She Did - Recap

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The episode begins with Adam helping Marnie move. Later, Hannah sees off Marnie who is still visibly agitated. Later Hannah tells Adam that Marnie is really hurt. Adam tells Hannah to not waste time feeling guilty. Adam then tells Hannah that he could move in. Marnie in the meanwhile has moved in with Shoshanna. Shoshanna tells Marnie that she hasn’t heard from Jessa, so she wouldn’t possibly mind Marnie staying there and using her bed. Shoshanna tells Marnie to stay at her house for as long as she wants. Jessa meanwhile informs everybody through text that she is throwing a mystery party. Shoshanna and Marnie arrive at the venue, and see Charlie and Ray arrive there too. Hannah too then arrives at the party. Adam too, later arrives at the party.

At the party, Marnie is shocked to see Thomas the same guy who wanted to have a three way with her and Jessa a few weeks ago. He steps on to a podium, and Jessa then arrives there dressed as a bride. Thomas then declares to everyone that he and Jessa are getting married. Jessa too seconds this much to everyone’s surprise. The two then read their unconventional vows to each other. Jessa mentions in her vows, how she initially found him creepy, but later they had dinner together and she realized how fascinating he was. Adam is moved to tears by the whole affair. Jessa and Thomas are meanwhile declared man and wife. Shoshanna in the meanwhile is visibly not too pleased with the whole affair. The music then starts and the couple, including the guests begins to dance. Later in the bathroom Hannah tells Jessa that she had never expected her to get married.

Jessa tells Hannah what she did might be crazy, but also that she has never been this happy. Hannah asks Jessa how she can be so sure of it, and then tells her how Adam wants to move in with her, but she can’t tell if that’s good or bad. Jessa and Thomas are meanwhile called onto the dance floor. Charlie in the meanwhile approaches Marnie, for a chat. The two then kid around with each other about having sex. Ray meanwhile approaches Shoshanna for a chat. Shoshanna tells Ray that she is really upset, but its personal and hence she can’t share the reason with him. Ray meanwhile tells her that he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about her since the time they last met. He also tells her that he wants to go home with her tonight. Shoshanna agrees but tells him to stay out of her emotional way. Hannah and Adam too meanwhile are busy dancing.

Later, Elisha comes to Hannah and admits to her that he did give her HPV. He also tells her which girl he got it from. The two then bitch about that girl, as they both know her. Elisha then apologizes to her, and she forgives him saying its water under the bridge. Elisha then introduces Hannah to his boyfriend George. Hannah then tells Elisha that she needs a roommate, and as he is searching for a room on rent, he could move in. Hannah later tells Adam that, he doesn’t have to worry about moving in as she has found someone. Adam is offended by the fact that Hannah doesn’t want him to move in with her. He tells her that, he wanted to move in because he loves her. Hannah is surprised to hear this, and tells Adam she never associated him with love. She also tells Adam that she feels love is a distraction.

Adam is offended by her ideas and leaves. The wedding cake is meanwhile brought out, and the happy couple cut the cake. Hanna meanwhile is visibly disturbed by Adam having left in a huff. She later meets up with Adam, who tells her how much she loves her, and also that she shouldn’t sell herself short. She then tells Adam that she is scared, and he in turn tells her that she doesn’t have the right to be. She then tells Adam how she feels insecure about being overweight. Adam tells her that it’s no big deal being just 13 pounds overweight. Just then a car knocks down Adam, much to Hannah’s horror. Marnie meanwhile hits it off with a guy at the party. Marnie then kisses the guy.

Just then Charlie walks in and sees the two kissing. Ray and Shoshanna in the meanwhile are shown trying to have sex. Ray doesn’t know if he deserves to have sex with Shoshanna, as she is a virgin. He then decides to proceed anyway. Adam meanwhile is injured, and is hence being taken to the hospital in an ambulance. He prohibits Hannah from coming with him, saying only family should come. Hannah later dozes off while traveling in the subway, and has her purse stolen. She then gets out of the subway and doesn’t recognize the station she is in. She then walks out of the station, and ultimately parks herself on the beach. The episode ends at this point.