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Season 3

Rescue from Gilligan's Island

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The Castaways on Gilligan's Island

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Gilligan's Island

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69 :03x01 - Up at Bat

Gilligan believes he has become a vampire after receiving a bite from a bat and looking in a mirror without seeing his reflection (the mirrored area was missing). This is heightened during a nightmare in which he is a count and the rest of the castaways are his servants.
Director: Jerry Hopper
Writer: Ron Friedman

70 :03x02 - Gilligan vs. Gilligan

A foreign spy comes onto the island who is a lookalike of Gilligan, to find out what secret mission the castaways are on.
Guest Stars: Henry Corden as Commodant
Director: Jerry Hopper
Writer: Joanna Lee

71 :03x03 - Pass the Vegetables, Please

A wooden box floats into the lagoon which contain vegetable seeds. What the castaways don't know is that the seeds are radioactive and the benefits of eating the vegetable is strengthened.
Director: Leslie Goodwins

72 :03x04 - The Producer

A plane crash leaves an eccentric Hollywood producer stuck on the island with the castaways. While awaiting a rescue plane, he helps the gang put on a musical version of "Hamlet."
Guest Stars: Phil Silvers as Harold Hecuba
Director: Ida Lupino

73 :03x05 - Voodoo

A witch doctor has made his way to the island and after taking a few of the castaways possessions, has them under a voodoo spell.
Guest Stars: Eddie Little Sky as Witch Doctor
Director: George Cahan

74 :03x06 - Where There's a Will

Mr. Howell believes he is dying and decides to make up a new will, which rewards each of the castaways with some of his estate.
Director: Charles Norton

75 :03x07 - Man With a Net

Lord Beasley, a world famous butterfly buff has come to the island to catch an extremely rare butterfly and refuses to leave until he does so.
Guest Stars: John McGiver as Lord Beasley
Director: Leslie Goodwins

76 :03x08 - Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

The Professor works diligently to find out why Gilligan's hair has all fallen out overnight, followed quickly by the Skipper.
Director: Anton Leader
Writer: Brad Radnitz

77 :03x09 - Ring Around Gilligan

The mad Dr. Balinkoff has returned to the island with a ring in tow, which when worn will turn the wearer into a robot-like state. He plans on using these "robots" to rob Fort Knox back in the U.S.A.
Guest Stars: Vito Scotti as Dr. Boris Balinkoff
Director: George Cahan

78 :03x10 - Topsy-Turvy

The castaways put themselves in the danger of wandering around head hunter area to find a rare berry, needed to cure Gilligan's multiple vision after being struck on the head.
Guest Stars: Roman Gabriel as Native | Allen Jaffe as Native | Eddie Little Sky as Native
Director: Gary Nelson

79 :03x11 - The Invasion

Gilligan and the Skipper discover a briefcase while fishing which is stamped as being "Property of the U.S. Government." Gilligan has a dream one night that he is a secret agent and must keep the briefcase away from the rest of the gang, who are all spies.
Director: Leslie Goodwins

80 :03x12 - The Kidnapper

A compulsive crook has made his way to the island, and his wish is to reform. And with some help from the castaways, he just may make it. That is, until he disappears one day with Mr. Howell's wallet, Mrs. Howell's pearl necklace and Ginger's earrings.
Guest Stars: Don Rickles as Norbert Wiley
Director: Jerry Hopper
Writer: Ray Singer

81 :03x13 - And Then There Were None

Gilligan has a nightmare that he is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, after the castaways begin disappearing one by one from the island.
Director: Jerry Hopper
Writer: Ron Friedman

82 :03x14 - All About Eva

A "plain Jane" named Eva lands on the island after breaking up with her boyfriend. The girls give her a makeover into a beauty who resembles Ginger. Now she has a new shot of confidence and plans on using it...replacing Ginger Grant in Hollywood.
Guest Stars: Vernon Scott as Radio Announcer
Director: Jerry Hopper
Writer: Joanna Lee

83 :03x15 - Gilligan Goes Gung-Ho

Gilligan is voted in as the deputy sheriff of the island as a means of forming some law and order while the castaways are stuck there. But the power goes to his head when he begins arresting everyone for the smallest of infractions.
Guest Stars: James Spencer as Co-pilot | George N. Neise as Pilot
Director: Robert Scheerer
Writer: Bruce Howard

84 :03x16 - Take a Dare

George Barkley, a contestant of the "Take a Dare" game show, can win $10,000 if he remains on the island alone for one week. But when he is found by the castaways, they do their best to prove he is not alone so they can get rescued.
Guest Stars: Strother Martin as George Barkley

