Weirdos Need Girlfriends Too - Recap

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The episode begins with Adam and Hannah watching Adam’s childhood videos. The two then play around in bed. Marnie in the meanwhile is busy checking out Charlie’s photos on Facebook. She then hears the noises of Adam and Hannah having sex, and can’t seem to bear it. She then begins to cry. Later, Adam is seen making Hannah jog. She apparently seems exhausted and cannot run anymore, but Adam tells her to keep going. Later the two have ice cream at home. Marnie comes in and tells them how Charlie is enjoying his vacation in Milan with his new girlfriend. Adam empathizes with Marnie and tells her that he understands her pain. Adam then tells Marnie to do what she feels good doing, so she can recover from her pain.

Adam then takes Hannah to his tech rehearsal. Jessa meanwhile comes in to be consoled by Hannah for losing her job, but finds only Marnie home. The two then discuss Hannah’s quirks. Marnie then tells Jessa about how weird Adam is. Marnie says she feels bad for Hannah as she never had a normal boyfriend. Adam meanwhile begins his performance onstage. A guy then accompanies Adam onstage for a performance, and the two seem to have a difference of opinion. The guy in then end agrees with Adam’s feedback and tells him, he is a hero for keeping him honest. Adam then tells the guy Gavin that he isn’t going to do the play anymore. Kevin begs Adam to reconsider, but Adam doesn’t want to. He later tells Hannah that he had agreed to something, and now was being told to be a part of something else, by Kevin.

She tells Adam that she likes his monologue and probably he could use it somewhere else. Hannah then sees Adam go ballistic on a driver while crossing the road, all because the driver stopped the car at the last moment. Hannah is visibly shaken by this outburst of his. Jessa meanwhile tells Marnie that she cares for her, and is feeling bad about her break up. She also admits that Marnie is a bit uptight. Marnie admits to Jessa that she hates being uptight. Later at home Hannah goes in to take a shower, and when she turns around she sees Adam standing behind her, much to her shock. Adam then suddenly begins laughing just as he begins peeing on her. She is shocked to no end by this action of his.

Hannah tells Adam it’s not funny but gross, and tells him to stop immediately. Jessa and Marnie meanwhile are shown having a drink together at a bar. Marnie tells Jessa about the first time she had sex. The girls are meanwhile sent drinks from a man in a grey suit. Hannah in the meanwhile is still angry about what has just transpired. Adam tries to make her laugh with his own brand of humor, but Hannah isn’t amused. Hannah then brings up the play again, and advises Adam to go through with it. Adam in reply tells her “I would rather not do anything for the rest of my life, than have my name attached to something mediocre”. Hannah tells him that his play was very good.

He in the end tells Hannah that he would allow Gavin to do the play, and he too would be a part of it, the only change would be that he would use a pseudonym. The guy in the grey suit is meanwhile shown talking to the girls. Marnie seems visibly enamored by the man, and is seen talking to him more than Jessa is. The man gets Marnie’s name right but ends up calling Jessa, Jenna. He then invites the girls over to his apartment for some wine. Marnie readily agrees, although Jessa is visibly not interested. Marnie later tells Jessa in private that the man is cute. The man it turns out is a venture capitalist. Later at his apartment the man entertains the girls by mixing some music, which is his hobby.

The girls then lie down on the floor, and the man comes and lies down beside them and begins flirting with them. He then touches the both of them, and Jessa put off by this proceeds to leave. Marnie tells her they don’t have to go, and plants a kiss on her lips. The two then indulge in a passionate lip lock, with the man watching them in surprise, and then composing himself and egging them on. Jessa then drops some wine on his rug, and the guy goes ballistic, telling them how expensive the rug is. He tells them to make the night really special, if they want to make up for this accident. They tell him that they aren’t gay.

He then tells them how he has been under a lot of pressure all his life, to succeed. He then gives them an earful about not working, and being daddy’s girls. The two then leave in the middle of his verbal tirade. Adam meanwhile wakes Hannah up and takes her outside to show her, how he has written the word ‘sorry’ all over the wall where he shouted at the driver, to ask forgiveness from the driver, he shouted at. He then tells her he is going to do the play. The episode ends at this point.