It's About Time - Recap

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The episode begins and Elijah and Hannah wake up in bed together. They both tell each other how they are the best roommates. “I am sorry I have a boner. It’s not for you” Elijah tells Hannah. At her house Shoshanna is busy thanking the higher powers for all the gifts that she has received like a keen mathematical mind and fairly fast growing hair. Marnie finds out that she is being downsized. “You are gorgeous and totally bright, you will land on your feet” Marnie’s boss tells her trying to console her. Hannah in the meantime is busy having sex with a black guy. Turns out, the two are dating each other.

She makes it clear to the guy that they aren’t dating. She explains that she has dated the weirdest of guys and for a change doesn’t want things to go wrong between them, and therefore doesn’t want to give a name to their relationship. She also admits she is feeling guilty about not telling Adam she is seeing someone else. She wants to wait till Adam recovers from his injuries he sustained after being hit by a truck. Later, at his home Hannah tells Adam they need to talk. She begins by reminding him that they aren’t together anymore, but Adam retorts that he doesn’t care about labels. He is fine with him and Hannah simply hanging out together. Adam is then a bit rude to Hannah. Hannah comments how he isn’t nice to her so there is no point of her being around.

Adam argues that when you love someone you don’t have to be nice to that person all the time. Hannah doesn’t know what else to say, so she stays. Marnie in the meantime is having a meal with her mother. The two discuss about her being laid off. The conversation then moves to the new guy her mother is dating. Marnie isn’t too happy with the fact that she is dating a guy much younger than her and that he is a waiter. At home, Elijah tells Hannah how he is happy his boyfriend George is coming over for a party at their house, as he wants everyone to see he has a handsome, rich boyfriend. Shoshanna is the first to arrive for the party. Later, during the party Shoshanna behaves weirdly around Ray, as she lost her virginity to him recently.

Marnie and Charlie have a chat. Charlie is at the party with his new girlfriend Audrey. Shoshanna in the meantime is busy singing, but no one seems to be paying attention to that. Marnie asks Hannah if they are “ok”. She basically asks her if they “less close now”. Hannah assures her they aren’t less close. Marnie mentions how she tried to get in touch with the whole of last week but couldn’t. Hannah says she is really busy as she is doing 3 jobs to make ends meet. Marnie tells Hannah that she is having a really horrible time, as she has no job and no boyfriend and feels like she is losing Hannah as a friend. “Marnie I am right here” Hannah says reassuringly. Marnie later sees Audrey and Charlie having an argument, Audrey then leaves the party. Marnie asks Charlie if he is ok.

He looks visibly disturbed but says that he is fine. Charlie says Audrey is just being dramatic and needs some time to cool off. Ray strikes up a conversation with Shoshanna. She on her part doesn’t seem in a mood to talk. She tells Ray how he hurt her feelings. She angrily tells Ray that she is fine if he doesn’t want to date her, but makes it clear that she doesn’t want to be his friend. Ray tells her that he likes her and even pays her a few compliments, but Shoshanna is unmoved and says she is leaving. Ray pulls her back before she can leave and kisses her. The two then begin making out. Hanna arrives at Adam’s to drop of some stuff he asked for. She then proceeds to rush back to the party, but Adam asks her to stop.

He tells her she is the best thing that ever happened to him and that he would die if she went away. Hanna retorts that she doesn’t want to be with him, but Adam doesn’t believe that. But, Hanna makes it clear that she doesn’t want to see him anymore and it’s her choice if she wants to be with him or not. She then storms out of his house. Marnie and Elijah are all alone after the party and are busy having a heart to heart. Suddenly Elijah kisses Marnie. She resists initially but then kisses him back. The two, begin making out. Elijah then puts on a condom and the two begin having sex. Then while in the middle of sex, Elijah loses his erection.

They immediately stop what they were doing. Thomas and Jessa on the other hand are busy making out in a cab, while on the way home. Hannah arrives at her new boyfriend’s house, strips her clothes and lies down in his bed. The episode ends at this point.