jagger finds himself with a fight on his hands to keep custody of Stone. Robert comes out of his coma. An explosion rocks the hospital.
Guest Stars: Finola Hughes as Anna Devane | Anthony Geary as Luke Spencer | John J. York as Mac Scorpio | Sharon Wyatt as Tiffany Hill | John Reilly as Sean Donely | Chad Allen as Eric Whitlow
Writer: Sri Rao
Songs: Adele -- Make You Feel My Love

27 :02x14 - Past and Presence 2

Following the explosion the doctors try and save Saira's life. Claire and Kyle get their friendship back on track. Jagger and Patrick attempt to try and stop another bomb from exploding. Anna, Jagger and Robert all have important decisions to make.
Guest Stars: Leslie Charleson as Monica Quartermaine | Finola Hughes as Anna Devane
Writer: Sri Rao
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Romance/Dating | Soaps
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: SOAPNET ( USA)
Airs: Tuesdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: July 12, 2007
Ended: October 21, 2008
Episode Order: 14
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