Welcome to Bushwick (aka The Crackcident) - Recap

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The episode begins with Hannah, Marnie and Jessa on their way to a warehouse party. Jessa meanwhile receives a text from an unknown number asking her what she is up to. She plays along and instead of asking who it is messages back that she is at a party. Marnie is overwhelmed by the amount of people at the party, but Jessa calms her down, and the three go in. They are surprised to see Shoshanna at the party. They call out to Shoshanna and she in turn tells them that, she has been at the party for 2 hours but hasn’t spoken to a single person yet. She is hence relieved to see them. Meanwhile, Marnie comes to know that Charlie and his band are playing at the party and goes over to meet them.

Marnie tells Charlie she is really happy that, Charlie is playing again. She also tells him that “all I ever wanted is for you to find satisfaction outside our relationship”. Just then, a girl jump onto Charlie’s lap while telling him how awesome he was. Marnie is shocked to see this. Charlie then introduces the girl Audrey, to Marnie. Marnie asks Charlie “what is going on with this”, while pointing at Audrey. Charlie tells her that, he and Audrey met and just clicked, although it’s just been 2 weeks. Marnie leaves the scene outraged. Hannah in the meanwhile is shocked to see Adam at the party, rocking it with other girls. She is shocked to see Adam outside his house and that too with a shirt on. Hannah then covertly watches Adam, but Adam sees her from a distance and calls out to her, but she quickly leaves.

Meanwhile, Shoshanna is really high as she has smoked some pot and talks a bunch of gibberish to Jessa with Ray looking on, all baffled. Ray and Jessa tell Shoshanna that, it wasn’t pot but crack that she has smoked. Just then Jessa sees her boss at the party and tells Ray to watch over Shoshanna, so she can meet him. Jessa’s boss tells her that he got her text and decided to come to the party. Meanwhile, Shoshanna is shown running like a crazy person on the road with Ray trying to catch up with her. Meanwhile, Hannah at the party meets one of Adam’s friends. The girl introduces herself to Hannah as Tako. The two seem to be hitting it off, with Hannah telling Tako the funny experiences that she has had after drinking, and hence how she avoids drinking.

Tako also inadvertently reveals the fact to Hannah that, Adam is in AA, as he was an alcoholic. Hannah is shocked to hear this. Meanwhile, Shoshanna is still running all over the place with Ray trying to catch her. Meanwhile, Jessa tells her boss she did not know that, the message she had received earlier, was from him. Meanwhile, Hannah goes over to say a ‘hi’ to Adam. Adam then takes her arm and begins to dance with her. Meanwhile, Ray catches up with Shoshanna and she does some kung fu moves on him, and beats him down to the ground. She then tells Ray to stop chasing her, but he tells her that Jessa put him up to it, as she had smoked crack. Shoshanna then apologizes to Ray and tells him it was probably because of the crack that, she behaved the way she did. She then begins to massage Ray’s groin in a non sexual way, as that is where she had kicked him.

Meanwhile, Hannah leaves the party with Adam on a bicycle. Jessa’s boss in the meanwhile gets beaten up by 2 guys, who Jessa had made fun of earlier. Meanwhile, Marnie has found a gay friend of hers to who she pours out her heart about her breakup with Charlie. The friend Elisha tells Marnie how selfish she is for always discussing her own problems with people, and never caring about anybody else. She in turn tells Elisha that he too is selfish as he dated Hannah for 2 years despite being gay. She then gives him a low blow, and he in turn gives her a light slap on her cheek. Meanwhile, Hannah tells Adam to stop the bike as she is scared and as soon as he applies the brakes, Hanna flies out of the bike and lands face down on the ground.

Meanwhile Jessa is at the emergency room with her boss, who has a broken nose. He suddenly begins sobbing on Jessa’s lap. He then tells Jessa to come home with him and give him company for the night, Jessa turns down his offer. He in turn tells her “you’re a tease” and leaves. Meanwhile, Hannah tells Adam that, Tako told her he was an alcoholic. Hannah is hurt that Adam did not reveal this to her. He in turn tells her “you never asked”. He then goes on to tell her how she only talks about herself and never asks anything about him. Marnie in the meanwhile comes in and tells Adam to step away from Hannah.

Adam immediately begins to leave with his bicycle. Hannah tells him to wait. He in turn asks Hannah if she wants him to be her boyfriend. The three are next seen sitting together in a cab, with Hannah grinning widely. The episode ends at this point.