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Season 10

672 :10x06 - Steve Smith/Red Green

The week kicks off with Canada’s beloved comedian Steve Smith. The Red Green TV star, and his famed alter ego, will be in the red chair to tell us about a new book, Red Green’s Beginner’s Guide to Women (For Men Who Don’t Read Instructions). Then Patrick Bristow, Steve Patterson and Naomi Snieckus will get the conversation going on the Panel.

Source: CBC
Interviewees: Steve Smith (6) as Himself |
Featuring: Patrick Bristow as Himself (Panellist) | Steve Patterson as Himself (Panellist) | Naomi Snieckus as Herself (Panellist)

673 :10x07 - Michael Ignatieff

It was only two years ago that the Liberals, once dubbed Canada’s Natural Governing Party, went down to their worst-ever electoral defeat. And while it wasn’t all Michael Ignatieff’s fault, he certainly took the fair share of the blame. So what went wrong? Ignatieff’s new book, an analytical memoir called Fire and Ashes attempts to answer the question. Then, the Panel features the very funny Colin Mochrie, Pat Thornton and Eman el-Husseini.

Source: CBC
Interviewees: Michael Ignatieff as Himself |
Featuring: Colin Mochrie as Himself (Panellist) | Pat Thornton as Himself (Panellist) | Eman El-husseini as Herself (Panellist)

674 :10x08 - Joel Edgerton

In early ‘90s Australia, a young drama student watches Leonardo DiCaprio in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, and says to himself: "I want to do that." Little did Joel Edgerton know that one day he’d be starring opposite that same actor in Baz Luhrmann’s blinged-out 3-D version of The Great Gatsby. Plus, the Panel is full of all-stars: SNL alum Colin Quinn and Canadian comedians Seán Cullen and Jenn Robertson are all here.

Source: CBC
Interviewees: Joel Edgerton as Himself |
Featuring: Colin Quinn as Himself (Panellist) | Sean Cullen as Himself (Panellist) | Jennifer Robertson as Herself (Panellist)

675 :10x09 - Margaret Atwood

One of Canada's most decorated authors, Margaret Atwood, contemplates some very dark things in her latest novel, MaddAddam. The final part in a trilogy which also included Oryx and Crake and The Year of the Flood, MaddAddam inhabits a post-plague world where the few surviving humans need to find their way. Atwood has also been commissioned to adapt The Tempest, the last play Shakespeare ever wrote. Our Thursday Panelists are Emma Hunter, Mark Forward and Arthur Simeon.

Source: CBC
Interviewees: Margaret Atwood as Herself |
Featuring: Emma Hunter as Herself (Panellist) | Mark Forward as Himself (Panellist) | Arthur Simeon as Himself (Panellist)

676 :10x10 - Xavier Dolan

Xavier Dolan is the boy wonder of Canadian cinema at the relatively young age of 24. With four feature films already under his belt, his 2010 film Heartbeats premiered at Cannes. Dolan's latest film Tom At The Farm, which screened at the Toronto International Film Festival, features the Montrealer directing, producing and acting as the titular Tom character. He talked to George about being a gay teen, bullying and pushing the envelope in Canadian cinema. We also reach into our 10th anniversary vault and revisit George's interview with Mr. Tom Cruise.

Source: CBC
Interviewees: Xavier Dolan as Himself

677 :10x11 - Nia Vardalos

Joining George tonight were Nia Vardalos and Jason Priestley. On the panel were Elliotte Friedman, Jennifer Botterill and Fraser Young.
Interviewees: Nia Vardalos as Herself | Jason Priestley as Himself |
Featuring: Elliotte Friedman as Himself (Panelist) | Jennifer Botterill as Herself (Panelist) | Fraser Young as Himself (Panelist)

678 :10x12 - Kings of Leon

George was joined by Kings of Leon and Allan Hawco. On the panel tonight were Elvira Kurt, Gavin Crawford and Michael Landsberg.
Interviewees: Kings of Leon as Themselves | Allan Hawco as Himself |
Featuring: Michael Landsberg as Himself (Panelist) | Gavin Crawford as Himself (Panelist) | Elvira Kurt as Herself (Panelist)

679 :10x13 - Gary Bettman

George was joined by Gary Bettman. On the panel tonight were Emma Hunter, Ali Hassan and Ron Sparks.
Interviewees: Gary Bettman as Himself |
Featuring: Ali Hassan as Himself (Panelist) | Ron Sparks as Himself (Panelist) | Emma Hunter as Herself (Panelist)

680 :10x14 - Alfonso Cuarón and Ronnie Hawkins

George was joined by Alfonso Cuaron and Ronnie Hawkins. He looked back at the life and career of Cory Monteith.
Interviewees: Alfonso Cuaron as Himself | Ronnie Hawkins as Himself

681 :10x15 - Season 10, Episode 15

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682 :10x16 - Season 10, Episode 16

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683 :10x17 - Season 10, Episode 17

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684 :10x18 - Season 10, Episode 18

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685 :10x19 - Season 10, Episode 19