85 :03x17 - Court-Martial

A radio news flash has deemed the Skipper responsible for the missing S.S. Minnow. But Gilligan believes that he is to blame, and his thoughts are strengthened after dreaming he was an admiral who fleet was being attacked by a shipload of pirates.
Director: Gary Nelson

86 :03x18 - The Hunter

A famous big-game hunter has arrived on the island and decides he will help save the castaways if Gilligan can elude his being found and killed for 24 hours.
Guest Stars: Rory Calhoun as Jonathan Kincaid | Harold Sakata as Ramoo
Director: Leslie Goodwins

87 :03x19 - Lovey's Secret Admirer

Mrs. Howell begins receiving anonymous love letters, which leads to her dreaming that she is Cinderella, with Skipper as her step-mother, Ginger and Mary Ann as her step-sisters and Gilligan is her fairy godmother.

88 :03x20 - Our Vines Have Tender Apes

A method actor arrives on the island to research his latest project, playing Tongo, the Ape Man. When he uses his act on Gilligan he feels ha has truly got the part right and goes on trying to fool each of the castaways.
Guest Stars: Denny Miller as Tongo the ape man | Janos Prohaska as Ape

89 :03x21 - Gilligan's Personal Magnetism

A bolt of lightning near Gilligan has changed his molecules around and made him become magnetized. A second blast turns him invisible. Can the Professor bring him back to normal.
Director: Hal Cooper
Writer: Bruce Howard

90 :03x22 - Splashdown

An unmanned space capsule lands in the lagoon, which may be their best chance at being rescued yet. The plan is for 2 of the castaways to climb aboard and float the waves out to sea. Unfortunately, the capsule only holds 2 people and everyone wants to be those 2.
Guest Stars: Scott Graham (2) as Tobias | Chick Hearn as Commentator (voice) | George N. Neise as NASA Official | James Spencer as Ryan
Director: Jerry Hopper

91 :03x23 - High Man on the Totem Pole

A totem pole on the island bears a remarkable likeness of Gilligan,and he believes that he is a descendant of the island's headhunters. And the headhunters agree that Gilligan is the reincarnation of Watubi, their God.
Guest Stars: Al Ferrara as Native | Jim Lefebvre as Native
Director: Herbert Coleman
Writer: Brad Radnitz

92 :03x24 - The Second Ginger Grant

A bump on her head has Mary Ann believing she is Ginger Grant, right down to her voice and mannerisms.
Director: Steve Binder

93 :03x25 - The Secret of Gilligan's Island

The Professor believes that they have found a hieroglyphic stone map which shows the way off the island. The problem is one major hunk is missing.
Director: Gary Nelson

94 :03x26 - Slave Girl

When Gilligan saves Kalani, a native girl from drowning, customs say that she will be now be his slave for life. But when her boyfriend hears of this, he wants a chance to win Kalani back.
Guest Stars: Michael Forest as Ugandi | Midori as Kalani
Director: Wilbur D'Arcy

95 :03x27 - It's a Bird, It's a Plane

A jet pack is found on the island which is filled with fuel. Finally the castaways have found a break. Their plan is for Gilligan to strap the pack on when a jet flies nearby and fly up with an S.O.S. banner in tow.
Guest Stars: Edward Faulkner as Colonel | Walt Hazzard as Air Force Lieutenant | Chick Hearn as Radio Announcer | Frank Maxwell as General
Director: Gary Nelson

96 :03x28 - The Pigeon

A carrier pigeon lands on the island and the castaways decide to write a message asking for help. The bird flies back to it's owner, a man in prison who is about to be released. He receives the message and believes this is a joke. Will he still be in prison by the time the bird returns?
Guest Stars: Sterling Holloway as Burt | Harry Swoger as Prison Guard

97 :03x29 - Bang! Bang! Bang!

Gilligan finds what he believes is a box of clay. Instead it is discovered to be a container of plastic explosives. So far the substance has been used to make plates, nails golf balls and to fill some of Gilligan's teeth.
Guest Stars: Kirk Duncan as Parsons | Bartlett Robinson as Hartley
Director: Charles Norton

98 :03x30 - Gilligan, the Goddess

A native king has come to the island seeking a goddess. To keep the women safe, the guys dress up as ladies in hopes that the king will take one of them instead. Then they learn the king wants a goddess to appease the gods by being tossed inside an active volcano.
Guest Stars: Stanley Adams as King Kaliwani | Mickey Morton as Native #1 | Bob Swimmer as Native #2
Director: Gary Nelson
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 26, 1964
Ended: September 04, 1967
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