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Leave Me Alone - Recap

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The episode begins with Shoshanna, Hannah and Jessa attending a book launch of one of Hannah’s friends. Hannah then meets her friend who wrote the book, and she tells Hannah how the book naturally poured out of her. The friend also indirectly taunts Hannah for her writing career not going anywhere. At the party Hannah also sees her old writing teacher Paolo who she was obsessed with. Paolo too sees Hannah and comes over to talk to her. She tells Paolo how she read his new novel and loved it. Paolo admits to Hannah that her friend at whose party they are is a shitty writer. He also tells Hannah that she is a good writer. He then asks Hannah to come to a reading he has organized, and read something. Hannah though isn’t too keen on the idea.

Later Hannah admits to Marnie how she is jealous of her friend, for having managed to publish her book, and also tells Marnie how she regrets having made one mistake after another in her life. She then tells Marnie the foolish things she has done in her life. She also tells Marnie that she plans to do the reading at Paolo’s event. Marnie tells Hannah that Paolo really seemed to like her. Shoshanna meanwhile tells Jessa that she has made an internet dating profile. She also tells Jessa that she got a response from a guy named Bryce. Bryce and Shoshanna would be going out in the afternoon for a date. Hannah meanwhile asks Adam to come for the reading, but Adam feels readings are bullshit, and doesn’t want to come.

Jessa’s previous employer Catherine meanwhile pays her a visit. She tells Jessa that she wants Jessa to come back, to look after her daughters. Catherine then tells Jessa how she dreamt about killing her, for Jeff being attracted to her. She also thanks Jessa for helping her see things about her marriage that she had been ignoring. Jessa assures Catherine that nothing happened between her and Catherine’s husband Jeff. Jessa in the end tells Catherine that she can’t come back to work for her, and Catherine admits she already suspected that. Catherine tells Jessa that she just wants to help her, Jessa in turn tells her she doesn’t need her help. Catherine then tells Jessa to get a grip on her life, and become the person she should.

Hannah meanwhile arrives at the reading, and begins reading her piece. The reading doesn’t go too well. Later Paolo asks Hannah why she didn’t read the piece she had mailed him earlier. She tells Paolo she decided to not read that piece because she felt it was trivial, but in the end she is the one who ended up looking trivial. Later at home, Hannah finds out that Marnie has bought her friend Tally’s book. Marnie tells her that Tally is a really great writer, and has written the book really well. Hannah then discovers that Marnie is really mad at her. Marnie accuses Hannah of only talking about her problems. Hannah on the other hand accuses Marnie of the same. Marnie then tells Hannah how she judges everyone but asks everyone else to not judge her. Hannah tells her that is because she has already said all the mean things to herself that, anyone could possibly say to her.

Marnie disputes this claim of Hannah’s telling her how she can think of a million mean things that have never been said to her. Marnie then admits to Hannah that she likes being around people who know what they want. The two then continue bickering, and blaming each other. In the end Hannah tells Marnie, that she has such an issue because she has a boyfriend and Marnie doesn’t. This statement visibly enrages Marie, and she tells Hannah to back off. She then humiliates Hannah by bringing up her embarrassing moment from school. She then tells Hannah that she is a bad friend. Hannah in turn tells her “I don’t give a shit about being a good friend, I have bigger concerns”.

Marnie on hearing this tells Hannah that she doesn’t want to live with her anymore. Hannah in turn tells Marnie that, she too doesn’t want to live with her anymore; the two then storm into their respective rooms. The episode ends at this point.