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686 :10x20 - Season 10, Episode 20

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687 :10x21 - Season 10, Episode 21

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688 :10x22 - Season 10, Episode 22

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689 :10x23 - Season 10, Episode 23

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690 :10x24 - Season 10, Episode 24

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691 :10x25 - Vanilla Ice

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Interviewees: Vanilla Ice as Himself |
Featuring: Grant Lawrence as Himself (Panelist) | Arthur Simeon as Himself (Panelist) | Rebecca Kohler as Herself (Panelist)

692 :10x26 - Michael Bolton

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Interviewees: Michael Bolton as Himself |
Featuring: Steve Patterson as Himself (Panelist) | Scott Montgomery as Himself (Panelist) | Jennifer Goodhue as Herself (Panelist) | Ralph Nader as Himself

693 :10x27 - Isaac Mizhari

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Interviewees: Isaac Mizrahi as Himself |
Featuring: Steve Smith (6) as Red Green | Albert Howell as Himself (Panelist)

694 :10x28 - Don Newman

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Interviewees: Don Newman as Himself |
Featuring: Murray Dowey as Himself | Ryan Belleville as Himself (Panelist) | Evan Carter as Himself (Panelist) | Tara Spencer-Nairn as Herself (Panelist)

695 :10x29 - Colin Quinn, Steven Cree Mollison and Ron Scott

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Interviewees: Colin Quinn as Himself | Ron Scott (2) as Himself | Steven Cree Molison as Himself

696 :10x30 - Keanu Reeves and Tiger Chen

Tonight George Stroumboulopoulos was joined by Keanu Reeves and Tiger Chen who talked about their new movie 'Man of Tai Chi'. Plus Jackie Chan shared his 'Best Story Ever'.
Interviewees: Keanu Reeves as Himself | Tiger Chen as Himself |
Featuring: Jackie Chan as Himself (Best Story Ever Segment)

697 :10x31 - Chris Hadfield

Tonight George Stroumboulopoulos was joined by Chris Hadfield who talked about been the first Canadian to work in space. Plus segments featuring Steven Stamkos.
Interviewees: Chris Hadfield as Himself |
Featuring: Steven Stamkos as Himself

698 :10x32 - Kaya Turski and Greg Westlake

Tonight George Stroumboulopoulos was joined by Kaya Turski and Greg Westlake who talked about taking part in the Winter Olympics. Running with the theme Erik Guay takes part in segments all about the tournament taking part in Sochi.
Interviewees: Kaya Turski as Herself | Greg Westlake as Himself |
Featuring: Erik Guay as Himself

699 :10x33 - Chuck Palahniuk

Tonight George Stroumboulopoulos was joined by Chuck Palahniuk who talked about his new book 'Doomed'. William Shatner and Ryan McMahon share scary stories. The panel tonight was made up of Patrick Bristow, Kathryn Greenwood and Ali Hassan.
Interviewees: Chuck Palahniuk as Himself |
Featuring: Patrick Bristow as Himself (Panelist) | Kathryn Greenwood as Herself (Panelist) | Ali Hassan as Himself (Panelist) | William Shatner as Himself (Best Story Ever Segment) | Ryan McMahon as Himself (Best Story Ever Segment)

700 :10x34 - Howard Schultz and Jefferson Bethke

Tonight George Stroumboulopoulos was joined by Howard Schultz who talked about managing Starbucks and Jefferson Bethke who shared all about his latest projects. Plus a classic interview from Brian Mulroney.
Interviewees: Howard Schultz as Himself | Jefferson Bethke as Himself

701 :10x35 - Season 10, Episode 35

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702 :10x36 - Season 10, Episode 36

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703 :10x37 - Season 10, Episode 37

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704 :10x38 - Season 10, Episode 38

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705 :10x39 - Season 10, Episode 39

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706 :10x40 - Season 10, Episode 40

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707 :10x41 - Season 10, Episode 41

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708 :10x42 - Season 10, Episode 42

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709 :10x43 - Season 10, Episode 43

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710 :10x44 - Season 10, Episode 44

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711 :10x45 - Season 10, Episode 45

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712 :10x46 - Season 10, Episode 46

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713 :10x47 - Season 10, Episode 47

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714 :10x48 - Season 10, Episode 48

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715 :10x49 - Season 10, Episode 49

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716 :10x50 - Season 10, Episode 50

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717 :10x51 - Season 10, Episode 51

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718 :10x52 - Season 10, Episode 52

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719 :10x53 - Season 10, Episode 53

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720 :10x54 - Season 10, Episode 54

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864 :10x197 - Tatiana Maslany, Sadhguru

George Stroumboupoulos was joined by Tatiana Maslany and Sadhguru.
Guest Stars: Tatiana Maslany as Herself | Sadhguru as Himself

865 :10x198 - Peter Mansbridge

George Stroumboupoulos was joined by Peter Mansbridge as the pair looked back at highlights from the past ten years of the show.
Guest Stars: Peter Mansbridge as Himself
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Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: January 17, 2005
Ended: April 15, 2014
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