Hard Being Easy - Recap

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The episode begins with Charlie telling Hannah to read out aloud what she has written in her diary. Marnie too wants to hear it. Hannah basically has talked in her journal about how Charlie is smothering Marnie with his love. Marnie defends herself by saying Hannah’s feeling aren’t her feelings. Charlie then moves out of the apartment. Marnie runs after him trying to stop him, shouting “I did nothing wrong”. Later, Marnie tells Hannah that she is going to get Charlie back. Later on, Hannah tells Jessa about how her boss lets her takes liberties in office in return for him getting to touch her breasts and butt. Hannah then tells Jessa about how her relationship with Adam has really blossomed.

Meanwhile, Marnie comes to meet Ray. He reprimands Marnie for breaking Charlie’s heart. She wants Ray to give her Charlie’s address, as she personally has never been to Charlie’s apartment. Meanwhile, at Hannah’s office her boss is continuing with his sexual harassment. Meanwhile, Marnie pays Charlie a visit in his apartment. She is visibly impressed by how well organized his apartment is. Meanwhile, Jessa is getting ready to meet an ex-boyfriend. Her employer asks her about him. Meanwhile, Charlie feels Marnie is not in love with him anymore. Flash back to a college dance in 2007, and Marnie is shown to have taken something because of which she isn’t feeling well. Hannah and Jessa are there with her.

Hannah then leaves to dance with a guy, and the guy calls in Charlie to watch over Marnie, while he and Hannah are off dancing. Marnie tells Charlie she is scared and wants a hug. She then tells Charlie to hug her once again. Back in the present and the two reminisce about the party, where they first met. Hannah meanwhile enters her boss’s cabin and tells him, she knows he wants to have sex with her. He is visibly shocked to hear this. She then tells him that she is ready to have sex with him, although initially she was repulsed by the idea. The boss says he is a married man, Hannah tells him she has a boyfriend, but she tells him “adults try things”. Hannah then comes on to him, but he laughingly pushes her away. He then asks Hannah if she is on drugs.

Hannah in turn threatens to sue him for sexual harassment. He taunts her that she can barely get to office on time, let alone sue anyone. She then tells him to write her a check for a $1000, and she shall quite her job. The boss laughs her off and requests her not to quit. He feels she has a lot of potential and hence wants her to stay. Meanwhile, Charlie is still telling Marnie that she doesn’t love him, and she in turn keeps telling him that she love him. She begs Charlie to not break up with her. She tells Charlie that she will kick Hannah out if it pleases him. She tells him she will do whatever it takes for him to not break up with her. Meanwhile, Jessa is strolling with her ex-boyfriend in a park. He makes it clear to her that he is not going to have sex with her. He also tells her about this new girl in his life. The two then end up having sex in her bathroom and then in her bedroom, and in every other place in her house.

Shoshanna tries her best to be invisible, but can’t help watching the two have sex. Meanwhile, Hannah pays Adam a visit. She tells Adam that she has quit her job. She then tries to get cozy with him, but he backs off reminding her of how she told him to stay off her. She then tells him that she was about to have sex with her boss. She then goes into his bathroom to pee, and on the toilet she begins to cry. Meanwhile, Charlie and Marnie are making out. The two then begin to have sex. Meanwhile once out of the bathroom, Hannah is shocked to see Adam masturbating in his bedroom.

Adam asks her to stay until he finishes. Meanwhile, Marnie and Charlie are having sex, with Charlie telling Marnie to not abandon him. He then tells Marnie that he loves her. Marnie then tells Charlie that she wants to break up. Hannah in the meanwhile is watching Adam masturbate, and also talking dirty to him. Adam then ejaculates. The episode ends at this point.